Saturday, 19 February 2011

Want to become citizen of India : Need a ration card

For getting Gas connection from Indane / HP / Bharat you must have Ration card.

To get Ration card you must submit address proof , ID proof and some other junk documents . Food Department officers take bribes and verify the application (Even Kasab and Osama bin laden can get Ration card in any city of India) .

Because of above loophole @ 20 Million Bangladeshis got Ration cards.

With this ration card anybody can get gas connection , Now with Gas connection proof.

Passport office which doesn't accept Ration card as address or ID proof accepts , Gas connection receipt as Address Proof (Amazing , But it happens only in India).

Now on the basis of Ration card you got gas connection , on the basis of Gas connection you got Passport.

Most amazing thing is Passport is considered as best identity proof and well as address proof . You can get driving license , you can get Pan card , you can get landline connection, get mobile phone connection .

Now you have pile of address proofs. Using them you can verify your citizenship in India.

Rent a independent house , get new electricity connection on your name by submitting , rental deed agreement with PAN card.

Now you have electricity bill also on your name and address.

Nowhere in India any agencies , whether it is government/private ,accepts Ration Card as address proof or Identity Proof.

Ration Card is not an address proof .

Ration card can’t be used as ID proof’ : Bombay High Court