Thursday, 24 September 2009

Wordpress vs Blogger (Blogspot)

I have started blogging on 15 th August . I started my blog with and found that my articles are coming on 1st page in Google search .

After observing the consistent traffic on my wordpress blog I decided to move my posts to (U guesses Right! I was tempted to see the adsense response :) ). I exported all my blogs to blogspot. To my utter suprise posts never came on first page in google search . Even when I put the same contents in my posts and same key work in google search .

So my conclusion is if you want to reach a large audience go for wordpress, with right contents and right tags your post will come on first page of google search without any extra efforts. No rocket science no SEO optimization.

But if you want to earn some bucks then hit and follow each and evry tricks and tips given by SEO experts :)

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