Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Is Gaddafi and India friend???

I could not understand why India is supporting Gaddafi.
India never requested  Gaddafi to stop violence against unarmed civilians of Libiya, when Gaddafi and his sons sworn to fight to the last drop of the blood India never criticized Gaddafi .
Now afterUS - UK and alliance started attacking on Gaddafi to save innocent civilians of Libiya India criticized the aggression of USA  and alliance.
What does India want to do with it headless and sense less foreign policy ?
When any country will attack on India ,who will come to rescue of India ??? Russia , USA or Pakistan ? Things are getting complex in International politics , Non-alignment policy will simply isolate India and no one will come forward to support India when India is in need .
This is give and take world.
Indian policy maker should come out from the dreamy world created by Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi around non-violence and non alignment. It is a act of Hara-kiri , which can be done by only silly Indian policy makers.
China has to oppose such move because China itself use the same violent action against the peaceful demonstration in China , reason one . Reason two China always support all Grey countries and dictators around world be it North Korea , Iraq or Pakistan.
Russia has its own interest in opposing such move.
May be .. Soon we are going to hear from Manmohan that he did not authorize anybody to make such statement. :) What the f**k is going on in India??