Sunday, 13 March 2011

Short Story : Pakistan dropped NUCLEAR MISSILE on Mumbai.

This kind of headlines are rare to see in news paper, but it is not at all a remote possibility considering the present law and order in Pakistan.

Revelation of Pakistan's nuclear arsenal (111+) , which is solely developed keeping India in mind . Uncontrolled ISI ,Killing of Shahbaz bhatti ,Salman Taseer, al-Quida ,talibani elements in Pakistani army , politics and bureaucracy makes the above headline is a REAL POSSIBILITY. Threat is as real as Kargil war , Mumbai attack , parliament attack and 9/11 .

USA is trying its every diplomatic and economic tactics to control Islamic elements in Pakistan and prevent any 9/11 like attacks.

Recent development around Raymond Davis in Pakistan may turn Pakistan in another Egypt . Such kind of civil unrest in Pakistan will throw the army , ISI , Al-Quida nexus in center of power. Nuclear Buttons will be in hands of totally insane peoples who thinks India is the biggest enemy of "The Religion of Peace" .

USA wants to show it citizens that USA can control a crazy nation like Pakistan by throwing USA tax payer's money in the Pakistani economics , whereas Pakistani Leader and army wants to shows that Pakistan has total control and USA can not interfere in any case. This is important to gain the China confidence and restore the faith of Pakistani aawam.

If Zardari fails to execute Raymond Davis under "Pakistani Law :) " then it is quite possible that Pakistani people will come on streets to execute him.

Now the interesting part starts here.. What the Indian leaders doing :)

Read this interesting discussion among top Indian leaders and bureaucrats.


Army Intelligence Chief: Madam , we have confirmed reports that extremist elements in Pakistan got the control of nuclear weapon . Zardari .....

President Pratibha (Interrupting him ) : Wait wait .. I could not understand what you are talking about. Let me call Devi Singh. Deviiiiiiiii...(Waiting her husband to come)

Army Intelligence Chief: Madam we have very less time to take decision otherwise ...

President : We know the meaning of nuclear. Nuclear families are the threat to our Indian culture , threat to the social value of India..

Devi : Yes Chief tell me whats the problem.

Army Intelligence Chief: Sir we have confirmed reports that extremist elements in Pakistan got the control of nuclear weapon . Zardari .....

Devi : Hummm USA is taking care of Pakistani Nuclear weapon we should worry. Hey Chief Arrange one flat for my son - in -law in Adarsh Society in Mumbai.

Army Intelligence Chief: Sir Extremist may target Nuclear missile on Adarsh Society , Mumbai.

Devi : Ohh my God , then there will be major problem. I 'll call P.Chidambaram . He is taking care of Home ministery Right ? [Dialing some number on his mobile] .. Hello Chidambaram Speaking ???

P. Chidambarm : Hello Hello Hello who is speaking ??{ Thinking : Idiot Raja took all money and all network signals }

Army Intelligence Chief: Sir I have connected to Sonia ji on hotline finally she will only take decision .

Devi : Ohhh yes yes Thats what I was going to do. Connect First lady of India and explain her the problem what can we do in it?? Talk to her talk to her and explain the situation , Aadarsh society ko bachana jarori hai (Its important to save Aadarsh society.)

Army Intelligence Chief: Sir shall I explain to her ?

Devi : yes yes . Explain her.

Army Intelligence Chief (On Phone) : Madam ,we have confirmed reports that extremist elements in Pakistan got the control of nuclear weapons . Actually Zardari has planned Nuclear attack on India as the terrorist attack. We have confirmed report that they will drop missile on Mumbai within 2 hours . Zardari will later on tell International media that Al-Qauida planned it and hacked our system with the help of Taliban. We have to do some thing.

Sonia (on Phone) : Are you sure is it Mumbai or is it Delhi ?? 2 Hours is less to do pack everything. Thanks for report chief.

Army Intelligence Chief : Mumbai is confirmed , Reports Reads "Zardari wants congress leaders in power and center , otherwise Indian Army will take decision to swipe out Pakistan . They trust only on congress".

Sonia (Smiling) : Yeah we are trustworthy , but no body understand this except Congress voters. Rahul , Rahul Where are you we have one more problem to solve. Check this with Manmohan , PC . Ok call Sibbal , Pranab , Jairaam and other leaders . Problem is bit serious we must take proper democratic decision. Better call parliament session.

Rahul : Mom , Telecoms are now ready to pay extra for congress and opposition members , I am going to settle that with opposition. Later on I 'll do something for Kalmadi , Ashok , Sharad and Lalit otherwise we will not get money for next election. Any way whats the so serious problem .

Sonia : Pakistan's Extremist elements got control on nuclear weapons , they are going to attack Mumbai in 2 hours.

Rahul : Hummm , What can we do to stop them ? (On Phone) Chief do we have any option?

Army Intelligence Chief(On Phone) : We have to attack first and wipe out Pakistan.

Sonia : We are peace loving country and can't attack on anybody . My in laws soul will not like this first attack decision . Do we have other options ?And what if your reports are not correct ?

Army Intelligence Chief (Entering in the room): Reports are 110% accurate , we captured Zardari's Video (full 1080p ) with Osama bin laden chalking out the plan. Our Nuclear Missile shield program has completed but could not be tested because you allocated all fund to Common wealth game and Kalmadi .

Sonia: Speak only what is required. Behave like a demo crating. You will teach us where we need to allocate funds and how much.

Army Intelligence Chief : Sorry Madam

Sonia : Better , Now tell us other options.

Army Intelligence Chief : Yes , We can ask America to cover India immediately with his missile shield. American Neavy Ship in pacific ocean will launch their missile and intercept the Pakistani missile in between and will destroy that.

Sonia : Russia doesn't like this ....

[Manmohan , PC , PRanav and company enters in room. ]

Manmohan : Satshri akal Madam ji , Tussi kaise ho achanak se sab ko bula liya? [What happen, is every thing fine ?How are you?]

Sonia : Pakistan's Extremist elements got control on nuclear weapons , they are going to attack Mumbai in 2 hours .

Army Intelligence Chief : No madam now only 55 minutes left. Can we take some decision as soon as possible. Allow army to wipe out terror epic center Pakistan.

Rahul : Easy dude !Easy !! India is a democracy . We have to take a joint decision with ,which is acceptable to opposition also.

Murlimanohar , Aadawani [In Unison] : Ok then first accept for JPC probe in CWG , 2G Scam and Aadarsh Society acam.

Rahul : Only 2G Scam .

Murlimanohar , Aadawani [In Unison] : OK , DONE. Whatever you take decision on Pakistan we are ok.

Army Intelligence Chief : Then Lets call Obama for help.

Manmohan Singh : Naaa , Don't do this madam ji . Muslim will not vote us if we help USA or accept help from USA. Russia , Russia is also having Missile Shield Technology.

Army Intelligence Chief (Frustrated ) : Russia is far away from here , Their Missile shield can't help , error chances will be high in detecting and destroying missile.

Sonia : Do we have any other option ?

Army Intelligence Chief (Thinking) : Request China to persuade Zardari not to do this . But chances are less that China will help.

Pranav Mukharji : Another point is , if media comes to know the China involvement in preventing attack , They will run the news on channels then no will vote to Congress in next election.

Rahul : Any other option Chief???

Army Intelligence Chief (Praying to God to save Mumbai's citizens ) : We have untested Missile shield , we can activate it and pray to god to make it work.

Sonia , Rahul , Manmohan every one in Unison : Why are we waiting? Activate it.

Army Intelligence Chief : Though its already too late we have 10 minutes left. [Calls Army secret HQ and ask someone to activate the shield. and starts citing Hanuman Chalisa ]: Sakat mochan naam tihaaro ...

Manmohan : Madam ji Who made this Non-Secular person an Army Chief..?? He is citing Hindu hymn . We have to change him now.

[They started talking about Modi , Aadvani ..... Meanwhile Somewhere in Pakistan..]

Zardari's Assistant : Sir ji Obama is calling you wants to talk you urgently.

Zardari : Tell him that I in rest room.

Zardari's Assistant : Obama is saying that you are standing with Osama in Nuclear weapon control room.

Zardari's : Tell him that it is India conspiracy against Pakistan to malign the Pakistan image as terrorist hub. Close the windows and CCTV of this building so that they can 't see us.

Osama : Oye Zardari yaar , Jaldi kar ... Inshaallah Fatah Hamari hai.. [Hurry up Dear Zardari !!]

Zardari couldn't understand the written instruction properly and selected all 111 Nuclear Missiles to lock the target and pushed the fire button.

ISI Chief : Sir what have you done?? You fired all 111 Nuclear missiles on India.

Zardari : Oyye ,!! Allah Raham , Chief stop that Missile which is going towards Delhi. In the absence of Indian Government leaders Army Chief will take control of everey thing and they will roast the Pakistan in Tandoor. I want Congress leaders alive in Delhi.

ISI Chief starts reading the instructions with fear on his face.

Zardari Assitant : Sir Army Chief Informed that One Nuclear Missile got blasted in Peshawar because of some accident.

Zardari to ISI CHief : What the hell is this did you use Chinese chips in control panel or Pakistan's experimental control chips ?Any serious damage?

Zardari Assitant : No sever damage sir no nuclear blast , blast in rocket of missile. Some school children were playing in that underground cave , They got killed in rocket blast.

ISI Chief : We tried Pakistani control chip in missile installed at Peshawar.

Zardari : Oh god. Why do you carry out experiments without informing me ?What is happening to other missiles? How long it will take to reach India?

ISI Chief : None of them has left the base till now ? something is wrong.

Zardari : Allah Spare us , save this time we will use India made chips only no MADE in CHINA chips . Please save this time.

ISI Chief : It seems their is some problems in all chips , all chips are showing 60 minutes to explode and rocket engine are not blasting off. Ya Maula , Sir Missiles will get blast after 60 minutes on Pakistani land itself.

Osama : Let me get out of Pakistan ,where is my Jet ? I have to spread "The religion of Peace" in whole world . so much injustice against us.

Zardari : Oye Osama , Mujhe bhi le chal , I will help you.[Take me along with you.]

ISI Chief : Sir Where are you going ? Tell me what to do with these missiles ?

Zardari : I know you are smart enough , you will find out the way to get out of it. I am leaving out of Pakistan otherwise who will take care of Pakistan?

ISI Chief (Calling someone): Get that IIT engineer to Nuclear control room who was captured from afganistan, immediately .

[After 10 minutes , Two person enters in the room with a scared person of age something around 22 years]

IIT Engineer : I didn't do any thing don't kill me .This was my first job , I didn't even get my first salary.

ISI Chief : See this control panel , These 111 oops.... no 110 Nuclear missiles are crushing at the speed of light towards your motherland , if you can stop this system then you can save your country. You have only 50 minutes.

IIT Engineer : He He He He , I will not save . Your physics is weak.First place they can't fly at the speed of light. With the light of speed , Missiles must have reached my country and blasted off. Their is some secret . Tell me what are you hiding?? Otherwise I will not stop the system.

ISI Chief : Please save the Pakistan , Rockets are failed and all nuclear missiles are going to blast in next 30 minutes.

IIT Engineer[Thinking] : WTF???, I don't want to die now . What will happen to my green card plan in USA , My chip designing company .. My Dreams going to be shattered with 110 nuclear blasts .

[He started opening the back of control panel , read the chip number and googled that. He found Chinese user manual of the chips . With the help of Google translator he read the manual. He stops the chips and lock them with a secret password]

IIT Engineer : So mister , I have done my job and saved your country . Now send me back to India.

ISI Chief : He He He He He ... So that you reveal all these secrets to whole world. I can't let you go.

IIT Engineer : I knew this thankless chief , I locked all your chips with my secret password. :)


Now back in Delhi 10 , Janpath.

Sonia : Silence, Silence . Manmohan ji we can discuss 2G money distribution with opposition later on . Yes Chief !! What happened , did any missile come?

Army Chief : No Madam our intelligence source informed that one nuclear missile's engine got blasted in Peshawar. Unfortunately nuclear bomb couldn't detonated. They fired all 111 nuclear missiles by mistake , but because of malfunctioning in China made control chips they have to revert back the attack.

Sonia : So any danger for Delhi now ?

Army Chief : No Madam , Situation is under control. Madam allocate that 2G money to Army Research team , We will complete the test of our indigenous Missile Shield System. Next time we can defend our self without any external help.

Manmohan : Oye Chief , Tell me one thing how long Pakistan will take to fix the problems in nuclear missiles and poss threat for India .

Army Chief : It will take around 5 Years .

Manmohan : Then go back to your Army HQ , we don't money for junk R&D . Ask money from next government . My UPA term will be over by then.. chalo bhai chalo ..start karo .. Lets distribute the 2G scam money.[ad#Google Adsense][ad#Google Adsense-1][ad#Google Adsense-3][ad#Google Adsense][ad#Google Adsense-3]