Saturday, 19 March 2011

Secret#2402 of Success and Failure in everything .

After observation of many successful people and failure , I found one secret .
Yes It is a Secret !! Secret#2402 ..

Same thing ,  which can make you filthy rich and successful , can also make you a person in utter poverty and a failure.

So what is this secret ????
It is known as stubbornness , adamant behavior of people.

I am not insane , I will prove you my point keep reading . The same thing is behind every success and every failure.

Successful people are stubborn people , organizations  to achieve their GOAL.

Failure people stand fast either on the believe that whatever they doing is right or whatever they are thinking is right.

The difference between these two breeds is the FLEXIBILITY. Successful accepts responsibility , identify the wrong steps and strategy . Continuously with every failure and every success. They are so adamant to achieve success that they are ready to change every wrong thing in their path. Moreover they are ready to reconsider "the right" - is the right things are actually right or wrong.

Most failure comes because people stuck with something , they try to do other things also . Failure comes from the single point they stuck upon.
This single point is mostly related to their thinking or implementation.

Somewhere they stuck with a thought that whatever they are thinking is unquestionable , Whatever they are doing is the most perfect way of doing , whatever they are analyzing that is the best analysis , whatever solution they are giving is the best solution or service.  They are adamant with their behavior.

When you become stubborn and deny to change your behavior and thinking , you unconsciously accepting the outcome of your behavior .Whatever it is success or failure. I am right means I am the best no scope of improvement , no scope  to change because I am perfect.


God has decided something for me and that will come to me whatever I do right or wrong doesn't matter (Call it a laziness , fate or comfort zone ).


I have no control on people around me , I am doing best in these circumstances .

Self - help books are junk for these failures , articles are junk theories .
They close all gates which can prove them wrong and ask them to change.

When you read any self help book for anything , you will find they are asking you to change but stick to the goals.
Corollary of every book is same --
Keep your goal constant and keep trying the different things or keep doing the same thing in different ways with continuous introspection.

Believe me if you know how to correlate the below flow chart for your problem , you can solve any problem. Everytime . Condition s you have to go through the every step and repeat all cycles honestly . Remember flexibility forget your dogma and constants of egos.
There are solutions which may be better than yours find them listen them , there are people with better skills find them hire them.
Admit that you are not perfect you need to keep learning new things in this constantly changing world to survive to solve new problems.
Be Stubborn for goals but don't stubborn with solutions. 

Success Flowchart
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