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Live Mujara in your drawing room!!!

Era of Ramayana :

In the era of Ramayana men were not supposed to look at "other's woman". Ravana kidnapped Sitaji to marry her but he never tried to invade her forcibly. Shri Ram expelled Sitaji from his home because she had been to the Palace of Ravana.

Shri Ram is also known as " Maryada purusotham Ram " (The Best Man among all good men) because he decided to be committed to Sitaji only, Whereas in those days The Kings used to enjoy polygamy . Ram could have also married to thousands of girls but he decided to be a one woman's man. That was the "Satyug" when even kings followed the social norms.

Mahabharat Period (Starting of Kaliyug):

In the time of Mahabharata Shri Krishan ji set example of polygamy by marrying 96000 girls. But common man was not allowed to have more than one wife. Looking at "other's wife/daughter" was big taboo, same was applicable for women. Woman were not supposed to talk any outsider man except her family member , not even elders of neighborhood.

Rich women were not so much restricted .Draupdi got married to 5 pandavas . Kunti had 5 sons from 5 fathers , though that time those 5 GODs used some ancient technology to get Kunti pregnant with out even touching her.

Rich man Kings and Princes can marry anybody by having Gandharva Vivah with girl. Where only girl and boy need to give consent to get marry. They need not to do any kind of typical rituals and no "saath fere" etc. These marriage were same as today's Live-in relation ships , "one night stand". Some famous example of such marriage was Bheem and Hidimbi's marriage. Ghatotkach was their son who later fought against Kaurava in War of Mahabharata .

Anyway common man was not suppose to indulge in such things. Common man of that time used to have only one wife , except in some exceptional circumstances he can marry another girl. Generally because of social restriction or high cost of living , common man rarely go for second marriage. Moral values were still quite strong.

Though Shri Krishna arranged "Raas leela (Dance of Divine Love") " for Gopiyan of Vrindavan and married to 96000 girls but common man could not dare to do so. This was the era when we first heard friendship among boys and girls. But this frienship was among Long Shri Krishna and his all female fans (Gopiyan). And this friendship is sort of worship of GOD not a relation ship of two ordinary human being. Therefore this concept could not be applicable on common man. Anywhere else we rarely read about the friendship of a girl and a boy in this era.

Polygamy was still a luxury of The Riches and The Kings. But still there were no concept of male friend / female friends at that time among common man. A girl from out side the family would be called mother , sister , bhabhi or chachi. And man from outside the family was called as Bhaiya (Brother), Chacha ji (younger brother of father or father-in-law) or Tauji (Elder brother of father or of Father-in-law).

There is no word in Hindi / Sanskrit which can be called as synonymous of " Flirt / Flirting ". Brother -in-law and sister-in-law relations was the only relationship to have liberty of teasing each other in acceptable limit (Though now-days this limit has been stretched a little too much ) , which is still socially acceptable in Indian culture. These relationships are known as "Jija-Sali" and " Devar-Bhabhi" in Hindi. A Little naughty talk is allowed in these relationships and not to be considered as incident behavior. But still these talks are not at all considered as "Flirting".

The Rich and Kings used to arrange "Dances" and appreciates Dance of famous Nagar - Vadhu . Devdasi's were called to dance in these events . Common man was as usually ignored on these events and he has to maintain his dignity by avoiding such dances events. Man and Woman were supposed to be happy with spouse.

Mugals and Muslims brought word Mujara in Indian culture , which is erotic dance and available , again , only to high class. Mugals also brought "Nawabi Shauk" among rich Indians. Love Marriages started in Indian society on the line of Laila-Majnu . But still friendship among female and male was a taboo and rarely seen and mostly known as "affair" among society.

Same social practice were continued until India got Independence . The only place to relieve sexual frustration was Kotha/Kothe where The Rich used to watch Mujra. Hindi films of that period have phrases like "Munnibai ka Kotha " aur "Munni bai ka Mujara" in various context , generally villain would be found at "Munnibai ka kotha" . Obviously this villain would be a Rich seth. Respected and Reputed persons of society try their best to avoid visiting such areas in any situation. Only bad man would be found in those areas that was the common belief in 1947 era movies.

Impact of Movies

Initially, In Bollywood movies , man dressed up as woman played the part of ladies because no decent girl wanted to work in movies. Later on some bold Rich ladies and some Dancers joined the Bollywood. But common man considered those actresses as bad as other Kothewalis/prostitutes in his city. Even watching movies was not considered good for persons having good moral.

However common man started enjoying watching movies and girls dancing in the movies. This was the first ever event in Indian history when Common man got his share of enjoying fair sex without feeling guilty of watching something wrong. Moral of society started changing with every movie and with every new bold actresses.

Children were not allowed to watch movies because of "adult contents " in those movies. If some child caught watching such movies he was bitten and scolded for doing such sin. With the release of many religious movies and patriotic movies , public mindset got changed with time and movies.

Films used to depicts social values on screen but dances were there to hold the grip on viewers. Hero would impress heroine with his honesty and bravery and won't touch her until they would get marry and try his best to maintain his dignity. But by that time concept of love and love marriage become well known to every person of Indian society. By the same time Nehru-Love-Affair caught the lime light of media. Public started hearing frequent incidents of eloping girls with some one.

Impact of TV :

With the advent of TV , scenario had changed very rapidly . Whole generation who grown up Watching movies in theater bought TV and brought Sunday evening movies in their Drawing room and Bed room. This was the biggest event in the history of Indian moral Values. All Kothewaliyan and Not-so-nice girls got entry in drawing room. Man / Woman who were not suppose to look at "Parayi Aurat /Mard (other's wife/Husband)" could stare beauty , dance and charming gesture in drawing room and bedroom. Woman also understood the advantage of TV. Now they have some one other than Jija ji, Devar , Jeth to enjoy witht. Woman found many good looking men fighting and singing for her.

It was a big revolution and bigger dent on already weaken Indian Moral values. All Actresses become well-known name in every house and neighborhood having a TV set. Actresses were no more considered as "Kothewali". Gradually " who is your favorite actor /actress ?" became more socially acceptable . No one need to visit taboo "red light area, no need to go to Kotha. Now common man can watch Mujara in his home itself, he was not at all deprived of his fair share of fair sex. Good thing was that the nudity was not there in dances , explicit expressions were not there unlike today's Item number in movies showing almost nude girls.

With increase stimulus man and woman became more horny (They were already; I know but now % has increased) . Those ,who could afford ,arranged mistresses other would visit Kothas , But middle class has no way to release the sexitement received from movies .

So approximately in 2500 years of history a society ; which considered talking , touching and staring at other beautiful girl as big taboo ,is watching "more erotic form of Mujara and advance Mujara AKA Item numbers" in his drawing room with his children , wife and parents.

2 year old child are asked to sing those Item songs and grand paa gives choclate when child sings. Hardly 8 year old girls are being pushed by parents to participate in Dance show on TV , in School at local function in marriage parties. And every body feel proud on them when these child wins prize . Rest of the participating children get scolding from parents not to do the dance steps well not to sing the song well.

Thank you TV/Movies and Print media . Yeah I forgot to talk about Print Media . Do you remember when did you hear adult joke last time?? Yes you are right It must be SMS joke/ Internet Joke publishing daily in "Times of India" . Pubjan Kesari was well known in north India for publishing soft pornographic photos of actresses / models from last 30 years. Times of India followed this trend and stared a "Delhi Times" / "Bombay Times" kind of daily supplements. No need to tell you what kind of Information/news TOI gives in this section. Mostly soft porn . Semi nude model/actresses.

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