Friday, 10 December 2010

Yana Gupta and Her Male counter parts in India!!!

Yana Gupta shows her privates to get some publicity . But Millions of Indians urinate on road side as if they are standing in their toilet. Social Activist Mr. Rizwan Ahmed has problem with Yana for not wearing panty and showing off in public for what so ever reason but he is comfortable with all Indian male's penis Road Show.

Who is more publicity hungry this is you to decide.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Is India planning to attack Pakistan ????

Report from " The Week ".. WOW India .


In the wake of recent threat of LeT attack on India , PM Manmohan Singh had tough talk with US president Obama according to a highly placed officer in Pentagon , "The Week " reported .

According to this unconfiremed report India is taking Pakistan as a country fully controlled and financed by USA . For India Pakistan Millitary , ISI and LeT are joint conspirators of Mumbai terror attack on India .

Whatever Pakistan says to USA or India but Indian Army and assumes that ISI , Pakistan Army has full control on LeT. Without support of Millarty and ISI LeT can not initiate any attack any where in the world.

Manmohan singh also indicated to Obama that next terrorist attack on India will be considered as direct Pakistan attack on India , and India will retort with full force to Pakistan. Which could lead to Pakistan disappearance from this planet. India reminded USA president that Pakistan is the only threat to world peace and USA is supporting Pakistan like a adopted child and ignoring its all deed and sins.

India assumes that it is the joint responsibility of China and USA to ensure that Pakistan will not use Nuclear weapon against India in case of full blown war. Manmohan reaffrimed that India is committed to not use the Nuclear weapon for attack. Manmohan singh reminded.

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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Tight Slap in the face of Sonia Gandhi

Living conditions in the athletes’ village for next month’s Commonwealth Games in New Delhi have “shocked” the majority of teams, the head of the multisport event’s international governing body said.
“Many nations that have already sent their advanced parties to set up within the village have made it abundantly clear that, as of the afternoon of Sept. 20, the Commonwealth Games village is seriously compromised,” Michael Fennell, president of the Commonwealth Games Federation, said today in a statement. “Significant operational matters remain unaddressed.”
The team manager for New Zealand’s athletes, Dave Currie, told the Newstalk ZB radio network that organizers were in “severe difficulties” as they raced to finish work. “It’s pretty grim really, and certainly disappointing when you consider the amount of time they’ve had,” Currie said.
The lead-up to the four-yearly Games, which feature about 8,000 athletes from the U.K. and its former colonies and dependencies, has been marred by allegations of corruption and mismanagement, an outbreak of dengue fever, monsoon floods and the Sept. 19 shooting of two Taiwanese nationals at the city’s Jama Masjid mosque that raised fears over athletes’ security.
Adding to organizers’ woes, a footbridge collapsed today near the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, home to the opening and closing ceremonies and athletics events, injuring several people, television channels, including CNN-IBN, reported.
Costs Escalate
Government spending for the Games has overrun a 2003 estimate of $500 million by more than nine-fold. The Games have been criticized as the most expensive ever by the Comptroller and Auditor General agency and opposition parties in a nation where the World Bank says 828 million people live on less than $2 a day.
Amid a flurry of negative reports, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh ordered an investigation into preparations for the event that he has said would show how India “is rapidly marching ahead with confidence.” (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha )
While the so-called international zone and main dining area have been praised, deadlines for the completion of the village are constantly being pushed out, Fennell added. High security around the site is “slowing progress and complicating solutions,” he said.
New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key said today Games officials were “trying very hard to resolve” problems and the country was unlikely to make a unilateral decision to pull out of the competition, the Herald newspaper reported.
Toilets at the village are in a “mess” after rooms were left unlocked and were used by laborers, the Times of India reported, without saying where it got the information.
‘Two Seconds to Midnight’
With the games village due to be officially opened on Sept. 23, Australia’s chef de mission, Steve Moneghetti, told reporters in Melbourne today that Delhi has “got two days to do what’s probably going to take about two weeks.”
Commonwealth Games England said in a statement that while it remained “optimistic” of the team’s participation in the event, “there is a lot still to be done in the village and this needs to be done with some urgency.” Monsoon rains had highlighted problems with plumbing and electrics, it said.
Currie told Newstalk ZB that hygiene standards were poor and post-construction cleaning hadn’t been done. While there is a little time for more work to be carried out, “it’s kind of two seconds to midnight,” he said.
Fennell said he had written to the Indian government requesting the immediate deployment of the “necessary resources to fix all the outstanding issues to an acceptable level.” The Games are scheduled for Oct. 3-14.
“I will arrive in Delhi at the earliest opportunity so as to assess the situation first hand and provide our member countries and territories with a frank assessment of the situation,” Fennell said.
The weekend attack at Delhi’s main mosque brought a warning from the Australian government that there was a “high risk of terrorism” during the 11-day event.
Story from
New Zealand [ Images ] Chef de Mission for the Delhi [ Images ] Commonwealth Games [ Images ], Dave Currie, on Tuesday said the event may be called off if the concerns regarding the Athletes Village are not addressed at the earliest.
Currie, who is in Delhi as part of an advanced party, raised serious concerns regarding the residential zone of the Games Village, saying the October 3-14 mega-event faces the risk of cancellation if the living conditions are not improved before the arrival of the first batch of athletes on Thursday.
“There are some realities, I guess, that if the village is not ready and athletes can’t come then obviously the implications of that are it is not going to happen. If the village isn’t ready, the athletes can’t arrive,” Currie was quoted as saying by the New Zealand media.
“It’s not our decision. We’re not saying we’re not coming or the country’s not coming. What we’re saying is they’ve got a real challenge with the village and they need to take urgent attention to address it,” he added.
The ill-preparedness of the Games Village has even irked the Commonwealth Games Federation with its President Michael Fennell shooting off a letter to Indian Cabinet Secretary K M Chandrasekhar, asking him to take immediate steps to address the issue.
The Kiwi Chef de Mission said it was “extremely disappointing” to see the condition of the Village’s residential zone, which was was still under construction. “The opening ceremony is on October 3 and the games are due on the 4th so there is a bit of time between now and then. But what it requires is a concentration of mind and energy to get it ready,” Currie said.
“It’s pretty grim really and certainly disappointing when you consider the amount of time they’ve had to get the village ready for athletes to arrive,” he added.
The buildup to the Delhi Games has been marred by corruption controversies and problems related to construction and security concerns. He said it would be very hard for the athletes to concentrate on their events with uncertainty looming large over the Games.
“It is unacceptable from the organising committee that they have put athletes through this,” Currie said.
And at last one question to answer for Readers ..
Any Guess of renovation cost of Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium for CWG ???
Simple — > It is just Rs 1000 Crore   ( $ 250 Million ) Bolo Suresh Kalmadi , Sonia Gandhi , Rahul Gandhi aur Manmohan singh ki Jai.
Now one more question to Answer How much money was given to Leh reconstruction work after massive flood in Leh ?
It is huge some to reconstruct a Town right . It is Rs 125 Crore ($ 25 Million).

Sunday, 9 May 2010

"Right to know what we are eating" VS "Business and Profit of Companies "

Did you know that your favourite ice-cream could actually be a non-vegetarian product? Or for that matter, your preferred Scotch whisky may have clarifying

agents like gelatine, egg white and charcoal made from bones; that breads and buns may be glazed with eggs or animal fat; biscuits may have animal-based enzymes; even the supposedly "pure veg" atta may have vitamins obtained from animal extracts? Even chewing gum may contain emulsifiers of animal origin.

Help is now at hand for resolute vegetarians before these revelations send them into a disoriented funk and they begin to starve.

Importers of packaged food fear that foreign manufacturers might not be willing to change their layout for India and may stop selling here.

In order to provide consumers with correct information about the food they consume, the government has amended the Prevention of Food Adulteration (pfa) rules to introduce the concept of labelling packaged vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods. The concept, which was cleared by the cabinet recently, was reportedly spearheaded by voluble animal rights champion and Union minister Maneka Gandhi. But this could also lead to more confusion and more gloom in Indian industry, already in the throes of stagnant-to-decreasing sales and market uncertainty.

From October 4, 2001, it has become mandatory for all packaged foods containing ingredients of animal origin to sport a brown dot encased in a brown box to inform consumers of what they are about to eat. A notification issued by the ministry of health and family welfare on September 26 said that if any article of food contained "whole or part of any animal including bird, fresh-water or marine animals, or eggs or products of any animal origin as an ingredient", its manufacturer will have to make a declaration by displaying the brown dot prominently on the product next to the brand name. Milk and milk products, if used as an ingredient, are, as of now, exempted from this order. The government order also clarifies that if any product contains only egg as a non-vegetarian ingredient, the manufacturer can declare that in addition to putting the brown dot on the product label.

The rule would apply equally to pharmaceutical companies who supply biopharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements derived from animal sources, to other companies. These are added to a large number of products, many of them pure vegetarian otherwise, to enhance their nutritional value. There's been an increase in biopharmaceuticals and other nutritional products obtained from animal sources in the Indian market in recent times. This rule is likely to dent the bottomline of companies who have launched nutritional products which were never measured in these terms before.

However, say sources, pharmaceutical products registered under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act would not come under the purview of the new rule.

Companies will have to display the dots prominently not only on the product but also on containers, pamphlets, leaflets and advertisements in any media. Says a health ministry official: "We feel that people have a right to know what their food contains. In a country with a sizeable population of vegetarians, it may be criminal to offer food with animal ingredients without their knowledge."

Two years ago, say industry sources, formulators of international food-safety guidelines approved by the wto asked India and South Africa to explore possibilities of separating vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods to arrive at a possible global marking system. However, on investigation, it was found that it was impossible to classify food into just these two broad categories.As there was a lot of confusion the world over about what was purely vegetarian and what was not, at least six marking categories were required. The plan died a natural death.

India has, however, decided to go ahead with it. Although this system of labelling is unprecedented in any part of the world, certain companies in the US, where vegetarianism is a growing trend, voluntarily mark their products as green or totally vegetarian.

Industry has complied quietly; most manufacturers started putting the brown dot on their packaged products before the October 4 deadline. Says a spokesperson of Hindustan Lever, India's largest food marketer: "It is a reassurance from manufacturers to consumers that the product they choose is as per their preferences. It should deter unscrupulous manufacturers from violating consumers' faith and belief." Some like Amul have even started declaring that their products do not have any animal ingredients. But others believe that this will just make marketing and advertising unnecessarily complex.

Importers of packaged foods, for instance, are aghast. Says Saswat Sengupta, ceo, Rai & Sons, exclusive importers of Ferrero chocolates, La Vache Quirit cheese and other food brands: "Why should a foreign company change or disturb its layout just for India? They will probably stop selling in India or exclude us from their third country marketing plans."

The brown dot has not had an easy birth, even in visual terms. Sources say that initially the ministry of food processing prescribed a crossed red circle to label non-vegetarian food. However, this had connotations of danger—it was similar to signs used for poison and other harmful substances and the industry was up in arms against it. The Committee for Food Specifications then arrived at the brown dot symbol. Ironically though, some products available in the market currently are sporting the crossed red-circle mark.

However, while dotting the carnivore variety is fair towards vegetarians, another ministry has issued a booklet cataloguing what is true-green vegetarian. If he were to avoid the long list of products that have animal-based ingredients, the scrupulous vegetarian would be condemned to a very simple life indeed, bereft of everything from safety matches to wine and condoms (see table).

Manufacturers are obviously worried stiff. Says a top official of a food company: "How far do you stretch it? Even curd has micro-organisms. Most biscuits would become non-vegetarian and vegetarians may move away from them. India has enough vegetarians to make a dent in the sales of any company in any product."

As if this was not enough, the government has circulated a draft notification to put a similar green mark on vegetarian foods to ensure that the consumer is left in no doubt on the vegetarian question. This comes into force in the coming months. The food industry, however, complains that this is uncalled for as any product not having the brown dot should automatically mean vegetarian.

Bureaucratic wranglings, indignation, alarm and confusion can be expected to reign for some months before things settle down. And the faithful formulate their new consumption patterns.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Problems with Rotarix / Roateq vaccine

[Update] Similar PIG DNA was found in Rotateq ( Another vaccine like rotarix) on 7th may 2010.

"The safety of both Rotateq and Rotarix has been tracked by the FDA since another vaccine by then drug maker Wyeth was pulled off the market in 1999. That vaccine was linked to an increased rate of intussusception, which is a twisting or obstruction of the intestine that can be fatal."

Rotarix vaccine is discontinued in Canada and USA but still available in India and recommended by Docter of big hospitals .Go for Rota Teq which is mostly used in USA from 2006 . Rotarix invented in 2008.

Can anybody ask Indian government to ban this Vaccine in India..??

Read further to know more about another example of sleeping Indian Government and Medicine board!!!


For Immediate Release: March 22, 2010

Media Inquiries: Shelly Burgess, 301-796-4651;
Consumer Inquiries: 888-INFO-FDA

Components of Extraneous Virus Detected in Rotarix Vaccine; No Known Safety Risk

FDA Recommends Clinicians Temporarily Suspend Use of Vaccine as Agency Learns More

FDA is recommending that healthcare practitioners temporarily suspend use of the Rotarix vaccine for rotavirus immunization in the United States while the agency learns more about components of an extraneous virus detected in the vaccine. There is no evidence at this time that this finding poses a safety risk.

The agency recently became aware that an independent U.S. academic research team, using a novel technique, has found DNA from porcine circovirus 1 (PCV1) in Rotarix, which is manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline. PCV1 is not known to cause illness in humans or other animals. In addition, Rotarix has been studied extensively, before and after approval, and found to have an excellent safety record.

Follow-up tests by GlaxoSmithKline and FDA scientists confirmed the academic team’s findings and confirmed that viral components have been present since the early stages of the vaccine’s development, including during clinical studies. Preliminary testing by both the academic researchers and FDA scientists of another licensed vaccine against rotavirus infection, RotaTeq, has not detected components of PCV1.

"We are making clinicians aware of information recently received by FDA about the Rotarix vaccine,” said Dr. Margaret A. Hamburg, Commissioner for Food and Drugs. “There is no evidence at this time that there is a safety concern. FDA is recommending that clinicians temporarily suspend use of Rotarix until we can learn more about the situation. We will keep the public and the clinical community updated on our findings.”

Rotarix and RotaTeq are given by mouth to young infants to prevent rotavirus disease, which can cause severe diarrhea and dehydration and is estimated to be responsible for the deaths of more than 500,000 infants around the world each year, primarily in low- and middle-income countries. Before the introduction of a rotavirus vaccine, rotavirus resulted in more than 50,000 hospitalizations and several dozen deaths in the United States each year. FDA licensed RotaTeq in 2006 and Rotarix in 2008. Most children vaccinated in the United States received RotaTeq.

“In many countries, rotavirus causes so much severe illness and death that the known benefits of continued use of Rotarix far outweigh any theoretical risk of harm from the vaccine,” said Dr. Thomas Frieden, Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “We anticipate that many countries will decide to continue vaccinating with Rotarix while more information becomes known.”

FDA will continue to gather more information about the PCV1 components in Rotarix, including whether intact virus, as opposed to DNA fragments, is present. The agency is assessing current vaccine testing methods. In four to six weeks, FDA will convene an expert advisory committee and make additional recommendations on the use of rotavirus vaccines.

FDA will provide updates to patients, providers, and the general public as more information becomes available. The agency will also continue to communicate with the World Health Organization and counterpart regulatory agencies in other countries.

For more information visit FDA's Update on Rotarix Vaccine1 page

references :

Saturday, 27 February 2010

An Open Letter to Mr. Pranab Mukherjee

Dear Sir ,

I am Ram Prakash Gupta , representative of common man (Lower and Lower Middle class ) of India. As per the income tax statistics report of 2006 , I am representing 273.3 lakh people (27.33 Millions) of India who have incomce less than INR 2 Lakhs per annum.

Dear Pranab Sir first of all I want to ask why do you think that we lower-middle class(up to INR 3 Lakhs income group) don't need any tax relief ? Please sir spend 5 minutes to go through the following points to ponder on . My English is not good as I studied in Kannada medium school but yes You can understand with little effort.

Do you think that various tax reliefs you gave to higher income group and corporates will reduce the prices of Milk , Daal , Chawal ,Wheat , Fruits , Vegetables , School fees , Bus fairs , House rents , Electricity bill , Water bill , Petrol Rates Yes , I buy Petrol for my Scooty/Luna/Auto/Scooter bought on EMI at same rate at which all i10 ,i20 ,Honda Civic ,Honda City ,Alto , BMW ,Mercedes ,Scorpio owner buys petrol.

I promise if you give us small tax relief I will use it wisely . I don't need tax relief of INR 20000 or INR 50000 , Mere 10000 is enough for me I can improve many things in my life with that.

My child is studying in Kannad /Hindi medium school . If you give some tax relief than I can some how manage to send him in next door public school. He is not studying in DPS, Amity International schools , Ryan , New Horizon.

I will not spend that amount in monthly pizza party ,boozing , new Jewelery , touch phone , iPod , LCD TV, Laptop , a trip to ooty , shimla . I will not buy a new Pulsar DTS 220 i to impress girls .

Hari Ram ji never give his daughter 's B'day party in TJIF ,Bombay post , Leela etc . But yes seldom he also wants to celebrate his daughter B'day in a decent restaurant with his relatives , only once in 3 years. He can arrange such party if you give little tax relief.

I know sir that self contentedness is expected from lower class and lower middle class , we are well known for that , but sometimes I think we too have some basic needs and we meet better with more money. Sir we just need little help from you.

Sir do you know I don't have shares, PPF , FDs or LICs because other expenditure on my parents health (Yes we lower-middle class stay with them and try our best to take care of parents unlike out higher income group individuals ) . If you give the tax benefit I will buy one term policy for me , Who knows which bomb blast kill me while Manmohan singh ji talking to Pakistan.

I also wanted to invest some money for my retirement just 10000 per year not more sir , may be it will help me in my old age to live grace fully . You know sir we don't get pension , whatever EPF I'll get that will be used in my daughters marriage and son's higher education.

Sir please , give us little happiness , I know sir my savings and expenditure will not help much to boost India's GDP because I can't buy Bikes , Mobile ,TV , 2 BHK flats . Can't affort to throw party in restaurants ,bowling , boozing every weekend.But Still I believe 8% GDP growth is irrelevant if 5-6 crores people are suffering . I think 7.5% is not bad with little happiness of 5-6 crore peoples. Isn't it ??

My call center friend Rahul was happy that he can buy new Electric guitar with TAX saivings , His girlfriends is planning to buy iPhone with TAX Saving . Another friend is planning to buy new Laptop with 35ooo saving on TAXes.

When all these people spend their TAX savings that will go back to Economy and government will get increased collection of service tax,sales tax etc. Government will get back his money in other way I am sure for that . This will increase GDP , in turn increase FDI ,FII investment, right?? . Liquidity will also increase .Very good sir!!

But sir please think about us also . Increasing bottom income limit for tax exemption to Rs 275000 will not cost you more than INR 12000 Crores . You are already accommodating burden of aprox. INR 15000 crores because of change in income tax slabs . If you try you can also accommodate Rs 12000 Crores by increasing no tax slab.

Sir Please accommodate loss of direct tax by reducing infrastructure expenditure in Budget to 163000 crore from 173000 crores . I am sure sir if we implement these projects efficiently and without corruption , 163000 crores are enough , You can also reduce budget in other schemes .

Sir a better educated and well feed child is more important to nation than unnecessary SEZes , Flyovers .

Please sir give me my share sir . I will not waste it not at all. And believe me sir Rs 10000 tax relief for me is more important to me than relief of 30000 to double income couples . They can manage without 30000 tax saving but for me 10000 will give much awaited relief .

Please sir don't wait till election year, I need it today. No media will give illustration of my life style and expenditure pattern sir.

Times of India people start giving analysis with Income group 3.6 Lakhs and advise them how to invest them . I know you read TOI , The Hindu , Indian Express , ET , etcs , these newspaper just represent higher - middle class , even Media channel won't come in our homes and Kitchens because that is not at all glamorous.

I swear sir the middle class shown in TV channels are fake. We not at all bothered about love affairs around us. we have many others front to think and get tensed.

Print Media and TV channels advertise how can one get 1 crore at the time of retirement. That is for Higher middle class sir. I go to Top-B schools to ask what students will do with saved money nobody comes to my home how will I arrange money for my father's eye operation my son tuition fee.

We are just trying to build 1 BHK or 2 BHK at outer most colony of city , until we got retired. I know I have to work in my old age also for my monthly expenditure. I am not at planning to get retired by 45 and peruse my hobbies . These Dreams are not for me . I have to work till 65-75 for my living hood , and I am ready for that.

But if you full fill my request then I would dream of a little relaxed old age.

Your obediently

-- Ram Prakash Gupta

P.S. : Sir I changed my job in 2008 so I had two Form 16 , In previous company 3000 was deducted as TDS , in another next company they deducted TDS of 9000 . Apart from that I paid 3000 through online payment . Total I paid 15000 Rs as income tax with PAN number quoted every where. But recently I got notice from IT department that instead of 15000 I paid only 9000.

Why IT department could not trace 3000 TDS of previous company and 3000 additional online payment despite quoting the PAN number ..

Sir this is question on efficiency of PAN number system or may be your officers are not educated enough to use the computer systems. You are spending too much on infrastructure but whatever IT infrastructure we have that is used at 50% of efficiency .

Will UID project system meet the same fate??? Will it prove as wastage of my income tax ???

Sir Will UID able to trace 2 crore Bangladeshi intruders in India?? Please , ask Nandan sir to identify Bangladeshi intruders in India .. and send them to Bangladesh .

References : -

1. Income tax payers in India RTI report in 2006-2007

Total Income tax payers 31 Millions

Income Below 2 Lakhs - 273.3 Lakhs (27.33 Millions)

Income 2 Lakhs to 10 Lakhs - 27.9 Lakhs (2.79) Millions

2. Tax collection from individuals

70000 Crores

INR 10 Lakhs = INR 1 Million

INR 100 Crores = INR 1 Billion

// Embeded Reports :

Economy Bureau
Posted: Wednesday, Mar 12, 2008 at 2303 hrs IST
Updated: Tuesday, Mar 11, 2008 at 2324 hrs IST

New Delhi, Mar 11 : The fact that Indians comprise four of the world’s 10 richest people according to Forbes magazine, seems to be reflection of the growing number of millionaires in India.

The country boasts of 5.79 lakh individual millionaires in 2006-07 a sharp contrast to the mere 88,000 individuals earning over Rs 10 lakh in 2002-03.

The figure is almost equal to and in some cases more than the entire population of countries like Luxemburg and Cyprus. Meanwhile, non-corporate assessees with income between Rs 2 lakh and Rs 10 lakh amounted to 27.87 lakh and while about 273.3 lakh people reported income less than Rs 2 lakh in 2006-07 according to the report by the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India tabled in Parliament on Tuesday.

As a sign of the India Inc’s growing power, corporate assessees too have risen from 3.65 lakh in 2002-03 to 4 lakh in 2006-07. 68,000 companies have also reported income of more than Rs 10 lakh during 2006-07.

However, the number of companies with income between Rs 50,000 and Rs 10 lakh have shrunk to 1.25 lakh during the period as compared to 1.29 lakh in 2002-03. On the whole non corporate assessees add up to 98.73% while corporates account for a mere 1.27% in 2006-07.

However, the income tax department has some food for thought. The number of taxpayers in the country has risen to 3.13 crore in 2006-07 from 2.85 crore in 2002-03, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.4%. While this is likely to please the taxmen mightily, the growth rate is lower than the 3.24% rise in taxpayers clocked during 2001-02 to 2005-06.

With India’s population at over 110 crore, a majority of which is joining the workforce, the decline in the CAGR of assessees may be a pointer towards higher tax evasion despite the prevailing view that compliance has increased.

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Saturday, 20 February 2010

You Can Success!!

How to achieve success in every I do ? To answer this question thousands of books were written , thousands of research papers were published.

You are reading this post means you also want to achieve success in life.

All books , articles cites many things to attain success in life, I am also trying to do the same but I think I am going to tell you exact steps to achieve success , what to do and what not to do . Follow them step by step you will be also successful in anything you want to do.

Step 1. Passion : Very basic thing to achieve success in anything. None of the successful person done anything to be successful . They keep doing same thing continously because they want to do that in the best way. They like doing their job by their heart. So it is the first catch of being successfull. Tendulkar , NR Murthy , Sunil Mittal , Ankit Fadia , Amitabh ,Shahrukh , Rakesh Jhunjhunwala , Ambani , Tata etc take any example , none of them striving for money . Money is by-product of their honest , dedicated and passionate work.

They just keep doing thier in best possible way taking their passion and work to new height.

So folks stop reading if you are ready to do anything for making money like Ambanis or Tendulkar.

Next step for those guys who can't do anything for money, but they are doing something and ready to develop passion for what they are doing.

Many IITians candidly accepted the fact that they hated Physics , Chemistery and Math but they made into IITs just because they had passion to get enter into the best institute of India. so they developed passions for physics , chemistery or math.

IITians ability to develop passion for anything to achieve another objective make them IITian. You are one of the student or may be knowing many students who are very intelligent in Physics , Maths and Chemistry but they couldn't crack JEE. Why?? because lack of passion for IIT.

Every science student wants to crack JEE and join IITs , But this want is not passion.

When someone has passion for something he gives up everything, which appears as hindrance in achieving his task (NOT Success).

Step 2. Determination to develop passion:

Now now don't call it crap , I know you are fed up with your job , your boss , salary like peanuts :). But tell me what else you can do with better efficiency than your current job . If you are a student of 11th you can waste 1 year to switch in to bio or commerce or math. Right ? But if you are an executive having 4-7 years of experience in something then would you have any option ? I think no. --> Next Step 3 a)

If you know something which you can bo with better effieciency than your current job, then prepare and switch to that you can do best efficiency and you full passion. i.e. you don't do anything else even in you free time you think about that. --> Step 3b)

Step 3a. Start loving your current career :

Good no other option start loving your career , your friends and your husband or wife and your parents and siblings, no escape. Do every thing your newly found passion demands.

True passion means not distracting by anything which is not worth spending money and time.

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Thursday, 18 February 2010

How to ensure failure in life

1. Help everyone around you keeping your own work at lowest priority.

2. Watch lots of porn(for boys ) / Watch TV , involve in gossip,fashion(for girls).

3. OMG !! What if I will fail,I will never do this. Never !!

4. Never introspect after every failure.

5. Never accept that you are the only person on this planet who is responsible for your every failure.

6."Whatever I did to accomplish the task , that was most sincere and the best I could have done in the given circumstances. "

7."I can't get up early , I can't do this, I can't do that" I can't! I can't!!! I can't!!!.

8. I can't change my principles , whatever I am doing that is the best and I NEED not to change anything.(But I still wonder why I failed)

9. I know what is best for me , I don't need anybody's advise to find my faults. His/her brilliance is good for himself/herself , not for me.

10. Again I know what is best for me , I am doing that. I need not to read any book for my personal , professional growth. I never did anything wrong , I am always right.

11. Yeah I know what they want in that C# programmer job !! But why should I bother to learn those stupid things, I am the best pascal programmer and the most honest and the most punctual person.

12. They gave that job to Tom. My fate was bad. I am the best programmer in PASCAL , They should have hired me and given me the training on C#. Tom is a idiot , he isn't honest , change girlfriends like clothes , So what If he knows little C# programming , He has been reading about that language from last 2 years , dumbooo!. I am the best PASCAL programmer.Some day they will realize their mistake , they just need to do some introspection.

Can you find anything common in you and the things I mentioned above??

You answered ... Yes!!! You may become successful someday. But sorry for those who can't find similarities in above scenarios and their reaction at some point of time in life. These guys can contribute in the list . :)

I think its time to CHANGE!!! Can you dare some thing new without the fear of failure.. Can you change your habits???

No. Ok keep posting new thoughts in above list.

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Friday, 12 February 2010

He is just my friend but you are my special friend. With love. Poo :-*

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In part first of this article we discussed about gradual evolution in moral values in in Indian society. Second part discusses about "friendship" among boys and girls and impact of this new relationship on moral values of Indians.

If you have been a girl or a boy who had many girl as friends would be aware of the following phrases.

He is just a friend, but you are my special friend.

You are my cutest friend.

You my sweet friend, so what if Rahul is my boyfriend.

close friend

closest friend

best friend

cute friend

cutest friends.

Special friends... etc etc

Increasing number of co-education convent schools become big destroyer which killed Indian Moral values completely and instill new moral values (better call it Western Moral values to sound bit positive :) ) . On one hand parents were picking new modern values from TV / Movies children were having their first encounter with opposite sex in schools.

All of you may be well aware of effect of talk, touch and closeness with strange person of opposite sex. Remember your all such encounter , how does your body reacts to this experience. This is the another bitter fact of hormonal chemistry of human body. Whenever a stranger of opposite sex comes closer to your body , your body will have to respond in some way. This hormonal burst can be termed as sexitement when two bodies of opposite sex come closer and have talk ,touch and smell each other.

Co education started with 1st standard when child doesn't understand much about sexitement. For him/her everybody is a friend and just a child to play with , eat with. Growing child never understands the transition from friends to possible mating partner.

Growing body also starts reacting in its own way to the all touches , talks and with smells. Their behavior remains same for their friends . Girls and Boys become used to touches and talks with opposite sex.

On the one hand this closeness full fill the desire of being in the proximity of opposite sex and on the other hand continuous presence of opposite sex makes one accustomed of presence of opposite sex without getting "too much" exited . But the point ,to be noted, is excitement remains in this relationship , one must be more aware to notice and accept the excitement.

Boys with freedom of everything accumulate knowledge of many things in school at early stage and starts understanding the importance of what he is getting from his school "friends" of opposite sex. Nobody teach him to refrain from girls , neither girls were told to behave like this or that.

Girls and boys both become accustomed to the presence of opposite sex , some of them enjoys too and tried their best to accumulate as much friends as possible. Somewhere they nurtured the feeling that whatever closeness they have with their friend of opposite sex is fine because we are "good friends".

Social values are different for girls and boys. Whole responsibility of family reputation comes on daughter's shoulder. She should not roam around with boys she should not talk with boys etc etc. So only place left for her is school and school friends to enjoy the proximity of boys (Remember DDLJ dialoge : - There will be party ,dance ,wine and booooyyyyyyss) .

For girls her "school friends" become a life saving word now, where she gets everything under one roof. Most girls realize the growing difference with childhood friends and adulthood friends. But a good percentage of girls never realize this difference , they keep behaving in the same way as if they were behaving with her 7 year old friend.

But anyhow most of the school girls started believing that talking and touching their school friends is OK . Boys , well informed by their seniors and friends elder brothers , enjoy their friendship with "school friends" . It is a WIN-WIN situation for both girls and boys. Girls thinks that they have never crossed their limits as whatever they are doing they are doing with their "good friend"/"best friend"/"cute friend from childhood" , who are well known to her parent from childhood.

In this way Indian society got a new concept of friendship among boys and girls . It was a new relationship for Indians girls and boys which solved many odd situations. A relationship which is purely based on attraction of opposite sex termed as just friends / best friends /school friends etc. It is easy for humans to do bad things in a group . Riots , rapes etc are best example of group vandalism".

Same applies on School friendship. Five girls studying with three boys is "group study" , whereas a girl studying with a boy is clear indication of close relationship. who will want to invite trouble . So Its better to arrange "Group events" rather spending time with a particular boy or girl , and no open minded liberal parents want to be orthodox by saying no to roam around with friends. 2 are a couple and more are group of friends this is the basic concept of now a days friendship acts.

So all clever girls who don't want to come under the scanner of parents , society , neighbors says no to a single boys in school and college days and push the boys for more group activities only. Advantage every body is enjoying company of his /her "Best Friend" but still he ,she is with friends so nobody will object.

This is what someone calls "killing without guilty of murder".

By the end of school days a very few girls and boys would be able to keep their basic concepts intact. In last few years of school days difference between friends , boyfriend and lover got blurred dangerously. Thus a great illusion cemented that "true" friendship between opposite sex may exist and every boy and girl gives example of school days friendship.

When the girls from co-education background and girls who are influenced by friendship background culture comes to college / office where they meet with boys from all background , natural hormonal chemistry starts its work. Co-ed background boy/girls easily gel up and make new " friendships " . whereas boys/ girls from non co-ed culture reacts differently.Girls feel that these boys are not normal , boys feels that these girls are not normal who talks with stranger boys like friends of yesterday. Co-ed boys understand the girl's desire of making a group of friends and join the group as friend without hesitation . They know that this is the best way to stay closer with a girl and some day he can influence the girl and make her girl friend.

Worst hit are boys from non co-ed back ground boys . Who has never been in "touch" with any girl for his entire life. He got confused with friend , good friend, best friend word and dumb struck by chemical reaction of his body to friend's touch and talks. He feels guilty for being cheater to his friend , simultaneously he wants to remain in the physical zone of girls so that he can get his share of feminist charm. So neither he can stay away from these girls because he likes chemical reaction of his body in the presence of girls nor he can go closer because he feels guilty in that .

Some girls who can't control their habit of talking and touching her listener "Boys" become most provoking thing . Co-ed background boy doesn't get serious for such girls because he has already met many in his school days. For non-co-ed boy it is something like gaining heavenly pleasure , he hasn't feel that touch before in his life.

He just fantasied about those touches and now suddenly it has become reality. He feels that he is something special in this world and most handsome man and the girl is mad about him. He considers her gesture as being her closet friend. Whereas the girl is "unaware" of this "sick" interpretation of her friendly gesture. That boy keep building his castles in air , day after day, until one day he finds that she is behaving in the same way with his friends.

Some boys awakened by this enlightenment and understand the "bitchy" behavior of girls . Some boys can't figure out this common behavior of girls and remain under the impression that he is very important for that girl. Under such illusion he keeps doing all impossible tasks for his "girl" friend even sometimes at the stake of his own career , parents and siblings. He gives full full attention to the girl ignoring all other things.

Finally when some shocking incident occurs and that boy realizes that girl is " using " him on the name of friendship. Generally the girl was never aware of the boy's feeling whereas boy felt as being used or cheated.

Some times reverse also happens , where boys enjoys girl company on the name of friendship.

So I was saying that In this excitement he forgets to notice that she is touching now and then everybody while talking . Where as for these girls it is perfectly normal to touch boys to seek attention and talk , nothing abnormal .."Nobody reacted in my school life. This is my way of talking with friends. " How many boys you saw who say noopes to girls proximity and their touches. I think not a single one. Boys , who will say no, stays away from the girls who can't talk without touching.

These girls don't get serious with anybody and educate the girls from non co-ed background, So all girls learn the secrets of friendship and know the advantage of having group of male female friends.

Gradually these non-co-ed boys also understand the meaning of friendship after having many heart breaks or sometimes after getting tight slap from a girl. Some lucky intelligent boys learns all about this kind of friendship by just observing friends around them.

Some of these boys join the "friends" group , rest of them stay away from these kind of friends and become infamous persons who stares at girls in strange way .

In nutshell boys girls who have been to this kind of friendship in schooldays simply keeps adding new new friends in his or her list , For those who have not been from such background start accepting the harmless relationship of friendship for their vested interest .

The grand fact remains same "fatal-attraction of opposite sex " push everybody to make more friends and to make better friends.

Matting skills embedded in the DNA of humans and hormonal chemical released by various reproductive organs doesn't understand the difference among the term friends ,female friend , male , friends, girl friend ,boy friend and last but most complicated "best friend".

Some girls and boys understand and accept the work of hormonal chemistry and accept its dominance over friendship with opposite sex . They start controlling their behaviors with their friends /probable matting partner.These awakened ones are mostly practical one who understand the importance of physical closeness with only one partner of opposite sex.

Those who are emotional and still believe in "pure friendship without hormonal chemistry " keep continue with making friendship with every tom-dick-harry in office / college , without giving a thought about another facet of friendship and lives in their world of "Friends". These person failed to notice the chemical reaction of body and ignore the fact that they are enjoying the physical presence of opposite sex around them. These guys and gals either don't understand the hormonal chemistry between opposite sex or they pretends that they are not aware of something like this may exists at all. for him/her mating partner is someone who will have full intercourse with him/her.

Such persons don't consider touching , holding hands , patting anywhere on body of friends inappropriate. They just say for everything "he/she is just my best friend / good friend. "

Some more advance kind of persons ,mostly influenced from Hollywood or Bollywood movies , don't consider kissing on cheek, hugging as inappropriate gesture among friends . for them it is the way to show their love and care for their friends :) . For them this is also part of friendship /best friends .

Actually in many such friends physical closeness doesn't result in sexual excitement in boy or girl or in both (great) because they have been accustomed to all these from last 12-16 years . Such cases are really case of friendship where sexitement was killed by continuous closeness of opposite sex. Because hormones doesn't respond for such closeness or you have been learned to unnoticed that hormonal response .

Problems remains where boy or girl is not accustomed to control the hormonal chemical reaction when opposite sex comes closer.

Now remaining crowd is of boys /girls who understand this hormonal chemistry when tow opposite sex comes closer but they pretends that we are "Only friends" Why do they have to pretend and continue the same behavior with a boy or girl who is not aware of such friendship but aware of hormonal chemistry. If both boys and girl in such friendship are experiencing hormonal chemistery resulting in sexual exitement and still pretending then what does it means?

If one of them , in above relationship , is married then it is called cheating with spouse.

If none of them is married and they are continuing the relationship without involving in physical intimate relation then they are more than friend but less then lover. They may or may not cross limits in future .

If one of them is serious for each other then they are called girl friend / boy friend or lover. It may turn in one night stand , live - in relationship , friend with benefit (FWB) . After some time when the serious partner will suggest to get marry . The person who is not serious he/she will give family problem or some other problem and finally break up happens.

If none of them is serious for long term relationship and both of them pretending as good friends/best friends then surely with or without intimate physical relationship.

In today's Indian society all kind of above relationship exists ration of these relationship change in cities. but good thing is still a large number of girls /understand the meaning of such friendship and try to stay away from them and set a limit for themselves.

But how long these girls & boys will survive I don't know. Now a Days in schools going children are asked by theirs parents about their girl friends /boyfriends.

children thinks that everybody is asking about his /her girlfriend boyfriend so it seems very important to have one GF/ BF .

Somewhere parents , TV movie , society make a children think that having GF/BF is as important as getting great grades in schools .

Result we are observing in schools every boy /girl trying to make one GF/BF as soon as he start understand the meaning of these words. I heard one case in which grade 6th girl committed suicide because of infidelity of her "boyfriend".

The day is not far away when school going boys/girls will supporting shang-bands like UK-USA schools children.

Indian morals are changing very rapidly we can only hope and try to ensure that it will not turn out as marry-divorce-marry-divorce cycle kind of culture.

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Thursday, 11 February 2010

Live Mujara in your drawing room!!!

Era of Ramayana :

In the era of Ramayana men were not supposed to look at "other's woman". Ravana kidnapped Sitaji to marry her but he never tried to invade her forcibly. Shri Ram expelled Sitaji from his home because she had been to the Palace of Ravana.

Shri Ram is also known as " Maryada purusotham Ram " (The Best Man among all good men) because he decided to be committed to Sitaji only, Whereas in those days The Kings used to enjoy polygamy . Ram could have also married to thousands of girls but he decided to be a one woman's man. That was the "Satyug" when even kings followed the social norms.

Mahabharat Period (Starting of Kaliyug):

In the time of Mahabharata Shri Krishan ji set example of polygamy by marrying 96000 girls. But common man was not allowed to have more than one wife. Looking at "other's wife/daughter" was big taboo, same was applicable for women. Woman were not supposed to talk any outsider man except her family member , not even elders of neighborhood.

Rich women were not so much restricted .Draupdi got married to 5 pandavas . Kunti had 5 sons from 5 fathers , though that time those 5 GODs used some ancient technology to get Kunti pregnant with out even touching her.

Rich man Kings and Princes can marry anybody by having Gandharva Vivah with girl. Where only girl and boy need to give consent to get marry. They need not to do any kind of typical rituals and no "saath fere" etc. These marriage were same as today's Live-in relation ships , "one night stand". Some famous example of such marriage was Bheem and Hidimbi's marriage. Ghatotkach was their son who later fought against Kaurava in War of Mahabharata .

Anyway common man was not suppose to indulge in such things. Common man of that time used to have only one wife , except in some exceptional circumstances he can marry another girl. Generally because of social restriction or high cost of living , common man rarely go for second marriage. Moral values were still quite strong.

Though Shri Krishna arranged "Raas leela (Dance of Divine Love") " for Gopiyan of Vrindavan and married to 96000 girls but common man could not dare to do so. This was the era when we first heard friendship among boys and girls. But this frienship was among Long Shri Krishna and his all female fans (Gopiyan). And this friendship is sort of worship of GOD not a relation ship of two ordinary human being. Therefore this concept could not be applicable on common man. Anywhere else we rarely read about the friendship of a girl and a boy in this era.

Polygamy was still a luxury of The Riches and The Kings. But still there were no concept of male friend / female friends at that time among common man. A girl from out side the family would be called mother , sister , bhabhi or chachi. And man from outside the family was called as Bhaiya (Brother), Chacha ji (younger brother of father or father-in-law) or Tauji (Elder brother of father or of Father-in-law).

There is no word in Hindi / Sanskrit which can be called as synonymous of " Flirt / Flirting ". Brother -in-law and sister-in-law relations was the only relationship to have liberty of teasing each other in acceptable limit (Though now-days this limit has been stretched a little too much ) , which is still socially acceptable in Indian culture. These relationships are known as "Jija-Sali" and " Devar-Bhabhi" in Hindi. A Little naughty talk is allowed in these relationships and not to be considered as incident behavior. But still these talks are not at all considered as "Flirting".

The Rich and Kings used to arrange "Dances" and appreciates Dance of famous Nagar - Vadhu . Devdasi's were called to dance in these events . Common man was as usually ignored on these events and he has to maintain his dignity by avoiding such dances events. Man and Woman were supposed to be happy with spouse.

Mugals and Muslims brought word Mujara in Indian culture , which is erotic dance and available , again , only to high class. Mugals also brought "Nawabi Shauk" among rich Indians. Love Marriages started in Indian society on the line of Laila-Majnu . But still friendship among female and male was a taboo and rarely seen and mostly known as "affair" among society.

Same social practice were continued until India got Independence . The only place to relieve sexual frustration was Kotha/Kothe where The Rich used to watch Mujra. Hindi films of that period have phrases like "Munnibai ka Kotha " aur "Munni bai ka Mujara" in various context , generally villain would be found at "Munnibai ka kotha" . Obviously this villain would be a Rich seth. Respected and Reputed persons of society try their best to avoid visiting such areas in any situation. Only bad man would be found in those areas that was the common belief in 1947 era movies.

Impact of Movies

Initially, In Bollywood movies , man dressed up as woman played the part of ladies because no decent girl wanted to work in movies. Later on some bold Rich ladies and some Dancers joined the Bollywood. But common man considered those actresses as bad as other Kothewalis/prostitutes in his city. Even watching movies was not considered good for persons having good moral.

However common man started enjoying watching movies and girls dancing in the movies. This was the first ever event in Indian history when Common man got his share of enjoying fair sex without feeling guilty of watching something wrong. Moral of society started changing with every movie and with every new bold actresses.

Children were not allowed to watch movies because of "adult contents " in those movies. If some child caught watching such movies he was bitten and scolded for doing such sin. With the release of many religious movies and patriotic movies , public mindset got changed with time and movies.

Films used to depicts social values on screen but dances were there to hold the grip on viewers. Hero would impress heroine with his honesty and bravery and won't touch her until they would get marry and try his best to maintain his dignity. But by that time concept of love and love marriage become well known to every person of Indian society. By the same time Nehru-Love-Affair caught the lime light of media. Public started hearing frequent incidents of eloping girls with some one.

Impact of TV :

With the advent of TV , scenario had changed very rapidly . Whole generation who grown up Watching movies in theater bought TV and brought Sunday evening movies in their Drawing room and Bed room. This was the biggest event in the history of Indian moral Values. All Kothewaliyan and Not-so-nice girls got entry in drawing room. Man / Woman who were not suppose to look at "Parayi Aurat /Mard (other's wife/Husband)" could stare beauty , dance and charming gesture in drawing room and bedroom. Woman also understood the advantage of TV. Now they have some one other than Jija ji, Devar , Jeth to enjoy witht. Woman found many good looking men fighting and singing for her.

It was a big revolution and bigger dent on already weaken Indian Moral values. All Actresses become well-known name in every house and neighborhood having a TV set. Actresses were no more considered as "Kothewali". Gradually " who is your favorite actor /actress ?" became more socially acceptable . No one need to visit taboo "red light area, no need to go to Kotha. Now common man can watch Mujara in his home itself, he was not at all deprived of his fair share of fair sex. Good thing was that the nudity was not there in dances , explicit expressions were not there unlike today's Item number in movies showing almost nude girls.

With increase stimulus man and woman became more horny (They were already; I know but now % has increased) . Those ,who could afford ,arranged mistresses other would visit Kothas , But middle class has no way to release the sexitement received from movies .

So approximately in 2500 years of history a society ; which considered talking , touching and staring at other beautiful girl as big taboo ,is watching "more erotic form of Mujara and advance Mujara AKA Item numbers" in his drawing room with his children , wife and parents.

2 year old child are asked to sing those Item songs and grand paa gives choclate when child sings. Hardly 8 year old girls are being pushed by parents to participate in Dance show on TV , in School at local function in marriage parties. And every body feel proud on them when these child wins prize . Rest of the participating children get scolding from parents not to do the dance steps well not to sing the song well.

Thank you TV/Movies and Print media . Yeah I forgot to talk about Print Media . Do you remember when did you hear adult joke last time?? Yes you are right It must be SMS joke/ Internet Joke publishing daily in "Times of India" . Pubjan Kesari was well known in north India for publishing soft pornographic photos of actresses / models from last 30 years. Times of India followed this trend and stared a "Delhi Times" / "Bombay Times" kind of daily supplements. No need to tell you what kind of Information/news TOI gives in this section. Mostly soft porn . Semi nude model/actresses.

Don't forget to read second part of Article Impact of Co-Education.

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Saturday, 6 February 2010

Pre-marriage physical relationships among Indian Boys

I was watching first episode of UTV Bindaas 's Emotional Atyachar reality show , showing story of Roja and Sonia's brother Vishal. It started a tsunami of thoughts in my mind. Is middle class Indian man and boys more believes in infidelity or Indian Girls?? Who is the bigger cheater?? Before discussing this , First answer one question guys.

Your favourite Actresses , super model or hottest girl of your office / college offering you one night stand in return of nothing. Chances of getting caught by your girl friend , finance or wife is 0.0001 %. What will you do??? Answer honestly because you need not to post the answer anywhere with your photo ID , or mail id. :) .

You will answer something like this .. "This is why I had created account in Adult friend finder , orkut , . On the Guarantee of such a great secrecy only an idiot will say no to this opportunity, even I say let my wife know all about this. no problems for such a great opportunities."

Actually speaking Emotional Atyachar is doing something similar to test the guys. A semi nude model taking initiative with a boy , Gives him full green signal to cross any limits. Inviting him to her flat at night 1 am , again in best provoking dress. What do you guys do in that condition??

I believe 90% of boys keep searching for such an opportunity if they can accept candidly. Leave alone boys, you can pick married men from middle class ,higher class or any class , having children . even they won't say no to such opportunity.

Men 's Ogling is subject of many researches and well known things, Only stupid and idiot girl will ask the question what will men want to do with those two balls . 70% of internet traffic and email are generated because of Men/Boys lust , right ? Porn sights , dating sites , social networking sites , mails chats etc all are generated in the hope of finding a girl who can satisfy their lust in one way or another. This lust is well known to whole world except a few Indian girls.

In western countries now a days it is widely accepted that girls have similar desire of sex and they equally desperate to have physical relationship with hunks. South Asia sub continent's girls/ ladies are not so bold or taught by society not to show that desire to society. But you can guess the desperation of Indian ladies /girls by socially acceptable flirting relationship of Bhabhi-Devar and Jija-Saali (Brother-in-law and sister-in-law). Girl's lust is suppressed inside the house, among the family members.

Now lets convert this "question of commitment" to " question of morality". For me commitment is another form of honest. Checking someone's commitment is sort of checking honesty.

Now guys you have to answer one question girls you too can try.

How many times you have returned 500 Rs note to shop keeper , who has given you that 500 note as 100 Rs note? Bait is very small here , difference of just 400 rupees. Nobody knows that you are having 400 rupees in your pocket which doesn't belong to you. Many of you will say - "Its the problem of shopkeeper he has to be more careful ". But ground fact is 400 rupees is not your and you are having it.

Now increase that bait to many folds . Lets say 50 Lakhs.

You find a suitcase full of 1000 Rs notes , somewhere in the city , inside that suitcase you find an address , address of owner of the suitcase . Nobody will ever know if you don't return that suitcase. Think !! You got this bag and enjoying that money. Girls / Ladies... your take.. what will you do? Will you return it or will give logic that "owner must have many bags like this it doesn't matter if he loose one" , or "lets not return it, next time he will be more careful with his hard earned money" or "God wants me to use this money so he gave me otherwise it could have been with someone else" or "If someone else get this bag he will also not return so why should not I enjoy the free money".

So the question is again commitment , loyalty and honesty. If I remember right Morality and Honesty both are integrated things. It is morality which comes out in humans as various virtue like honesty , commitment etc.

A sexy super model and a suitcase full of 5 crores both don't belong to you. Some will fall for first some of you will fall for second.

These are big and hypothetical questions, lets be more practical . In recession you pray every day to spare your job where you need not to work. You are happy with 10% reduced payslip , you don't take leave , because of fear of loosing job. You think that it is your privilege of retaining the job when employer doesn't have work to give you. Right. We all expect like this . Me Too!!!!

How Many of you have never deducted money from your maid's salary when she fall ill , go to her native , busy with her relatives . Or you give salary to your maid when you are out for 1 month of vacation. Your maid has no medical insurance from employer , no EPF , no CL , no PL , "Planned sick leave" is your birth right but you expect that your sick feverish maid should come to clean your utensils and you feel very kind heart after giving her Crocin tablet with tea. You don't forget to advise her to take proper rest and come tomorrow for cleaning utensils.

This is the very clear example of Duality of morality , You as a employee expects some morality and kindness with your employer and when you are employer you shows a different level of morality with your employee.

Anyway it is too much deviation from original topic of discussion.

Indian boys are born ready to mingle . Who will say no to free lunch??. They don't need very big bait to slip , they just need an opportunity. Most of them (70%) didn't get the opportunity. Those who get such opportunity(25%) , rarely miss that and after some time they would get marry with that horny girl if she also wants to marry. Rest of the cases(5%) you read in news papers as suicide of girl/boy ,murder or as relationships with no strings attached , one night stand etc.

Rishi Vishwamitr was ancient example of power of fair sex. In those time sting operation was done by super model of that time Urvashi /Menka / Rambha etc , I don't remember exact name, Vishwamitr ji got distracted by those supermodels. Apart from this even Lord Shiva got hypnotized by beauty of Mohini (Lord Vishnu ji's Avatar ) and lost control on his senses for a while. So what a big deal!!Boys are just boys.

Finding a committed boy (in any case) is easy thing in India but keeping him committed for whole life is a tricky skill for girls. Every girl doesn't have this skill. Many married girls turned their husbands in a non committed creature , seekers of good sex.

Apart from that there is a category of boys who are born non-committed, nothing can make them committed-males, not even Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox , Denise Milani , Bipasha Basu can full fill their lust. They pretend as committed man just to get marry and to bring a free maid in house. If your man is one of them then sorry girl. Either have a nice break up with him or ready to have AIDs virus any night.

But good thing is most of the Indian man are not desirous of girls at the stake of losing wife and family. If they think that their infidelity may lead to disturb their family life and breakup with wife, these men stop immediately.

For me Emotional Atyachar is kind of setup reality show for gaining TRP. But yes it raises some very good question on the Great Indian Moral values :).

You can also read Pre-marriage physical relationships among Indian Girls here. It is must read for all "Nice" and innocent girls who believes in male friendship sans sex. You will find 10/1000 boys who has such a low lust level that your giggle , your touch won't excite them. So nice girls beware !! only nice girls became victim of Not-SO-Nice boys. "Not-So-Nice" girls are expert in judging the intention of Not-so-nice boys and they know well how to handle not-so-nice boys. To read more about Moral Values in India click Here

To understand boys mentality either you have to have relationship with good , bad and ugly boys or read following books.

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