Monday, 24 December 2012

7 Points formula to prevent rape in NCR

1. All job seekers coming to NCR must have Aadhar card.
2. All landlord must post the photo copy of tenants's aadhar card and photo to local police station.
3. All employers must have photo copy of Aadhar card of employees, No job for the employees not having Aadhar card
4. Government should immediately start cancelling licenses of employers who doesn't comply with above basic requirement.
5. All Landlords must inform their tenant's details to Police. Landlords property should be attached if he fails to give details to police station. (These mandates must be de associated with Income tax departments,so that landlords does not fear  )
6. A punishment which makes rapist to pray for death but no death should come to him. Something like leaving him in a box with hundred's of hungry mouses.
7.  This kind of punishment should be reserved for all criminals involved in violent crimes like murder , acid attackers , rape.

8. Take best care of yourself if you are a girl and take best care of girls around you if you are a boy.