Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Strange !!! 85% of Indian population don't know the official language of India!

You will be surprised by a fact that in India one can submit forms and applications in their regional languages despite English is official language. However in case of a dispute only English versions of the forms/applications will be considered in court case!!

Astonished !!! Yes my friends . This is true . Whatever a person is reading in a form in his regional language and filling information based on that doesn't stand well in Indian courts. 85% population of India is still ruled by Britishers. Even non congress (BJP , JD , CPM etc) led governments did not try to eradicate this major loop hole in Indian System . Neither opposition of India ever demanded to fix.

And the best thing is most of the children completes their school education , college education in their regional language. Though most of the private schools now focusing only on English Medium but government schools mostly churning out the students in the regional language.

A 12th pass out from government school can not fill his bank account form , entrance form or any application . If the student is from rural area then conditions are horrible.

One side corporate India is crying for good quality freshers and on other side schools churning out students experts in un-official language of India .

Researches says that one person with average intelligence need 10000 hours of practice to master a skill.

12 classes = 6 hours * 250 days * 12 years = 18000 hours

A student who masters a language in his most precious 18000 hours of life realized the blunder of Chacha Nehru and their family members when he get inside a corporate India /Government offices.

He is now called unemployed youth good for nothing. He thinks that being graduation would change his future . But in this Semi- English instruction colleges his natural skills and talent lost in translation and selection of appropriate words for his thoughts.

By the end of graduation he felt bit depressed by the fact that the morons of English mediums have got good grades.

3 /4 years of Graduation = 9 hours * 200 days * 4 years = 7200 hours

He waste in a English mixed regional environment.

In China Education medium is Chinese and Government systems also work in Chinese. To compete with rest of the world China is developing English medium schools at fanatic pace beyond the Imagination of any member of Nehru , Gandhi clan. And good thing is their system is still using china population friendly Chinese language. So this is the double advantage for china. MNC can't penetrate in Chinese market ignoring Chinese language. This way they have to employee Chinese speaking people. Thus Chinese will be able to compete with whole world in their home countries by knowing English but no one would be able to defeat Chinese companies in China . The Internet Giant Google (despite having a Chinese product ) has lost his battle in China and Biadu won.

Get up Indians , Accept the fact that we are an English country and we want to educate our children in the official language of India and will make them competent to go anywhere in world and conquer the job battle on any turf and geography.

Don't waste a talented youth 's 25000 hours in a education system which will get him tagged as unemployable .

Please help me to spread the message to Indian TV Media and finally to a member of Nehru , Gandhi Clan.