Saturday, 15 August 2009

Amendment in IPC-377 and illegal sex-toys

"Bench of Chief Justice Ajit Prakash Shah and Justice S Muralidhar said that if not amended, section 377 of the IPC would violate Article 21 of the Indian constitution, which states that every citizen has equal opportunity of life and is equal before law."

Wow!!! I met one senior in my college days Pankaj (Name changed) . every body told me that keep distance from him he was a gay . I never believed anybody . Later his younger brother happened to be my roomei , so I met Pankaj first time . He kept touching me and frisking me during all conversation , It was very uncomfortable but being a junior I couldn't have done expect tolerating. But he never treated me like a junior . Later I found that he is a hardcore gay, had many physical relationship with other senior and juniors . He wanted to have physical relationship with me.

So that was the past , I thought only few hopeless psychopath behave like this. That day I never thought that one day It will become legalize on the name of personal rights.

Earlier I have doubts on only politicians for their visions, now it seems politicians have infected judiciary or may be Italian effect on India .

Anyway , my suggestion is to legalize sex toys too, which are more natural to satisfy unfulfilled desires of women who are happen to be lonely .due to any reason. It may prove a effective way to decrease divorce ,rape , extra marital affairs. Couples can enjoy better intimate relationship together with these accessories and enhance physical pleasure. One need not to seek pleasure out side from marriage, once she finds way to enjoy herself and risking family life. Make sense ?? I think it is better choice on the ground of Right to have physical pleasure equally.

Another advantage of this for revenue hungry government ,who made egg as vegetarian-egg commodity just to create employment , is another area of manufacturing jobs , service tax. And still better that liquor -tax which is quite harmful for public .

And once again male dominating society showing its impact on HC decisions. By declaring physical relationship with same sex as not a criminal act will benefit only gays but what lesbians will do ???? ;)

Gays naturally have tools to enjoy physical relationships among themselves, but what for lesbians ???

"Article 21 of the Indian constitution, which states that every citizen has equal opportunity of life and is equal before law." Women need dildos , vibrators for enjoying themselves right Sir Ajit Prakash Shah and S Muralidhar. Without making sexy toy legal your wish to implement Article 21 is still half fulfilled.

So who is going to start a campaign for making sex toys leagl.We need leaders. Come on girls :)
Respectable judges Ajit Prakash Shah and S Muralidhar are you listening for women's demand ???
Sounds this article bit confusing ! Neither it is in favor of decriminalizing unnatural sex or  against it. I am in favor of full justice . Either be 100% naturally (Best thing which I like most) whether you are a man or women doesn't matter or make it 100% unnatural without discriminating among both sex. If you are banning Dildos and and Vibrator in India and decriminalizing same sex then girls are being deprived of having full pleasure ,Right ??? So I am in favor of 100% justice ! not partial justice ,which is the legacy of Indian decision makers.

Shortly I am going to launch the campaign. Keep watching my blog for updates. Do commenting if you have some suggestion on campaign.