Friday, 22 April 2011

Shameless unity of Politicians against "Anna Hazare and Company"

Its so surprising  but not unexpected , suddenly so many allegations are coming up against from all politicians against Anna Hazare and company .

A shameless Kapil Sibbal threats public that you would have to come to politicians for gas cylinder , Jan lok pal bill won't help.  Such a clear blackmail and threat to public and no one said anything. I want to ask if everything work fine then who need politicians reference to get Gas cylinder. Jan lokpal bill certainly help to make the things straight .
The fear behind this is if no one need politicians for reference then who will vote to a moron politician of his creed or caste simply eligibility will become the criteria to elect politicians.

Another great conclusion of  BJP and Congress statements .. Bill is theoretically passed  as BJP + Congress strength is more than 2/3 in parliament.

BJP says they will support Jan lokpal bill if it will be present in parliament .

One  of the Congress MLA said , congress want to do the same Anna helped congress to work on this bill. And if sonia Gandhi really supports Anna then obviously every congress will have to vote in favor of it.

And one last questions if  Digvijay singh , Amar Singh and all other leaders were aware of Shanti bhushan , Kejriwal , Hengde wrong deeds then why didn't they come up with charges earlier.

Don't get distracted dudes ... Shanti Bhushan , Kejriwal ,  Hendge and Anna present company if far better than a committing headed by Likes of Sharad Pawar ,   Kapil Sibbal and Manmohan itself. 

 Don't get fooled by the divide and rule policy of UPA government . They are showing all signs of British  business man who enslaved india , Pakistani intruders..

Few Politicians of congress and alias (Count BJP also , On this they are secretly hand in hand with Congress) 
speaking in favor of Jan lokpal bill and few of them attacking on Anna Hazzare team . They are using all tactics taught by Chanakya to destroy the alliance of Anna Hazzare .

We need to remain united  and back Anna Hazzare team to get the graft prepared and passed in parliament. Sometimes to win a war we need to do wrong and support wrong and seek helps from wrong doers.  Mahabharat   war was clear example of this fact . Bhagwan Krishan suggested so many deceits and made the pandavas to use the lie and traps to defeat Kauravas .
To defeat united corrupt politicians of India , we need to use all kind of alliances  , there is no harm . DON'T get distracted by congress's tactics which they learnt from Pakistan and Britishers . :)