Saturday, 12 September 2009

Have you ever cursed people spitting pan/gutakha on road ????

One of my friend  showed me image of  toilet  . Just above the every urinal a notice was stick "Please do not spit chewing gum, use dustbin" .

Despite that notice 3 urinals were chocked by the chewing gum.

Can you tell me the  place ? Common just give a try . Railway station neah .
Public toilet , some government office, hostel , hotel no no not at all.
That was a urinal of a very big MNC 's Indian arm . It was software firm CMMI level 5 , major R n D hub .
More than 50 % of the employees working in it are from IITs or other well known reputed institutes.

So next time when you see someone (illiterate-semi literate middle class man ) spitting pan or gutkha on road , just imagine an highly educated software engineer spitting chewing gum in urinals while reading a notice.

We Indian will never evolve.

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