Saturday, 19 February 2011

Shobha Karandlaje : I can use subsidized LPG you can not.

In my last post I gave the procedure to become citizen of India with the help of a junk peace of paper (RATION CARD ) which doesn't prove anything . Yes Ration card is not accepted as ID proof or Address proof in any government department or in private companies. But still a lady smiling in below image is insisting to submit Ration card and Electricity bill to retain your gas connection .

The lady in picture is , Shobha Karandlaje (Minister of Energy , Food , Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs) , The super boss ,of the department, which is responsible to verify all ration card application in Karnataka and to issue Ration cards finally.

Her screwed up department's corrupt officers issued a large number of fake ration cards and using those ration cards, thousands of commercial establishments enjoying subsidized LPG connection in Bangalore.

So Instead of fixing officers of her department , who know every illegal customer in Bangalore , she started troubling migrants in Bangalore . These migrants gas connection holders mostly don't have Ration Cards nor Electricity Bill on their name address. But they genuinely need LPG connections.

On the contrary those who are enjoying illegal subsidized gas connection have Ration cards as well as Electricity bills.

So most probably she want to say that migrants from other states either come to my department and pay bribes to my officers and to me and get Ration card. Or pay more money to get private gas connections .

Do you guys think this smiling lady is serious about state exchequer revenue or problem of gas connection applicant who are in wait list?

If she was so serious than she could have asked all minister / MLAs and influential relatives (who are having on an average 4+ cylinder ) to surrender their gas connection and get private gas connections. At least she could have taken initiative by surrendering her own gas connection and set an example for public who can afford to surrender.

She could have asked , all gas connection holders, to submit their IT returns of past three years so that Gas connections of those ,who can afford unsubsidized rate of gas , could be terminated .

But with this move BJP's vote bank will tanked. So they decided to trouble those who have no choice ,either to pay bribe to get ration cards or get private connections.

Subsidized connections are only for those who have Ration cards and Electricity bills irrespective of fact whether they need it or not for their domestic use or commercial use.

Here is a short list of Ration card applications in various states

Now see the Ration card application in Karnataka . Full Kannad language except few English numerics. Any body who is unaware of Kannad can not dare to go in Ration card office and try to fill it. Government want to keep all options open to mint money.

Why can't we have everything in English in India???When we know very well that none other language can replace English. I would rather say that using English everywhere not only solve half of the problem of India but also promote unity across the states.

Bangalore has peoples from almost every states in India. When State government expect that every person should have at least APL Ration Card ,why can they put English version of form for migrants????

Here is the Ration Card application for in Delhi (Hindi is the most used language)

Another North East India state Arunachal Pradesh Ration Card form (Tibeto Burman is the language) No/very less migrants from other part of India

Ration Card Application form from Tamilnadu

Ration Card in Punjab ( Impressive : Not so IT savy)