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Pre-marriage physical relationships among Indian Girls

I read at least 15-20 cases every year in which girls believed on their lovers and made physical relationship. And from then on story turns to blackmail , abortion , MMS ,suicide , murder etc etc.

Why don't girls learn the lessons from these cases and stay away from such kind of intimate relations? Why do they think that future will take turn as her lover or boyfriend is describing?

If they can't control them self and want to enjoy intimate relationship they should be better ready for consequences. Girls , who do it for sake of enjoyment, never get emotional and have proper precautions and even anticipate that the boy will not dump her after "enjoying" her.

So girls please stop behaving like a emotional fools. Don't believe on these boys , every boys has one Musharaf inside him , always waiting to  attack on Kargil. Don't trust ANY boy at all. If someone really loves you he will stay away from such relationships and even ask you to control yourself.

Whenever you encounter a boy who assure you for marriage and persuade you to make love , immediately stop meeting him , don't eat , drink any thing with him at unknown place.

The only thumb rule to be keep yourself safe and your family out of trouble , is not to trust any boy before marriage. Foxes are roaming in the skin of sheep. If you are considering someone sheep you are simply inviting trouble for yourself.

Learn lessons from others , don't trust any one.

If you are having sex before marriage with someone ready for following consequences
  1. MMS
  2. Compromising Pictures in public
  3. Ready to listen that "My family is not ready for our marriage"
  4. Pregnancy
  5. Abortion
  6. Your neighborhood boys may have every details that how and where your boy took you for ride. (Boys loves telling their tale of bravery)
  7. Be Brave . Ready to be center of attraction , Your collages and college students might look at you and laugh like anything, Some of them may ask you to come to his bed for some money.

If you are not ready for above consequences don't indulge in pre-marital or extra marital affairs.

If you are making love with a boy because he promised you to marry soon, tell yourself that he is lying and marriage will not happen at all. And also tell yourself that you are doing this for fun. Trusting someone in this matter is fooling yourself , in one word .

Promises are made to break.

If your boy insist you to be physical , you insist him to get marry first or ask him to introduce to his faimily as girl friend.

Enjoy but carefully !!! Now a days school girls are more intelligent than their seniors in colleges.

Refer this article to your sisters and friends. Do let me know if you want to get something added or removed from the article.

Updates :

Dr. Arpit Rao has written a post on his blog (naam-to-batao) to counter my views. Every body has right to start a blog and give opinion . So please do read his blog too. He compared MMS possibility with eating outside and having food poisoning every time. I just pointed a possibility. I am trying to prevent just 1 out of 100000 cases , I never said that it will happen with each and every one. If my article save just one family then I will think that I am successful. Just want to bring out young girls from there fools paradise.
Apart from this , I received many requests to remove this article from my blog post , This indicates that I am little bit successful to alert my target readers. This article is neither advocating pre-marriage sex adventures nor opposing . Only point is I want to educate girls . I just want to alert them regarding the consequences of such adventures. Every girl and boy thinks that ” My lover can’t ditch me , He/She is so much committed ” . Very right ,Possibly you are 100% right . But who knows the circumstances in future, at least 50% chances are there that your trust may go wrong .
I am underlying only one point here that make sure this 50% chance should not hurt you and and your family in future. May be boys don’t ditch you intentionally but he may not be able to resist his family pressure. What If his parents give threat to commit suicide or to kill his lover . This happens in Indian society more than you can imagine , Though it is emotional blackmail but a family loving boy can’t leave his family for a girl, only 5% at max.
Boys are equally emotional , they do need their parents , they do need their father property . They do need social attachment. While studying in hostles or living in PGs boys may underestimate these values and want to have good time pass at any cost. These boys may promise anything to you to just achieve their target . But when they encounter ground realities of going against the family then they back track. And you feel shattered and used.
Girls , Indian values are best , even boys want a wife with good old Indian values. But same boy also want to taste the forbidden fruit at the cost of false promises. This is the hight of our hypocrisy I know but what you can do? Enjoy , if you really want, but don’t do it on the assumption that he would certainly marry you. This way at least you won’t get any shock.
You can read a real story of such circumstances here. Few alternate safe ways you can read in this article .
One disclaimer I want to throw here that this article is no-where says that pre-marital and extra marital affairs among Indian girls are common. It is hardly 1 out of 10000 girls . So please guys don’t think that every 3rd or 4th girl is involved in such kind of activities.

Some girls are so much rigid with their values that after 8-9 years of good friendship if boy give her a flying kiss from 20 meters of distance she will just chop off all cord of relationship with that guy.
Don’t get motivated to try your luck after reading this article, 99% chances are ,you will be treated nicely.

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