Sunday, 4 October 2009

No Indian Textbook teach these things to students!! Strange

Thanks to Ashish Gupta for sharing this link with us.  This video shows the richness of Indian science and contribution to world . But no history book or science book teach these things to Indian students.  Why these things are not taught to Indian students in text book ? This is the matter to investigate. Same question I raised in my previous post citing Mr. Pandit's interview.
Indian history text books teaches us the British and Mugals invaded us and taught many good things , before that we Indians where just barbarians. Akbar was great king did many good things .
Is it the self pity of Indian Mindset or Politics of showing seculerism in text books??

India was leader of innovation and number 1 economics of world for more than thousand years .
In modern times most innovative Indian  minds are going to other counteries to get best research facilities, Why ??
When India can spend thousands of crores on infrastructure project for Common wealth games , Asiad games , why can't government spend money to erect best research institute in the world . Why Indian government is not pushing on patents and IP creation for country ??

America richest and strongest country of the world owns most of the intellectual property rights , copy rights , help its scientist and enter pruners to get innovation patented as soon as possible ?

When will Indian government understand that each patent obtained by any Indian will prosper India . Subsidy for fertilisers and subsidised loans for farmers are one aspect of growth but for long term growth India needs innovations and IPs.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Warren buffett Vs Marwaris

I was surfing through the net and stuck on one post "Business Acumen & Marwaris" . Being a Marwari and a Baniya I couldn't stop reading it. I felt proud on myself when I somewhere read that Marwari and Baniya community is contributing more that 60% of income tax in India . Kudos to these " Kanjoos (Stingy )Marwari and Baniya community" .

Whatever you call them but they enjoying all seasons of economics whether it is reccession or boom , they make money and save money everytime.

There are somethings which are common between  Warren buffett and  Marwari/Baniya.
Both don't like to spend money on unneccessary things .
Both invest in something which have some worth and have potential to earn money.
Both properly evaluate how much return an investment can give.
Both has their unconventional sense of spotting opportunities.

But Marwari wins on a point where Warren buffett fails .  You can not follow the way of Warren buffett investment but you can certainly follow  the Marwari rules to make and save money , No secret any Marwari will happily tell you that "Before spending a rupee just think twice whether it worth spending or investing".
IF you don't need something  don't buy at all.
If you have to buy something buy the best and cheapest. :)

Never , Never Never I will never buy a ULIP. Term Plans are best.

I wanted to invested few bucks , some one suggested me to invest in ULIP which covers my life as well as give me some good returns :)
I googled and found following articles on ULIPs.  And I swore that I would never buy a ULIP.

Why ULIP is not the best insurance/investment  product
7 reasons to avoid a ULIP
Buying Ulips? Beware of this trick

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Indian Air Force : 2 contradictory news back to back

I read two news on MSN on IAF (Indian Air force). When you read them one after another then only you can actually understand how helpless our system is! And you come to know that how much false confidence we have on our democratic system. How much our leader and army officers lies to just maintain our confidence high. Just read the news and think. One side IAF is saying that IAF is strong enough to defend China threat another hand it is seeking permission from government to open fire on maoists. :) Kudos to Indian system. Even Police can open fire on miscreants who open fire on Police vehicles or on Police assets .

Repeat of 1962 India-China war not possible: IAF chief

New Delhi: A repeat of the 1962 India-China war is not possible now as the Indian armed forces have enhanced their capability, Indian Air Force chief Air Chief Marshal P.V. Naik said Thursday.

"A repeat of 1962 is not possible now. I am confident, are you?" Naik said, asserting IAF's enhanced capability.

Indian armed forces were humiliated by Chinese forces in a short but bloody war over boundary disputes in 1962.

"We are building up infrastructure, but it is not adversary-specific. It is capability enhancement... There should not be lack of confidence in the armed forces among the public. We are prepared for any eventuality," Naik added.

Naik last month created a flutter when he admitted that the IAF's force level was one-third that of China and thus "inadequate".

He, however, said Thursday that the IAF was taking up big-time infrastructure development along India's border with China.

"Nyoma (airfield) has been upgraded recently. Before that, Fukuche and Daulat Beg Oldie were upgraded. As far as Arunachal Pradesh is concerned there is a plan to upgrade many Advanced Landing Grounds like Along, Machuka, Tuting. Efforts are on to upgrade them.

"Let me tell you this was long overdue and now we have got the go-ahead. So we are undertaking the programme. These (airfields) were already operational under limited resources. The upgradation will take another three-five years," Naik said.

The IAF recently inducted four of its frontline Sukhoi-30MKIs at the Tezpur airbase. Plans are afoot to induct the full squadron.

"We are waiting for the infrastructure to come up (at the Tezpur airbase). The induction has not been put on hold," the IAF chief said.

However, the IAF chief sought to downplay the recent reports of incursions by Chinese forces along the Line of Actual Control.

"There is no spate in incursions. We should not take too much notice of it. They are under surveillance," Naik added.

Talking about capability enhancement, Naik said the thrust is to strengthen four pillars - to be able to see first and farthest, to reach farther and first, to be able to hit accurately and hard, and in the end to protect the national assets during pea]ce and war time.

Source: Indo-Asian News Service

IAF seeks permission to open fire at Maoists, says Air Chief Marshal

New Delhi, Oct 1 (PTI) Committing itself to a greater role in the government's fight against Maoists, the IAF today said it has sought permission from the Defence Ministry to open fire at the Left extremists if its helicopters or air crew came under attack.

"The IAF has sought permission from the Defence Ministry to open fire in self-defence whenever our helicopters or air crew operating in the Maoist-infested areas come under attack," Air Chief Marshal P V Naik told reporters here.

Describing the Naxal attacks on IAF assets and air crew as a matter of grave concern, Naik said: "the Air Force, of course, has a greater role to play in the offensive against Naxals, be it higher reconnaissance or surveillance, troop movement and also for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) .

Source: PTI

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