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How a boy make fool of agirl : A True Indain Story

I should not call him my friend. Though I read many forwarded mails not to leave your friends in thick and thin. But I really wanted to dump this guy. Name and places are changed to avoid controversies but facts are intact. Girls can learn a few lessons from this story. And Boys -- Boys will be Boys.. Ultimately girls life and their emotions are different.

So story starts in a well reputed college in north India. A boy -- Like a super hero , great sports man , great musician , great singer and best student , charming and handsome. A girl (ABC) -- from south India very intelligent , looking smart. She couldn't resist the boy's charm and fell in love with him . Within few days all of the students came to know that both couldn't live without each other.

Girl fell in love very badly. She would become totally help less if boy got angry on something , immediately she would get fever.

So after 4 years of college was over , she asked him to marry . Boy told her "Dear , don't you trust me . We made for each other.I can't live without you. But before getting married I want to buy a house a car for you. Lets get job first and earn for our goals" .

Both got placed with different company in Pune and started "live-in" together . Very soon they started making love frequently . Girl keep saying for marriage , boy keep saying about future . And both enjoyed so many "good nights" . Unlike movies girl didn't get pregnant .

After few months boys started ignoring her on the pretext of work load, onsites, offsites blah blah . Girl was now getting worried . She told everything to her parents except her physical relationships. Her parents called boy's parents and came to know that it was not possible at all to accept a south Indian girl in North Indian family. They also told that our son was very innocent he couldn't promise such thing to any girl.

Anyway parents met face to face , boy pretended as he was the most innocent and obedient son on this earth. Boy's parent were really innocent as they got ready for marriage when girl said "I can't live without him".

Here boy put one new clause to get rid of this girl , that" we'll have to wait for three years by that time our job and career will be settled".

Now wait for climax ...

I want to tell you how did I come to know about all this. I met this friend after 1 year after passing out from college. In college days we were good friends and many time I passed their gifts and love letters to each other. So both shares their feeling with me.

I asked him about "Bhabhi ji" , He just laughed aloud and said "Yaar too bhi kitna seti maarta hai" {Friend - You are such an emotional fool}. Then he told me the happenings , he described his "live-in" and physical relation ship in details .His marriage episode and how he convinced her for another "3 year" bail. He proudly told me now he can enjoy her anytime. He also gave me tips to control girl friends , just give them a blow job and make her your slave.And many many things which I can't describe here .

Finally when he finished his bravery stories , I asked him not to forget me on their marriage because 3 years are long time. (Here I came to know exact meaning of 3 years bail) He patted my shoulder with his charming smile and said "Either she will forget me or she will find new boy friends otherwise I will make her to forget me in another 3 years , Actually I met my real soul mate in office and I can't live without her. ABC was good but my colleague is awesome and we have very good chemistry." I was in total shock , I asked him why didn't he tell every thing to ABC and why he lied about his 3 years plan.

Now what he said that was height of practicality-"Dude my soul mate will not let me touch her before marriage and now its difficult to spend nights alone.By the time I convince my soul mate , Till then ABC is very good in bed :) .. whats wrong, ABC also enjoy it . Isn't it ? She is doing it all for her pleasure she know very well that in years I get die or something else. It is her choice finally.Period. I just convienced her I didn't force her to sleep with me before marriage". Marraige was just an promise . That time I was fool so I promised

I asked him what could be the consequences have you ever thought . He said coolly :- " At max she may commit suicide , she and her parents are not goon who will kill me. Its my life and I want to enjoy to the fullest that's it. Tomorrow we'll see whatever happens "

Time for climax : Girl ABC is still living her havens , snaps of this girl and the boy are every where in orkut . even she added many close snaps in her orkut and facebook profiles. Everyone in her office knows that this girl is going to marry the guy, in her orkut profile ,after 3 years. Many of them have idea of their current level of intimacy.

I tried my best to bring out this girl from the fool's heaven but all in vain . But yes now she is suspicious and is ready to absorb any shock.

Please pray with me that my friend get wiser and marry this girl.

Moral for Boys: You will be agree that it is not good to cheat a girl for pleasure , We boys are men and we should play fair games.

Moral for girls : You know very well what is the ultimate goal of boys , as soon as you give it to them , they will get bored and start finding another target . Keep it in a safe and boys will keep roaming around you to find it and get it. Keep them waiting good for you.

Here I want to say some girls think that they can keep their boy secure and safe from other girls , by giving them this thing before marriage . --- Telling you it is a big gamble , chances are you will loose it.

Until boys don't get it , getting it the biggest problem . Once they get it , persuading their parents for love marriage will become biggest problem .. :)

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