Friday, 4 September 2009 Online transactions : Loose your money and mental solace

I was very die hard fan of ICICI online payment facilities.

Suddenly after introduction of 3rd level of security I has lost my sleep.

Case 1. I made booking with I lost 1060 /- in one shot .. ICICI has deducted money from credit card but showed some error and just screwed up.

Their is no customer care number advertised for PVR cinemas (at list in Bangalore). some how I got PVR number from and tried all number many times . some how one number was connected , someone forwarded the call to some SECRET CUSTOMER care , He told me don't bother ICICI guys , we'll transfer back your money in 7 days.More than 20 days are over no money no mail (I posted mail also) .

Yeah one funny thing I didn't get response for my mail but after dropping the mail I started receiving PVR promotional mails :) When I searched for PVR numbers I found at least 100 complaints of similar incidents.

Case 2. Still I didn't learn the lesson and made transaction of to pay my airtel bill of 1560/- . Now same thing happened ICICI deducted the amount but bharti showed it as failed transactions.

Avoid online transactions with ICICI credit card account , I think debit card transaction with good old government is still working fine so I think use your netbanking account instead of credit card if possible.

Just Now , I contacted ICICI customer care they seems innocent. They also took my complain against and gave me complaint's reference number . Sounds I 'll get my money within 7 days. Lets pray for the best. For Bharti's transaction they told that if Bharti didn't claim the amount with in 48 hours It will be come back to your account.

If you come across such kind on incidents let as share with all so that other person will not go through the same।
Updates : ICICI has credited the amount as interim transaction but want another 51 days to confirm it. Holy God.

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