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India:A Country with no agenda!!

Title sounds very negative for every Indian (Sleeping Giant India:) ) , but some one has to speak the bitter facts.Government is happy in dreaming and also showing dreams to every Indian. The proud Indian!!We are celebrating 62nd Independence day and achievements ??? NONE . Though government can make you feel very happy by describing uncountable achievements .But what I feel that India didn't achieve anything since independence except a few ones. Let me list all achievements and then I'll describe why I don't want to count them as an achievement.
  1. Green revolution
  2. Nuclear power
  3. Satellite launching capability
  4. Missile technology
  5. Education
  6. IT Power
  7. Winning two wars with Pakistan
  8. Super power/Sleeping Giant
  9. Electricity

Green Revolution : Just used exported fertilizers and and borrowed money to give subsidies to farmers. few dams were constructed but even today a major area of India depends on Mansoon. All rain water flood the Bihar , UP , Asam and finally flushed down in occeans. Even after 62 years (adjust this figure according to the year in which you will be reading this article, I bet my statement will remain true then also) years nobody is talking this , not even a single leader(ruling and opposing both).

Nuclear Power : After first nuclear test in 1974 , government took 33 years to start uranium mining in India. what will you do with your car if you don't have petrol to fuel it. Now Manmohan singh suddenly awaked and signed something (good/bad don't know) to secure India's nuclear fuel supply. But againt its on USA whims and wish whether to give fuel or not.

Satellite Launching capability : Launched first satllite in 1970s but till date couldn't launch a spy satallite to protect India teritory , still largely dependent on other countries for intelligence . what is DRDO and ISRO are doing I don't know but yes they are doing better than other government deparments. When we can acheive good satallite eye god knows ( Indian leaders might not even thinking about it).

Missile technology : Very slow and steady. Lets see when can we intercept missiles and construct over own reliable missile shield. Lets pray to China, Pakistan not to attack India until she gets missile shield and inter continental missiles.

Education : After 62 years of independence still 40% of India population is illitrate , A 12th pass student (from non-english medium school ) can not fill bank account form , loan form , can not read prospectus given by government and he can't deal with government departments because most of the communication required occurs in English. Private sector obviously prefers english speaking employees.

"Our university system is, in many parts, in a state of disrepair…In almost half the districts in the country, higher education enrollments are abysmally low, almost two-third of our universities and 90 per cent of our colleges are rated as below average on quality parameters… I am concerned that in many states university appointments, including that of vice-chancellors, have been politicised and have become subject to caste and communal considerations, there are complaints of favouritism and corruption." – Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in 2007[29]

Though Mr. PM aware of this situation but till then no action plan we heard to improve this situation . China is hugely investing to cope up the quality education so that their children can speak good English and capture the service market from India. Let see when will Mr. Sonia Gandhi give nods to do something. India's Union Minister for Ministry of Human Resource Development Mr Kapil sibal has been student of Harvard Law School, USA But as usual he has another very important thing to do (all political gimmicks ) , lets hope he will find some time to think about state of india 's education system and get some idea from his USA , UK trip to improve it.

For reader's information out of 3 lacs engg. students only 50k -75k students are immediately employable . Hey anybody listening from government. Mr. Kapil , Manmohan , Advani ji , Mulayam , Mayawati .. any body has time to think about it. Hey guys if anybody can tell them regarding this then it would be good for India. Don't forget to give them some solution / suggestions otherwise they will say what we can do ?? very innocent people they are.

IITs / IIMs are very few elite class institutes , which are known outside India, are catering rich. A good education system should think about mass not about class. A good news from Karnataka :- government planning to promote kannad-medium schools :) . enjoy politics of vote.

IT Power : Again nothing was done by government , Kudos to private sector. Even today Karnataka government is fighting with infrastructure issues in bangalore , Metro rail is keep going on building building building. I think It has been around 15-20 years since Bangalore was accepted as IT capital of india. Many infrastructure could have been erected if leadership / government had some vision for future. 15 years back cost benefit in India was 1:6 to USA prices.Now it has come down to 1:3 , and very soon it will be 1:1.5 . China is giving cost benefit in ratio of 1:7 ration compare to USA prices . With aggressive planning and quick execution China may eat up India's IT superpower tag within 5-7 years. IT sector is leading on the way of manufacturing sector of India ,beaten by Chinese manufacturing sector. High cost , No research and development and un-employable engineering freshers. Recent Prof . Yashpal reports on AICTE , UGC are eye openers, but committee meeting and same time pass will take another 5-7 years to amend the higher education system. By then everything will move to china .

Winning two wars with Pakistan : This could have been a achievement if our past leaders could have got agreement signed with Pakistan . Something like It can be attacked if found involved supporting terrorism in India. Or Pakistan could have been divided in 5-6 nations so that all those 5-6 nations keep fighting themselves. But no we are peace loving no thinking leaders of great India . How can we think about India's benefit. Noops not at all. Even the dogs and the snakes knows very well that no need to bite everyone , just barking and hissing is enough to keep some enemies away . But who will teach these well educated Indian leaders ,who can't even speak aggressively . We lost 4 opportunities in past 1972 ,1977 , Kargil and latest but not last Mumbai attacks.

Actually Kargil war was not at all new thing for India. China did this in 1962 and captured a large area. Same thing Pakistan did and still a large area is under the Pakistani control after Kargil war.

Once bitten twice shy, but India you can beat her with same trick many times. Peace lovers leaders. India will be kept bitting by Pakistan and China , and Indian leaders will be keeping playing the flute of Peace .

Authur talks about real state of Indian defense system.

Electricity : This is the most frustrating issue for me . every person on this earth knows the advantage of 24x7 uninterrupted power supply. Students can read in villages , farmers can irrigate their crops , industries can work efficiently. To generate energy you need a dam and hydro electric plant or thermal plant , wind energy or solar energy, and after 1975 we start think about nuclear energy. But unfortunately Indian leaders couldn't understand its importance . You can see regular power cut in Noida ,Gurgaon , Delhi and Bangalore imagine what is happening in other cities and distant villages. After 62 years of independence we couldn't ensure uninterrupted power supply to industry and farmers .

Few days back I read one article of "Sharad Joshi ".It was depicting condition of Indian bureaucracy. Article discusses what would have happened if Postal department were setup by Indian governments after independence instead of Britishers. Gist is something like this-

First , you need to buy form to apply that you want to send one letter. Your file would be open in office . Now You had to mention "what are you going to write in letter" ? "is it personal "? not violating any national security ." One officer would check that you hadn't write anything against India government. After this you had to Buy tickets (obviously from black market) . Now your file were pending in dispatch department , you had to go to post office thrice and have to bribe some officer to get it moved forward. Finally your letter be reached to destination approx 1 month of exercise. Now another person would go through the same procedure in his cities postal office. And here you would be frequently checking your local postal office for reply letter. After few days one officer would ask you to prove your identity or fill affidavit that you are " sharad joshi " . then Post office's peon would have given you the letter.

Super Power / Sleeping Giant : No at all !!! All just Media and government gimmicks to divert nation's attention from weak and under equipped army. Kargil attack and Mumbai attack are enough to debunk the claim of becoming super power or top 5 army in the world. If it were so strong certainly India would have attacked Pakistan on these two occasions reaping the support of whole world , USA and UK .

But ground reality is India is not a super power. May be a sleeping giant who will be never awakened by its "So called leaders".They can't think beyond Nehru Gandhi's peace. Army men / Indians be ready for another conflict , intrusion with China , Pakistan , Bangladesh. Ready to sacrifice yourself. India is a peace loving nation.

Bill Clinton went to N.Korea just to get two reporters free. But for Indian leader 's no worry , no value of human life . Another attack and army men will be loosing their life at boarder and inside country. How cowered our leader are you can see

Indian Leaders reaction at the time of Kargil / Mumbai attack: Peace , Peace , Peace No attack on Pakistan. Mumbai attack : Peace , Peace , no attack on Pakistan. Indian leaders could have started full fledged war against Pakistan and would divide it into 5-6 small nations. Even now Manmohan singh / Sonia / Rahul , Priyanka , Pranab have no guts to ask USA do drone attack on POK training camps, despite having proves and intelligence reports. Attacking Pakistan is distant dream for Indian leadership.

Recent Peace loving act of India by Manmohan Singh : Signing Joint statement Sharam el-Sheikh which delinks mumbai terror attack with bilateral discussion with pakistan and promises to investigate into RAW role in Baluchistan.

I want to give an example it is very crude example but have to use it, maybe it will work to awake sonia and manmohan . Example is something like this , a neibhour break into a house , rape mother and sisters in the house and house owner files police case . In the evening he is sipping tea with the rapist delinking the rape investigation and police case. Now will anyone belive this guy if he says that this is the guy who raped my sister court hearing is going on .

Now lets see USA reaction on threats against USA interest (anywhere in the world )

Here I want to quote Kennedy, he gave a key warning in his first public speech on the cuban crisis (October 22, 1962).Even today all American presidents have same stance to protect american interest.

"It shall be the policy of this nation to regard any nuclear missile launched from Cuba against any nation in the Western Hemisphere as an attack on the United States, requiring a full retaliatory response upon the Soviet Union."
Roll of Indian Leaders in last 40 years :

It is India's technical backwardness , or an inefficient , un-imaginative , myopic vision of Indian leadership who couldn't see anything except staying in power so that there party men can get patrol pumps, free land and misuse the power. They can see only how to bring and establish their relatives into politics.

Bailout packages are given to corporates and farmers are committing suicide. Common man will loose his government job if he is found involved in some criminal case but in India , minister with criminal records are making the policies that how should a common man behave. Severeness of situation can be understood by analysis of the reasons behind selection of Pratibha Patil as president of India. I think she is the only president in Indian history with a tainted faimily background. Bank fraud and alleged murder by her brother.

So naturally doubts come in the mind why congress couldn't find a clean candidate for this post.Generally every party support a candidate for president post who has clean back ground, but congress stubbornly refused to withdraw her. Is it all to immune her or to assure that president will give every decision in favor of congress if situation comes.

If our leader were illiterate people or having fake degrees then it was ok and digestable. But have a look on the details of educational background of top notch ministers in India. They are very well educated persons , they understand economics , law and technology .But they are pretending or not willing to do anything intentionally. You can awake some one if he or she is sleeping but if someone if pretending to sleep then what ??? can you awake him/her . Not at all.

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