Sunday, 23 December 2012

Breaking News : Priyanka Gandhi Vadra Rapped in Delhi!!

After gangged raped by 6 persons in a moving bus in Delhi , Priyanka Vadra , daughter of Sonia gandhi , has been admitted in AIIMS .
She had sever injury which left even docters in sock.

Digvijay Singh come forward commenting the crime and serve to shoot the rapist in front of public.
Kapil Sibbal is not able to eat food after hearing the news he is in comma state.

Shiela dixit could not stop crying and un-consolable   since the news has break out .

Sonia Gandhi  has immediately ask home minister to give shoot at sight order for the all 6 unidentified rapists.

Congress party members has showing their anger by burning all white charter buses on Delhi roads.
Delhi has come to stand still because of unruly behaviour of congress party members and poilce inaction against them.

Rahul Gandhi asked  PMO to immediately summon all parliament members to pass amendment in constitution  so that rapists can be punished by giving life sentence with brutal torture for the heinous crime.

Disclaimer : This is just a fiction to illustrate the severity of crime so that all top shots in Center and Delhi government can understand the  severity of crime and take action against to give harshest punishment to all the 6 Rapists.