Friday, 10 May 2013

Manmohan singh please commit suicide.

Sonia ji is not allowing you to resign Manmohan ji??Is it?
No problem !! there is an option -- Commit suicide.
why are you living on earth ??

Yes dear manmohan singh ji !! Please commit suicide ! 
You heard it right.
Please go!!!
Every thing you and sonia ji  allowed to do in this poor country, can be given benefit of doubt.

But now CBI which in under direct control of  you and sonia gandhi  has filled effidavide that PMO has modified the report of coal scam!! 
Sonia and Rahul are ditchers and foreigner for us , I don't care .

You are an Indian and that too a Sardar . 
Sardar are known as a community who never begged and maintain its pride by earning by hard work.
They never do pitty things.

You crossed all limits !!
Its no Sonia no Rahual , Sibal , Ashwani ,Koda , Salman khurshid, not even digvijay singh..
Its you and only you!!!who allowed open loot in this country.
Shamelessly defending all corrupts!! 
you are still sitting as shameless PM.

Do you know the total amount you and your Gandhi Man (Not God man) looted in this day-light robbary  , which is continued for  last  than nine years and still going on , might be several times greater than the combined amount looted by mugals and britishers.
You must be the most shameless because you did in the era of Facebook , google ,RTI. No certain to hide.
Even britishers has appoligied for Jaliawala in changed dynamics of Britain.
From where did you get  so much courage to support such a open day light robbery?
What are the benefits you are reviving I can't even imaging in my wildest guess!!!  
You have replaced the notorious Jaichand in ditching our country.
Trust of helpless voters ,who had no better option than you ,you broke that hope.
You are the only one who is responsible for lawless murder and rapes in this country.
You . The PM of India , who has enormous power to  change everything in this country  simply following instruction of a lady who is fifth standard fail.
You could have changed india in last nine years but you chose to keep your lips tight.

Please do let us know the reasons in your suicide note , for not doing any thing and allowing free shameless loot of country.
Go and die peace fully keeping your lips tight. Hand closed and chest bowed in front of Gandhi family.
RIP Manmohan Singh!!!
P.S. : Please don't give example of Karnataka that voter allowed you to loot the country shamelessly. Voters have no choice.