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India 2030 : My Vision , Part -1

I am sharing some Breaking news and News headlines for next 21 years .
Feel free to give your comments .

Year 2011 : 
China got tremendous confidence with Pakistan's intrusion program. China has also started intrusion in Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland.

Year 2014 :
26 Jan , Unique ID solution has been implemented for whole population of India.
50 Million Bangladeshis have got Unique ID , they have become part of Indian population. Residing in Bengal , Assam and rest of the India.

26 March : You can get a fake Unique ID smart card from any Mobile or computer repair shop.

Manmohan Singh government has been just saved by Mayawati and Mamta Banerjee . Mamta Banerjee got confirmation from central government that no industry will be setup in Bengal for next 10 Years.

One morning Bandra Worli sea link officially  Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link  has been collapsed .

Year 2016 :

Pakistan is still getting fund from USA and UK on the pretext of fighting Taliban , Osama is still untreable .

Delhi  Metro 4-5 pillars derailed.

Year 2018 :  Mayawati won the most number of seats in UP , Bihar , MP , Rajasthan and Haryana. Her alliance with Mamta benerjee , Jayalalita , Mulayam singh  has formed government in center.
Raj thackery has been supporting them from outside of government.

Congress and BJP got 50 each .

Suryayaan Mission  and Missile development program has come to halt, no fund for junk programs in government agenda.

Army strength has been cut down to 50% since there is no fund.

Pakistan is still getting fund and arms from USA and UK on the pretext of fighting Taliban , Osama is still untraceable .  India is supporting Pakistan to get fund from IMF .

15th August : Namma Metro (Bangalore ) inaugarted. Cheers

Year 2019 : Law and order in NCR virtually vanished.  Rape , kidnapping and ransom is common.
In every city mayawati's memorials and statues have been erected.

Intrusion on Arunachal pradesh at peak , china attacked on india , large part of Arunachal pradesh is now known as China occupied Arunachal pradesh (COAP)

Due to lack of funds ISRO and DRDO are not functioning .

Income tax rules has been revised and now taxing starts from 1,75,000 instead of 1,60,000.  People who are earning more than 10 lacs , need to pay only 10% tax no surcharge.  All MLAs ,MPs are having packages more than 10 lacs per years.   
IIT professors's Salary is  still far behind the Salary of MLAs and MPs in India.

Year 2021 : China attacked on India at large scale to get control over resources in Arunachal pradesh , Aasam , Nagaland , Sikkim .

USA has now 30% of Muslim population and UK has been become muslim country , thanks to enormous growth of populations.

Indian Army couldn't do any thing because of old weapons and old fighter planes.

Nuclear weapons were not sufficient to threat china properly , We have only 10 nuclear  warheads (Manufactured in 1995) either we can use them against China or against pakistan . Against China it is just useless because China has developed 4th generation of Anti Missile shield.

Therefore India lost the war and loose all of the above states, China don't want to have control of Bihar , UP ,and other northern states. China has captured part of Orissa to exploit its natural resources.  China Occupied Orrisa  (COO )appeared on world map .

Mid Year 2021 : Pakistan attacked India and gained control over complete Jammu and Kashmir.
USA didn't  interfer because china has threaten to shoot down its satelittes . UK is supporting pakistan. Arab countries , USA , UK threatning India not to use nuclear weapon against pakistan otherwise they will stop supply of oil and gas.
Whereas Pakistan launched missile on mumbai with nuclear warhead , but by mistake  destroyed by USA's Anti ballistic missile system, USA warship was patrolling in  Pacific ocean .  While in India ministery was engaged in rounds of meeting whether to launch ABM or not.

Mayawati and Mamata Benerji are preparing for next years election. Both are candidates for PM post.
Sonia , Modi are also busy with election preparation.

Mayawati has promised to give 27% reservation to general category in all IITs ,Medical colleges, government  jobs.
Mamta benerji has declared 35% reservation .

Year 2023:
Now India has shrunk to 2/3 of 2010 area . Congress is planning to bring Raihan Vadra son of Priyanka vadra (Just changed to Gandhi) to in politics. 

Congress won the election with 2/3 majoriy . Raihan Vadra has won election from Rai Bareily with historical votes.  Sonia Gandhi won election from Amethy and become PM.
She has promised to bring back India's IT sector  ahead of Pakistan's at number 15th.

Year 2027 : Bangladesh  attacked India and created "Bangladesh occupied Bengal"  BOB and "Bangaldesh Occupied Assam" BOA .

Political parties have been luring migrating population by declaring reservation for them and to give them a special category.

Year 2028 :   Jagan Reddy elected as PM in latest election with the support of congress , Mayawati and Mamta both are supporting them from outside, Lalu's son has become opposition leader.  For first 2.5 years Raihan will work as PM and for rest 2.5 years Raihan Gandhi .

Year 2030 : 
Myanmaar ,Burma  attacked India with the help of China and Bangladesh  and gained control over Meghalaya , Mizorum.

Mid Year 2030
Bangladesh , Myanmar , Shrilanka has built big arsenal of Nuclear weapons.  
Shrilanka  occupied part of Tamilnadu. SOT . Shrilanka occupied Tamilnadu.

India has just signed another one sided  agreement to never re-initiate its nuclear weapon program and requested to whole world to follow the peace taught by Mahatma Gandhi.

15 August : PM has given delievered the speech to India - "India has to play key role in world peace, Every nation should follow principles of Mahatama Gandhi . As a Spritual world leader India has to show path of peace and non violence to whole world"

India has outsourced India's security to USA on long term contract. Reasons given were failure of army over last 10 years in all wars India faught.

Jai - (Remaining )Hind ,

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