Sunday, 7 October 2012

Pro Rata and Airtel ethics of Business

I suppose you all have watched a episode of Satymev Jayte.
You might not aware but Airtel is lead sponsor of saatymev Jayate  .
Even on the web site of satymev Jayte Airtel gives many ad for downloading songs and etc.

Now the key story which I want to tell is roaming around word PRO RATA .
I am victim of word pro rata and the company who duped me of INR 300/- on the name of PRO RATA and Business Rules is non other than AIRTEL .

I have a broadband plan  from airtel INR 999 per month . It gives 10 GB data per month and voice bill cap of INR 300 .  this scheme says first 300 calls will be charged  for voice calls and then I call make voice call across India for 2000 rupees .

So my max bill for every month coming to INR 1450 .

Now after some time I felt that I am consuming more data so need higher download limit .
So in month of August in mid of billing plan I ask Airtel customer care to migrate my plan to 1299 which offer same feature with increased data download limit of 30 GB on 2MBPS.

Airtel executive told me that you will be charged at PRO RATA basis for rest of the billing cycle . I said ok as I thought any how my bills can not cross the limit of 1750 (1299 + 300 + 150 of service charges).

When I recieved the next   bill it was showing the amount INR 2300/- this was very unpleasant situation .

I contacted Airtel CC to get the explanation of bill .

What they told me was shocking .

He explained me that
500 is the rental of first 15 days
650 is the rental of next 15 days of billing cycle .
1000 for the call charges (minus discount of 195 + 110 Pro RATA basis )

So cleverly they discounted pro rata basic and and charged rest of the calls .
From customer point of view after making call of 300 Ruppes rest of the calls should come to free ..
Instead they charged all calls and gave discount on pro rata basis .

So beware of PRO _RATA and Airtel .

Don't migrate your bill plan in the middle of bill cycle .
Satymev JAyte

Bharat Gas Agency selling domestic LPG connection in black

It is no hidden secret in Ghaziabad , Noida region of NCR that domestic gas cylinder can be bought by any LPG delivery person  in black for a premium of  INR 200-1000 . 

Great thing is it is happened with the consent of renowned LPG companies and their dealer.
LPG dealer can't book the gas cylinder their own , unless unlit consumer ask to book the refill cylinder.

I am an internet addict and try to do use internet for my day to day task ,so when I started Internet for booking refill from Bharat gas portal I came to know that my Bharat Gas agent in Sahibabad region is booking a  cylinder on the name of my gas connection number after every 20 days and delivering it on the same day or on the next day. Whereas I never booked the cylinder so rapidly and never booked the cylinder showing in online report of my refill history.

In the same condition I would never get a subsidised connection once new scheme of 6 cylinder will come in picture . I will need to always a INR 908 for a cylinder .

Approximately 1-2 Lakh cylinder are sold in black in Ghazibad / Noida region to meet the daily needs of roadside vendors of Jalebi , Samosa , Chai wala , restaurants and all Halwais.

Even all police men drinks tea(free of cost) on the tea stalls which are using cylinder bought in black.
To add more info  some these chai and samosa wala are owning big cars. (The one located in front of my office bought a Innova recently).
This Chai wala consumes at least 9-10 cylinders a week and these domestic visible Cylinders visible to all common man but not any police man or petroleum ministry.
There are other solutions but any body ready to think differently in this Manmohan government
Satymev Jayte