Saturday, 22 August 2009

Consequences of iPills emergency pills on Indian society

Growth of HIV patients after launch of iPill.

HIV patients in India July 2007 : 2.31 Million

iPill launched in India on 0ct 2007

HIV patients in India July 2009 : 5.2 Million.

Better we should call iPills as faster way to spread HIV in world.

America supported Laden and separatists in Afghanistan. He trusted Pakistan and now He felt the consequences of this uncontrolled support.

Now same things is happening in India. On one hand government is spending on HIV control program , and on another hand abortion pill , emergency pill made pre-marital and eemergency pill made pre-marital and extra marital sex more comfortable and fearless. Now girls are better ready for experiments because there is no fear of getting pregnant.

Generally boys don't hesitate in making physical relationship if they find any chance , they like experimenting because they don't have fear of getting pregnant . Now iPill gave the same confidence to the girls , both sex has now equal opportunities to enjoy to the fullest without getting caught by parents or spouse.

Emotional fools blinded in love can't imagine that the person , with whom they are going in bed without condoms , can pass them HIV because they think that their lover is committed and can't sleep with someone else.

This is what happening at bigger level across the society boundaries after the advent of iPill and HIV is getting spread at faster rate.

Freedom of doing anything without bothering about moral values are pushing India towards becoming worst American replica.

Like politicians who relies on god to control swine flu and other natural calamities and expressed their helplessness , I am too leaving this matter on god. But you can do more by using condoms in casual one night encounters , don't trust on sweet chubby guy giving a impression of having sex first time in life. He might be carrying HIV virus . Same is true for orthodox looking Indian saaree cladded girls or salwar suit wearing next door girls.

They may be more dangerous than the prostitutes carrying condoms with her.
Best if you can practice celibacy till you get marry and being committed person after marriage.
Indian youth should learn that these pills are for couples , who don' t have other affairs, not to enjoy their freedom and cheat their parents , spouses.

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