Tuesday, 25 August 2009

IIT Faculty's salary

Mayavati statues Budget : 500 crores

Shivaji statue in Bombay sea : 350 crores .

The current basic pay for an IIT prof is round @ 20,000. His net pay would be 20,000 + 49% DA + 30% HRA + 1,100 allowance = 37,000. With experience it may go up to 70000 .

NTPC offers 6.5 Lacs package per annum for IIT freshers .

If you count for all whims and wishes of Indian politicians in last 60 years , they will certainly cross thousands of crores rupees. Whatever growth we are observing in India , is largely contributed by these IIT faculty members . Who has established brand IIT over the past 4-5 decades. And give thousands of brilliant engineers to the world and India , who are running large business corporates and generating jobs , and passing the money in system .

IITs are government funded , very right, kudos to government of India !!! Now what ???? BSNL , Railway , Air India and IOCL and many more government offices are funded by government .. output 0/0 ...

The difference between IITs and other government bodies are these respected faculty members , who deserve at least better than the package of an average IIT student.

If they are thinking about strike then it means something is very wrong with 6th pay commissions.

In Bihar every one has right to torch railways or government buses to get noticed their demand or to reflect their anger. In south Janta has right to torch and riot on the death of an actor turned politicians , Gujjars got reservation after torching many government and public vehicles .

Government has become deaf and dumb , just requesting and sending deputation is useless in India. So they chosen the strike in peaceful way . All IIT aluminies should support IIT faculty's strike by speaking loudly in all manners . Then only they will pay back to their institutes and their professors. These professors could have also chosen to start their private coachings , part time business , play cards , join politics etc etc .. Like any other university's professors . But they did their job sincerely despite having their meager salaries incomparable to any faculty in the world of same potential.

"IIT professors are losing Rs 23 lakh in their career compared with the government scientists and other officials of similar rank," Somya Mukherjee, secretary of the faculty Forum IIT-B, told PTI.

If we compare with private sector then figures will be awesome.

Support them in all ways you can .

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