Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Shameless Congress and Shameless PM Manmohan..

1. Did congress know that NDA made money using FCFS policy and give advantage to Airtel and Tata??

2. Isn't it hight of shamelessness when every Congress minister justify 2G scams done by A Raja because NDA committed scams? This is height of dirty politics that Congress and Manmohoan hid NDA's scams to use against BJP/NDA to save themself and justify bad deeds of Congress/UPA ministers. Otherwise what is the reason of bringing up the talks of 2001 deals.

3. Manmohan Singh is setting height of shamelessness . Remember that India had a PM like LalBahadur Shastri in past who got heart attack because he felt extreme guilty after giving up under foreign pressure .

4. I would be more happy for Manmohan if he would have offered his resignation instead of protecting A Raja , Sharad Pawar , Suresh Kalmadi .

Shame Manmohan Shame!!! You will be also rewarded with President post for your loyalty to congress.