Sunday, 30 August 2009

Going for divorce- 11 things to remember

Hum mm so you are going through rough marriage! if not then very good, but still you can read. You may help your colleague or your friend by telling these 7 things.

(All articles written in this blog in Indian context but mostly applicable universally)
  1. First of all , discuss openly with your partner to sort out the differences , don't hesitate to accept your genuine mistakes .
    (Make sure your criminal minded partner is not recording the candid discussion).
  2. Make sure you keep out of your ego in the above discussion. Generally step 1 never happens in most of the cases because of ego problem of some person. Certainly many divorce can be avoided if husband and wife can discuss their expectations candidly and accept their mistakes.
  3. Remember you are getting divorce to make your life better , not to make your partners life worst.
  4. Now you are firm that you want divorce , go ahead with it to make your life happy but try your best not to spoil others life in order to get divorce. But yes be ready for tit for tat.
  5. Start looking for your new partner simultaneously , specially if you are girl and your age is 30+ . Complex divorce case may take many years and you may miss several good life partner if you wait for finishing the case.
  6. I know it is very tough time for you but certainly you will come to know the many bitter facts of second marriage when you start looking for new partner . Make sure that this attempt should not go against you in the divorce case.
  7. You have to learn many things before getting marry second time like putting right words in your profile , discussion over phone with a suitable match , meeting with him/her .
  8. In Indian scenario it is bit difficult to trust someone on internet , so it is better to start increasing your social circle , joining club , organizations where you can meet your potential partner.
  9. Share your plan of getting re-marry with your good friends and colleagues , they might know someone in their social circle who may happen to be your right partner. Hiding the facts from friends and well wishers means fighting one men battle. 
  10. Be positive and be cheerful. It helps you to make a good impression on your prospective partner. Most of the person like to live with a person who can make them laugh or make their life cheerful. You must have seen word "fun loving" in many profiles. Dull and always complaining persons are big turn off for every one.
  11. Try to get your case finished as soon as possible, it may give you time to settle down again.
Good luck  !!!!

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