Sunday, 20 March 2011

Throwing Balloons on train is sever crime than BURNING it.!! It happens only in India.

I was reading one news at regarding throwing colored water filled balloons on Mumbai Local trains. Under Section 152 a person may get life imprisonment or minimum 10 years imprisonment.

I started thinking about the final verdict on Godhara Massacre in which around 100 person planned and brunt the complete railway boggy. In which 59 persons were burnt alive.

63 accused have been already got acquitted  , Due to lack of evidence or some other reasons  ,which court or Manmohan Singh ji know better.

31 convicted . Lets see how many out of 31 convicted will get punishment more than the punishment mentioned for throwing balloons on train .

Section 152
The section states, 'If any person  unlawfully throws or causes to fall or strike at, against, into or upon  any rolling stock forming part of a train, any wood, stone or other  matter or thing with intent, or with knowledge that he is likely to  endanger the safety of any person being in or upon such rolling stock or  in or upon any other rolling stock forming part of the same train, he  shall be punishable with imprisonment for life, or with imprisonment for  a term which may extend to ten years.'

P.S : Do you agree with Indian Panel Code that  Planned and Unplanned (spontaneous ) murder should be discriminated, specially when 100 people were involved in crime.

Is it possible that suddenly 100 people think alike and arrange petrol to burn a train?

Strange fact :  According to Indian Panel Code Jammu And Kashmir is not part of India . Cleck here to Read Indian Panel code .
4*                    18 "India"                    –
"India"                    means the territory of India excluding the State of Jammu and                    Kashmir.