Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Vishnuvardhan's death vs YSR death

Last time I wrote about YSR death aftermath which claimed lifes of 125+ people. Though It is unjust ice with Vishnuvardhan to compare him with a person like YSR. Sorry for that but I am doing this just to debunk the myth that Indians like honest and humble persons.

On the death of Vishnuvardhan I saw the news of attack on buses , news channel crew and vehicles on road. Though I don't support suicide at any cost but strange thing is that 125+ common Indian man gave their life for extremely tainted YSR (He was unofficial super power of AP. ) but I heard only one suicide cases from Vishnuvardhan's fan .

Vishanuvardhan who is well known for his politeness for actresses he worked with. A great and genuine human being. But for such a good person only 1 Indian committed suicide and for YSR 125+ common Indian . This underlines my previous post on CCI , Corrupt Common Indian (I know many will hate me for this phrase). Yes most of us like corruption in daily life , we actively do corrupt activities and support corrupt politicians . Respect of CCI for corrupt politicians is far far more than the respect and vote for honest politicians or (less corrupt politicians).

And one request to all these mad fans , why didn't you break your TV when you first see the news on your TV. You could have expressed your love for Vishanuvardh on your car. A person who is such a kind person and his fans are behaving like this - really disgusting. Why can't we CCI understand that the every bus , train , road ,vehicle are bought by our own hard earned money?? Most of us pay this money to government in the form of 12% service tax or 5% -10 % sales tax on the goods we purchase from general store , in form of your mobile phone bill.

If you are paying 330 Rs on recharge , this 30 Rs is the service tax to government. Difference between your TV at home and public transport bus on Road is that you pay cash for TV where as for bus you pay indirectly in very small unnoticable EMIs. Wake up...

The best way to show your love for some one is to be like him (not like YSR) . Be like Vishnuvardhan .!! Be like Vishnuvardhan , Be kind , Be humble . That would be true tribute.

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Monday, 28 December 2009

No Law for Sibu soren, only for common man.

Advertisement of Job Planning commission ( Governemnt of India)

"Vigilance Clearance, in the enclosed format, indicating that no disciplinary
proceedings or criminal proceedings are either pending or contemplated against the
Officer concerned; "

Law Clerk Allahabad High Court

A candidate involved in any kind of criminal case whether convicted or
charge-sheeted shall be barred from applying for the above post."

Sibu soren got job from UPA (Congress) in 2006 and got support from BJP in Dec 2009 (BJP knows very well that he has not acquitted till now ).

In other word BJP is supporting a criminal as CM of state who may have murdered a person. so conclusion is there is no law in India for politician. Sibu soren can serve as CM despite the fact that a murder case is pending against him .

Madusudan Koda got his share of money (certainly he will be acquitted within 2-3 years and he will be serving Jharkhand as CM after Sibu soren :) ) , Now its sibu soren is waiting for his share.

But you and me can not even apply for government job if any police case is pending against us .

Great India....

Who is the biggest fool Jharkhand public who gave him vote , BJP , CBI or Indian constitute.

Guys do forward this post to your friends and relative ... at least every body should come to know that there is no difference between BJP , congress , etc ... Biggest government job in a state is going to a person who is not even qualified to serve as peon in government school ( because he has criminal case pending against him in court ).

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Invitation to Rape!!

One question aroused after reading recent Delhi discotheque rape case for boys specially who are from India .

You are in a discotheque at night 12 PM , you go to a girl offering her lift to her place . she doesn't know anything about you not even your wrong phone number , your work place , you car number or even a common friend etc but she accepts your proposal . Nobody her acquainted knows that she is going with you.

Now tell me how will you interpret this acceptance for lift from unknown girl? Be candid and tell me won't you try to reap benefit from this moment. Won't you interpret it as clear indication of being intimate?

Remember you are a youth who has grown up watching HBO / star movies and new generation of Bollywood movies. In these movies such kind of post discotheque lifts ends either in boys bedroom or girls bedroom and rarely ends with "thanks for lift" kind of stuffs.

Late night Delhi is known as unsafe for girls . Rape and murder are common. Criminals doesn't hesitate to abduct girls from road and raping her in late nights and early mornings. Many such cases has been reported earlier.

If a girl living in Delhi for 5 years do such things despite all her knowledge of Delhi , then won't you call it clear invitation for rape or one night stand.

courtesy : MSN India

Crime: After discotheque meet, woman raped in Delhi

In another case of rape in Delhi, a woman was promised a drop after a discotheque session and was molested by a young man. The police have clues of the man in his mid-twenties and a hunt is on. The file also has the tragic case of a conductor in Delhi who died when his head got trapped between the automatic doors of a bus. Read on.

Woman raped in car after discotheque encounter

A 25-year-old woman was allegedly raped inside a car in Delhi, police said on Saturday.
"The victim met the accused at a discotheque in Chanakyapuri Wednesday night after which they both had liquor. The accused introduced himself as Raj to the victim. He offered to drop the victim at her home in Safdarjung Enclave area," a police officer said.
"The woman alleged that after travelling some distance, he tried to force himself on her. He then drove the car to Dwarka, where he raped her. He then abandoned her near a Metro station at Dwarka early Thursday," the officer added.
The victim, native of Siliguri in West Bengal, has been staying alone in the city for the last five years, police said.
"Her medical examination has confirmed rape," the official said. The accused has not yet been arrested.
A senior police officer said: "We have clues about the identity of the accused. He is in his mid-20s. He is absconding but a search for him is on. We also have the footage of the discotheque."
The officer, however, refused to divulge name of the discotheque.

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Saturday, 19 December 2009

Contribution of Indian Common Man in Corruption

Today we are not talking about politicians , today I'll bring the another face of Indian common man who doesn't miss any moment to crib about corrupt politicians. We will discuss here some confession of common Indians.

Yes I am talking about you , me and everyone around us who are essential ingredients of Indian Common Man.Lets be honest and speak about the way we contribute in corruption.

I am a middle class salaried person who gives 6% to medical shop owner to create fake medical bills , to save 14% income tax.

I am a middle class salaried person who is making fake telephone bills , book magazine bills to save income tax through FBP. I never miss any chance to make fake bills for extra reimbursement .

I am a middle class government servant who reach office at 10.15 start work at 10.30 and leave office at 4.30.

I am a middle class government servant who is happily ready to give 100000 Rupees to minister to get my transfer order changed.

I am a middle class house owner who has encroached 2 feet of land in front of house and ready to bribe any government officer to overlook that encroachment . I vote some one from my caste , sub-caste or clan who can help me in trouble.

I am an auto rickshaw driver who is ready to make fool of any stranger in my city. Night time it my right to demand any thing. In day time I doesn't hesitate to make Fair meter run fast or take 10 KM route for 3 KM distance. I need just an opportunity .

I am a middle class sells agent who sells ULIPs/MFs/Health Insurance . I know very well what is right to my client but I sell him something which gives me maximum commission.

I am middle class grossery/medical shop owner who sells every thing on MRP , I do not hesitate a moment to lie customer that what he asked is discontinued by company. Buy this XYZ product (it gives maximum commission).

I have given basement of my house or garaged for commercial activities. No one in our pure residential colony dare to complain against me because all know that my cousin is active member of Congress/BJP/SP/JDA/ShivSena/MNS/Bajarang dal.

I am a student ,I hate studying , I like playing video game / cricket . But please don't ask me for study. I just want to get passing marks by writing answers to the "Bought Question paper/Leaked Question Paper". But simultaneously I want job in Government sector "by any means".

I am a middle class boy having two sisters. My passion is eve teasing and passing lewd remarks on girls and Beware I broke legs of 6 guys who teased my sisters, so don't try to look at my sisters.

I am 55 year old father of two sons but I can't resist staring my neighbor Mrs Khurana she has just married who has married to my elder sons's classmate. She is so ...........

I am Abhay student of MBBS, Very intelligent , cool and smart. I have 2 girl friends in my college and slept with everyone . Both of them thinks that I am going to marry her. I never said so huh. but ya I like telling my friends about my great performance in bed. What the fuss they must be telling about me among their friends?

... More confession to come

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