Thursday, 24 March 2011

Biggest eyewash in Indian Political History

In my previous post "Crime Investigation Lessons from Indian Government" I exposed the way Indian governments save their money making ministers. Reason to save these ministers , because they arrange fund for party and above all for seniors politicians of Party, who want to remain cleanchit like Gandhis and Manmohans.

Biggest eyewash is Arrest of A Raja by CBI...

Let me explain the reasons. .. . . .

1. B*****d Manmohan Singh always supported A Raja and his ministry and never spoke a word against him.

2. M****F*** Kapil Sibal never accepted that something like 2G scam exists. Even he has also given clean chit to A Raja.

3. Pranav Mukharji even supported Raja .

4. Now After so many scams congress realised they have to do something to clean their image.

Now question is How ??? Should they take action against Suresh Kalmadi (Wealthiest Congress person byboth known and unknown income sources)..

No Very wrong decision Suresh Kalmadi is someone brings money for congress. "So what to do manmohan singh ji ?"

Manmohan : " Rahul Baba I have one Idea if you give permission to explain"?

Sonia : " Tell us Manmohan what do you have to say!!".

Manmohan : "Lets take action against A Raja . He is from DMK , today or tomorrow they will withdraw support from Congress, Let CBI arrest Raja then DMK will have to cooperate with us. DMK can not loose their main money minting cow. In return we will release Raja after 2-3 month of introgation . Second advantage is we can threat telecom companies to cancel their license and milk more money. Raja didn't share money with us. Congress people should also benefit by 2G scam. Third advantage we can protect Suresh Kalmadi from all investigation , he earned too much for congress".

Rahul : "Mummy Manmohan uncle is getting smarter and shameless with age. Brilliant idea!! . Kalmadi saved , Raja also saved from major problems , money for congress loyals and Ye saala Hindustani idiots bhi khush."

Manmohan : " Madam ji Then call CBI director to take action against A Raja".