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CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation): Indian Government's trouble shooter

I really don't want to write my thoughts on this case , because I have already coverd my view on such cases in Pre marital relationship and Extra marital relation ships.

But this recent news attracted my attention and I had to write now. I read many news on this case and found following facts from Wikipedia

"On the morning of May 16, 2008, Aarushi Talwar (May 24, 1993 - May 15, 2008), the 14-year-old daughter of a successful dentist couple, was found dead with her throat slit in her parents' home at Jalvayu Vihar in Noida, a posh suburb of Delhi. Suspicion immediately fell on the family's live-in man-servant, Yam Prasad Banjade alias Hemraj, a 45-yr-old Nepalese national, who was found missing from the home. Immediately declaring Hemraj as the prime suspect, the Noida police announced a reward for information leading to Hemraj's apprehension and arrest. In addition, a police party was dispatched to his hometown in Nepal, in hopes of apprehending him there.

A post-mortem was conducted on Aarushi's body on May 17, 2008, after which it was cremated. Her parents took her ashes to the holy city of Haridwar for immersion in the waters of the Ganges. A retired Noida police officer, accompanying a relative of the Talwars, happened to visit the Talwars' home to express his condolences, and during his visit, detected blood stains on the stairs leading to the terrace of the flat. Following the trail of blood, Noida police detected the dead body of the missing domestic help, Hemraj, on the terrace. After a disorganized, long-drawn and completely bungled up investigation, the police finally arrested Dr. Rajesh Talwar, the father of the deceased girl, on May 23, 2008, charging him with having committed the double murder. His wife, Dr. Nupur Talwar, stoutly defended her husband, accused the Noida police of framing him, and requested Uttar Pradesh chief minister Mayawati to transfer the case to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)."

Dr. Rajesh Talwar had accepted his extra marital affair which Arushi and her close friend knew very well . Which was proved from mobile records and sms records of Arushi's friends.

All above facts implies that Arushi murder was an honor killing , that is why Rajesh wife and his relatives are standing firmly with him. You can read many honor killing case in north India where each and every family members and friends speak in same language.

Just apply some common sense you don't need big tests and interrogation report to find out the criminal.This is what Nodia police did

What was Hemraj body doing in that house ?

So the same murderer(Krishna or Rajkumar whoever) come in the house killed Hemraj and dragged the body on terrace , and nobody noticed in the house.The house which was frequently vistied with relatives and media persons.

Sounds funny na .. that None of family members or servants see anything in both murders. Only possibility is that the murderer staying in the house then only he/she will not anything .

Now motive theory and circumstantial evidences  !!

What could be the motive of raping a girl and killing her in her own house. Where her very much caring parents are living together.

Even dumbest criminal won't try to rape a girl and kill her in own house. (Actually rape or consented sex was not happened, reported on 17th may).

Looting , theft and all other motives are not there , sexual assault was not proved. (On original sample , believing on Noida police)

Then murder of hemraj . Important fact is both murders were done with surgical precision. (And coincidentally her father and mother both are doctor). Now tell me what could be motive behind after Hemraj murder after one day. Most probably he was blackmailing the family so he was killed to prevent any future trouble.

Nobody knows who killed his and put his body on terrace , without the knowledge of Talwar family. This ingenious daring murderer should be sent to Pakistan on some secret missions, It will solve many of India's problems .

And recent revelation that CBI knew swab sample tampering from very long back. And CBI played main role to prove talwar family innocent and made servants scapegoat by testing many persons .

So know question is who is the person who played the role of brought in CBI and sending Noida police on back foot.

Did Mayavati get benefit from this move or she was pressurized by public or a particular person to ask for CBI help?

Everybody knows very well that CBI works for central government (Previous incident of Mohinder Singh Pander investigation twist and turns are similar in both case and matching with CBI cooking , When CBI don't what to solve a case it does lots of investigation and leaves pointer in each direction and says proves and not enough to nail someone) .

So after listening the news of swab sample tampering , at least I believed Talwar family was saved by someone influential who can move CBI on his/her figure movements . I am not aware of any direct political link of this family , Might be some family relative or family friend used his influence.

For detailed time-lined information on this case click here.

So guys/ girls don't take panga with any unknown person in NCR otherwise .... CBI aa jayegi aapka murder investigation karne ko। Ya most probably aapki body hi na mile . Take enjoy week end! Don't touch any surface in public. don't be intimate with any unknown person , swineflu ho jayega whooooo.

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