Saturday, 19 March 2011

Bribe for Vote : Whats the problem???

Bribe for Vote : Whats the problem??? Isn't is natural in India. Everyone in Media , opposition knows that ALL POLITICAL PARTIES bribes voter religiously ,monetarily or in some other way to vote for them.    No one in India ask vote by saying that I will arrange best education infrastructure for your kids.

Poor voters of India are notorious to vote for money , liquor or free cloth ,TV , cycle , blanket etc.?   Whatever congress did to save his government is the common practice in India.

All elections are won by giving monetary benefits to voters  .

It hardly matters that money was given by PM Manmohan or Some other Congressman.

Actually What , Manmohan Singh ji is saying , is correct.  -"Public has already given verdict on this matter, congress seats tally increased to 206 from 140. " Why not voters will support congress who has already accepted money to vote his leaders, This is the basic criteria of voting in India .  Give me favor take my vote.

Corruption is backbone of Indian democracy which starts with election. Something like Electricity , Water and Internet in USA. Indians can't live without corruption.

1. Voters vote the politician who gives them money after that whatever politicians do ,its none of his business.

2. Business houses donate money to the political party which promise to help the business house in trouble .

3. Criminals either joins the national parties or fight election,  which can help them to stay out of police arms.

4. Commissioner of police , collector and other officers support politicians , so that they can seek their help to get his transfer   order changed.

5. So what the fuss if congress paid 4 MLAs to vote for congress.

Don't you wish secretly that how great if someone in your relationship / friend was close to some great politicians . How many favors you could have got. Life can become so much easy in India with the BIG CONNECTIONs. From School admissions ,to getting ration cards every thing become so easy if you have RIGHT connections.

Only Those Indians are cribbing about corruption who could not get benefit from it.  Or could not get opportunity to do corruption. Even I could not get opportunity to make easy money from corruption (Political/social/personal/moral corruption). Whatever small opportunities came , those were not worth of being corrupt.  Hence I am unfortunately  still uncorrupted Indian.

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