Thursday, 18 February 2010

How to ensure failure in life

1. Help everyone around you keeping your own work at lowest priority.

2. Watch lots of porn(for boys ) / Watch TV , involve in gossip,fashion(for girls).

3. OMG !! What if I will fail,I will never do this. Never !!

4. Never introspect after every failure.

5. Never accept that you are the only person on this planet who is responsible for your every failure.

6."Whatever I did to accomplish the task , that was most sincere and the best I could have done in the given circumstances. "

7."I can't get up early , I can't do this, I can't do that" I can't! I can't!!! I can't!!!.

8. I can't change my principles , whatever I am doing that is the best and I NEED not to change anything.(But I still wonder why I failed)

9. I know what is best for me , I don't need anybody's advise to find my faults. His/her brilliance is good for himself/herself , not for me.

10. Again I know what is best for me , I am doing that. I need not to read any book for my personal , professional growth. I never did anything wrong , I am always right.

11. Yeah I know what they want in that C# programmer job !! But why should I bother to learn those stupid things, I am the best pascal programmer and the most honest and the most punctual person.

12. They gave that job to Tom. My fate was bad. I am the best programmer in PASCAL , They should have hired me and given me the training on C#. Tom is a idiot , he isn't honest , change girlfriends like clothes , So what If he knows little C# programming , He has been reading about that language from last 2 years , dumbooo!. I am the best PASCAL programmer.Some day they will realize their mistake , they just need to do some introspection.

Can you find anything common in you and the things I mentioned above??

You answered ... Yes!!! You may become successful someday. But sorry for those who can't find similarities in above scenarios and their reaction at some point of time in life. These guys can contribute in the list . :)

I think its time to CHANGE!!! Can you dare some thing new without the fear of failure.. Can you change your habits???

No. Ok keep posting new thoughts in above list.

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