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Relocating to Bangalore : Check list

Congratulation to get a job in Bangalore . Now you are bit nervous thinking , how will you survive in a non hindi speaking state.

Don't worry I'll help you in it, Here is the complete list of common problems you may face in Bangalore.

0. Don't hesitate to speak hindi with auto rikshwala or anybody , Most probably he can understand else you can use English , just speak slowly so that they can match with your accent.

1. Transportation : Overcharging by auto rikshaw at airport or at railway station : Visit this site before coming to bangalore. You can find directions , distance and Auto fare in advance . Meter down means 14 rupees and 2 KM drive after every kilometer it is 7 /- Rs .

This is a very good site to use public transport effectively. In night time 9.30 PM onwards Auto wala charges 150% of meter fare . i.e for 50 Rupees meter reading they will charge 75 rupees in night . It is official. For 4 persons or more again they will charge 150% of fare .



YESHWANTHAPURA RAILWAY STATION - WHITE FIELD Distance: 26.13 Kms. Auto Fare: Rs. 182.92

MG Road - ( Old airport ) : 9 . 5 KM Autofare 64 Ruppes

Most probably you be planning for air trip then you have Volvo bus services to all parts of city , but in night time taxi will be better because you won't find auto walas . Meru cab (080-44224422) is the best , most professional and cheapest among other city cabs , They have GPS installed onboard and give you printed bills. I personally prefer Meru cabs(15 Rs/ KM) or Spot Taxis (12 Rs /KM) . From New Airport to Old Airport it charged approx 600/- Rs on the rate of 15 Rs per kilometer.

2. Frequent rains : Better to always carry a small umbrella or raincoat.

3. Weather : If you frequently feel your office A/C is bit cold then better you bring your sweaters and other winter gears to frequently wear in office, it will be not too cold but you may feel uncomfertable to concentrate .

In night time mostly you don't need fan even you need to have one good blanket. Mostly you need Half sweaters or Jackets specially from starting of Monsoon till starting of summer.

4. What to buy and from where : Women and girls need to have print out of this list , you may find it occasionaly help ful when you are out for grossery shopping :) . If you are fond of eating munnaka (Mostly no one knows in bangalore what is it, they just know kismish ,dry grape) then bring it with you. In Bangalore you can find this kind of items in Majestic , Shivaji nagar's old market but you have to search it.

5. PG / Flats : PGs are available in the range of 1200 -7000 depending upon the area, facilities and connectivity. 1200 Kind of PGs give stacked births to sleep , just like Railways coaches. Mostly Cot size is something around 2 feet to 2.5 feet.

1BHK flats (or single room) you can find in range of 2500 - 7000 depending on area and locality. 2BHK flats you can find in range of Rs 5000 - 25000 . 3BHK flats some where around Rs 15000 - 35000 .

If can affort to pay agents then it is the best way to find the flat / PG quickly. Commission may vary from 10 days rent to 1 month month rent. It also depends upon your bargaining skills .

You can also find free-ADs kind of papers and magazines , available on magazine stands, listing such ads area wise.

some companies HR desk assists in finding house /flats for you.

One important thing , you need to pay house security deposit of 12 months rents for flats which may come any thing around 60000 - 150000 for your flat , Many companies give loan to new employees to pay this deposit , if your company doesn't give such loan then you may need to take care of this amount.

Apart from this society / apartments may have some monthly maintenance charges of Rs 500 - 5000 per month again depending on your society .

Water supply : Cauvery water means government Supply water which is mostly not available , most of the apartments have bore well water or tanker supplied water so you must have some water purifier system. Check with your landlord for type of water supply flat is having , cross check with neighbors :) .

6. Maid /Servants : You can find one easily but the problem is language , Tamil , Telugu , Malyali , Hindi , udiya ,English speaking maids are available but rates will be vary according to the language . Better to learn little bit Kannad words and sentences from your local friends so that you talk with your maid.

7. Traffic : I take 6-8 minutes to reach my office which is 5.5 KM away from my home when I start at 7.45 . At 8 AM this time duration increased to 15 minutes at 8.30 , time taken to cover same distance if 20-25 minutes which continues to 10 - 10.30 AM . Better rent a PG or Flat in near by area of your office.

8. Car parking : It is a big problem in Bangalore , before renting a flat check whether flat is having dedicated car parking .

9. Marwadi area in Banglore : You can visit R.T. street , Chickpet and enjoy dal kachori and other hardcore marwari items. One Jodhpur sweet shop is situated in Bvk Iyengar Road. Banaras sweet house on avenue road has all kind of good north indian sweets.

10. Where to buy computer accessories : S. P. Road bangalore , (sunkalpet)

You can post any query for specific information may be I can help you।

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