Wednesday, 16 March 2011

2G Scam updates : Sadiq Batcha murdered???

Now the famous 2G scam of India has started taking tolls.


Dark secrets of Gandhi family … Why Gandhi family is not taking any action against Magazine Schweizer Illustrierte?? Which was first to revealed Swiss bank account of Rajiv Gandhi having $2 Billions (INR 9000 crores  )


First victim is Sadiq Batcha . According to "Sadiq Batcha, a key aide of Raja, reportedly  committed suicide at his Chennai residence on Wednesday. Batcha was  considered to have been Raja's key 'money-transfer-aide' and the only  person who could have shown the CBI the 2G scam's money trail.

"Sadiq Batcha was the front man and alleged  money launderer of Raja. He was also a connectional link between (DB  Realty's MD) Shahid Balwa and Raja. "

Before Sadiq Batcha could spill the beans he was killed or forced to kill himself ..? Here is his suicide note

Can you believe this Dowood Ibrahim's look alike would commit suicide..

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="630" caption="Sadiq Batcha"]Sadiq Batcha[/caption]

I would not surprise if our respected PM Shri Manmohan Singh ji (Who earlier tried his best to save A Raja) confirms that Sadiq Batcha has committed suicide , there is no doubt about it.

A Agency like CBI which could not prove the Rajesh Talwar (A Dental Surgon with a few political connection) guilty of committing murder of his daughter .

Obviously CBI and Indian police can not protect evidence against Kalmadi or A Raja ... Who are big shots of major political parties.

Q.   Why it must be a murder ---

A.  "There is a big mystery, because somebody might have thought they could  hide some key statements by killing Batcha since the news was already  out that he was turning approver for the CBI."

Please call ISI or CIA for proper investigation of 2G and CWG scams. I can trust Pakistan's ISI but not CBI in the investigation of 2G and CWG scams.

And best part reaction of Chennai Police Commissioner (Such a cute Indian Police) --- "We are yet to commence investigations. His wife is yet to lodge a formal  complaint. Once she does we will start our investigations. We haven't  searched the house yet. The house is locked and we have kept it  guarded," said Chennai Police Commissioner T Rajendran."

And See how confident our CBI is

Even as Chennai police investigates how Batcha died, the CBI has assured  that his death will not hamper investigations in the 2G case. CBI says  all evidence related to Batcha were collected and recorded but real  extent of damage done will only be known on March 31 when the  chargesheet in the 2G case is filed.
2G Scam updates : Sadiq Batcha murdered???