Friday, 4 September 2009

YSR death aftermath!!122 people lost their life (Greater than swine flu toll 111)

Hats off to Indian emotions for their politicians.

I could have never thought that the we Indians loves our politicians so much. Isn't it amazing that the public who are cursing their leader for every can take such an extreme steps.Last such incident I read when Rajkumar died.

Till now Swine flu death toll in India has reached to 111 at the time of righting this article 12.44 AM of 5th September 2009. Which is still less than the death toll of 122 of YSR aftermath. Is it sane???

Is it a really a good sign or bad sign for India . Southern states are known for their richness and higher literacy rates , But in such cases less literate North Indians looks less emotion and more practical.

How was that politician and how he died it is secondary but is he so much important that someone loose your life without bothering about faimily member's future. I think few people would do like this for their beloved's demise.

When one leading south leader passed away after his prolonged illness same thing was happened , People committed suicide , shock death etc . In another incident People torched public buses , rioted and many more. Few innocent persons and school girls died. I think its high time .

We should re-check our emotions . Someone has died of his natural fate or due his stubbornness for not listening to aviation department and weather department . What you can do or some one other people or public transport buses can do , whats their fault.

In someone died of natural or by accidental death no body can do anything .

South peoples grow up , you people are so literate , smart and rich. Be practical, don't take natural events so seriously. Don't disappoint me by demonstrating such a self destructive behavior. Think about your beloved family members first. Aren't they more important for you??

If we believe on this TOI article and K Balagopal (MUST READ) and this report on scrib (even if 10% is true then also it is horrible) then you come to know reasons of my sorrow for these 122 lifes . Simply these 122 people has wasted their life for a hardcore criminal , who murdered or arranged murder of at least 100 persons , involved in various criminal cases.

Being a small time farmer and civil contractor how did this family accumulated assets worth of more than 10000 crores ???

It is hair raising feeling when I read his history and read grievance expressed by Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh and other HIGHLY literate congress person(MIT ,Harvard ,Stanford) . How can these these Gandhians and Nehruians can ignore such a strong criminal background? And amazingly they are going for YSR son as CM so that he can continue his father's legacy (Goonda raj).

People says love is blind but I say politics is deaf , dumb and blind . Don't waste your life on these politicians yaar please for god sake.

Some good film stars or great sports person than it may sound some what digestable .