Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Why did I supported A Raja : PM Manmohan Singh

PM Manmohan Singh explained his support for corrupt ministers (A Raja , Kalmadi , Sharad Pawar) in live press conference. And the final conclusion came that he has to respect compulsions of Coalition Government.

Yes PM has accepted on live question answer session with leading TV channels News editor that he had to respect the compulsions of Coalition Government.

"We are aware of our moral responsibility of our government but have to compromise many decisions because of compulsions coalition government. " .. interpretation we can't stop corrupt ministers and can not sack them or take any kind of action against them .

1. " Indian voter voted us to lead the UPA . "

To give a responsible governance and to take right decision to put India on the path of development and to STOP corruption (Nitesh Modi is doing better in Bihar)

2. "Parliamentary session should be resumed ..It is not good for nation."

Resume For What ?? To appoint another A Raja , Andother Kalmadi to make minister and pass their bills and tenders to their personal companies....

3. "Never thought of resigning from the post of Primeminister. We have unfinished business "

oops , More scams to come . Many more ministers to be protected. More inflation. What PM is doing ? He can't stop their ministers from doing corruption , reason behind inaction coalition government . Now we can understand what do you mean when you say "Unfinished Business".

4. "Government will not hesitate to take action against corrupt".

Ha Ha Ha. PM you couldn't even accept A Raja as corrupt minister due to compromise of coalition government in Live Question answer session. Despite CBI director clearly said that at least $ 10 Billion revenue was lost because of A Raja.

5. "India still is a poor country...."

Bastard PM : When you accept this fact , why you spent luxuriously on CWG , Even why did we need CWG in India at first place. Only to make one more avenue to siphon off Indian public money to congress account

6. "India is not a country of corruption , Allegations of corruption against UPA government spoiled India's reputation."

Corruption charges of $50 Billion dollars in barely 14 months , and CBI confirming at least 50% of them. What else we need India to tag a epiccenter of corruption in world.

7. "Biggest regret : Some IRREGULARITIES has happened which should not has been happened " .

Still he is calling The scams of $ 50 Billion dollars as IRREGULARITIES ... Compulsion of coalition government .. He can't even select proper words.

8. In Oct "We will identify and punish the criminals in 90 days".

today Feb 16 in live press conference :.

"There are legal procedures and we can not skip them" .

Didn't you know in October that Indian has so many legal procedures and even PM instructions can't speed up the process to book the culprit.

What I can understand that you were just bluffing in October to save kalmadi and postponed investigation in CWG cases, Now Congress has A Raja and 2 G to divert the whole nation from CWG scam to 2G .

Congress is in difficulties becaus of 2G scam , but Sonia and Manmohan must be thanking A RAJA and DMK , so that Congress can save Kalmadi and Ashok Chavan (Wohi Aadrsh Society ).

And every media wala has forgotten the CWG scam ,Aadarsh society scam.

9. I'm not as big a culprit as I'm made out to be.

Such statement can come only after proper knowledge of BIG CULPRITs. If you can tell us that you are not big culprit then tell us who are the BIG CULPRITs if you coalition government allows that. :)

10. We have dealt with black money. Effort on revise, assign treaties to get info on black money hoarding.

What are you talking about Manmohan ???? Are you going to deal with SWISS accounts in name of Sonia Gandhi / Nehru / Indira Gandhi / Rajiv Gandhi ??

or You are talking about black money earned and deposited by Indian business man or opposition leaders . As you and your government always does blaming Yeddi , Arun shouri , etc etc. For me you execute both BJP leader no problem but before that Hang A Raja , Kalmadi , Sharad Pawar etc etc (Long list) in front of public.

And tell me one thing ManMohan. Are you going to get this money back in India for Indian public only ??? or will it go to congress accounts? :) be honest (Yes yes this word is still there in Dictionaries , It means doing whatever you are saying!!!).

Click here to check the original article from schweizer illustrierte Magazine .

Why Sonia Gandhi / Rahul Gandhi , Priyanka Gandhi and other Congress loyals don't bother to sue the magazine schweizer illustrierte for defaming Late Rajiv Gandhi ji ki Soul. This is strange !!!!

Magazine is not like street magazine of 2 pages , It has one of the large reader base in Switzerland and circulation is well above 2 lacs (0.2 Millions).

Under the image of Rajiv Gandhi some text is written in french. It reads : "Tot 2,5 Milliarden Franken auf indischen geheimkonten in der schweiz." . Which is translated as "Tot 2.5 billion francs on Indian secret accounts in switzerland".

1.03 swiss franc is equal to 1 USD . so it comes as 2.5 billion USD .

Interestingly Advani

Minute by Minute details of PM press conference from

12:17 PM First takes on the PM's media meet:The PM's media meet ends.'s Renu Mittal in New Delhi has this take.-- PM avoids direct replies on why his party is not standing fully behind him, but admits that he would like a cohesive party to back the government.-- Sidesteps the question on whether he would be the PM for the next election, but reiterates that he would like to complete his term.

-- When he says there is internal democracy in the party and they discuss issues, it is an admission that a number of issues are not agreeable to the party.

--The prime minister's assertion that he was not going to resign but was here to stay the course as he has a lot of unfinished business to handle, shows the steel beneath the soft spoken PM.

-- It also enhances the view that the PM is certainly not in a mood to give in to his critics in the congress party who feel that time has come for him to step down.

12:08 PMPM on corruption (ad nauseum): I'm not as big a culprit as I'm made out to be. We have dealt with black money. Effort on revise, assign treaties to get info on black money hoarding.Zero revenue loss, governance deficit: Loss of revenue depends on what is your starting point. Have to assess what is the right magnitude, what is the right price. Govt policy then was that auctions should not have taken place.CWG probe: Rule of law prevails, wrongdoerswill notgo scot free.

Biggest regret: Irregularities should not have happened.

Biggest achievement: We managed to ensure our economy was not affected.

11:57 AMTN fishermen: We are taking up the matter with the Sri Lankan government. Our foreign secretary is already in talks with the Lankan government. 'UK aid of $1.6 billion to India: India is still a poor country. It is true that if aid is not forthcoming, we will not collapse. But if we get aid from a friendly country, why should we not accept.On scams: It saps our own self-confidence, our image. In reporting these events, facts are sacreds. Please don't distort facts.

11:54 AMArnab rapped for jumping on to another question before the PM finished what he was saying on the ISRO-Devas deal. Told this was "not an interrogation" and "show the PM the courtesy".Aaaaahhhh!

11:50 AMTimes Now to PM: PMO knew about deal and was in talks with blacklisted companies in the Devas-Isro deals. Are backroom talks OK?PM: No backroom talks. I have not met anyone. Decision of ISRO to annul the deal was taken in July.

11:47 AMDiscretionary quota for ministers: We want it ended. Wehave to consider what has to be done, report on the issue is awaited.Corruption: I'm aware of my responsibilities, but you have to tolerate a lot on coaltion politics, compromises have to be made. Or you have to get ready for elections every six months. It has been a great educational experience moving from civil services to politics.

11:43 AMFood inflation: No change in food prices distributed through the PDS since 2002. We are trying to insulate the poorfrom the ill effects of food inflation.ULFA: Govt in Assam has done very well. The peace process is going ahead, but the proces has just started. We have just now started talking to ULFA. I cannot fix the time frame.

11:39 AM PM on budget session: I hope the session will take place.

11:37 AMPM to NDTV: First years has not been a honeymoon period for you. Attacks from government and opposition -- double incumbancy. Does it sadden you to see these attacks on you.PM: It's too early. We have still a long way to go. I have to finish this term. Too early to comment for next term. We are a democratic, cohesive party. When decisions are taken our party stands united.PM on lame duck accusations: After the budget session, there will be a restructure of the cabinet.

11:34 AMPM on Telangana: We are trying to form a consensus, consultation with political parties.PM on UPA alliances: The Coalition partners are strong and will strengthen our hands. We are a strong coalition.PM on growth and infrastructure: The reform of the marketing system is in the domain of the state governments. We have to persist with this.

11:29 AMAl Jazeera to PM: Does unrest in Arab countries affect India. Do you support the revolution in Egypt.PM: India is a functioning democracy. People have the right to change government, free press, free to pursue the path they want to pursue. Things that have happened in Egypt etc, will not happen here.We welcome the turn of democracy in the middle east.

11:26 AMRajdeep Sardesai (CNN IBN) to PM: Are you ready for a JPC probe in the 2G scam. Have you ever thought of quitting?PM: I'm not afraid to appear before a JPC probe. I have publicly declared that I have wanted to appear before the PAC, including the JPC. My conduct must be like Ceaser's wife, above suspicion.I have a job to do, I have no desire to quit. We have a lot of unfinished business to conclude. I will stay the course.

11:24 AM PM:Oppositiondoes not allow reforms to take place, BJP has taken a hostile attitude toreforms.Opposition has asked me to reverse my decison on a minister in Gujarat... (Did not name the minister, butthe man is former Guj home minister Amit Shah tainted in the Sorabbudin case)

11:20 AM PM to TV Today: Decision on licences exclusively rests with telecom ministry. I cannot divulge why Raja was inducted into cabinet. A coalition government you can suggest preferences, but if you have to go by what the leader of that coalition partner suggests. I had no reason to feel that anything seriously wrong had been done or that I had the authority to object to Raja's induction. Complaints were coming from all sides -- from companies which had not benefitted.

11:15 AMPM on Raja: Raja said auctions are not the way forward for the 2G spectrum. He was clear that he should stay with existing approach. Pricing and location of spectrum was to be settled between ministry of finance and telecom department.If the MoF and telecom ministry agreed, I decided not to intervene and did not feel in a position to insist auctions should exist.

11:12 AM PM: Raja said dealings would be transparent:PM: We shall overcome, we shall prevail. We will provide our country with a functioning effective government.Arun Purie, TV Today: Raja disregared your advice on the auctioning of the 2G scam. You appointed Raja again as the telecom minister.PM: Told Raja to ensure issues are dealt with fairly, equitably, in a transparent manner. Told him to have an auction of Spectrum. Raja said he was transparent in his dealings.

11:08 AMPM: Parliament has not been able to function for reasons I cannot understand. Talks are on with Opposition that the budget session of Parliament is allowed to function.It's important that we don't focus on negative issues only.

11:06 AMPM: All the top leaders of the five permanent members of the UNSC has visited India -- never happened before. World appreciates that India is a functional democracy.People marvel at a country like India -- committed to law, human rights. Whatever our own domestic weaknesses, we should not create an atmosphere that we lose our self confidence. The opposition has an obligation that we work together to take India forward.

11:04 AM PM: Internal security is a great concern. We're better prepared to deal with acts of terror and the government deserves some credit. In the N-East things are normalised, ULFA talks on, which will have far-reaching consequences.

11:02 AMPM: We have to deal with inflation despite an adverse international environment. At the end of the fiscal the inflation should come down to 7 per cent.

11:01 AM PM says media is playing a poistive role and we are not a scam driven country. Our economy is in good shape. Food inflation has been a problem. We have to pursue tighter monetary policies.

11:00 AM We are weakening the self-confidence:The PM's meet begins with the editors of top TV channels.PM assures the country that the government will bring to book the wrongdoers.