Saturday, 20 February 2010

You Can Success!!

How to achieve success in every I do ? To answer this question thousands of books were written , thousands of research papers were published.

You are reading this post means you also want to achieve success in life.

All books , articles cites many things to attain success in life, I am also trying to do the same but I think I am going to tell you exact steps to achieve success , what to do and what not to do . Follow them step by step you will be also successful in anything you want to do.

Step 1. Passion : Very basic thing to achieve success in anything. None of the successful person done anything to be successful . They keep doing same thing continously because they want to do that in the best way. They like doing their job by their heart. So it is the first catch of being successfull. Tendulkar , NR Murthy , Sunil Mittal , Ankit Fadia , Amitabh ,Shahrukh , Rakesh Jhunjhunwala , Ambani , Tata etc take any example , none of them striving for money . Money is by-product of their honest , dedicated and passionate work.

They just keep doing thier in best possible way taking their passion and work to new height.

So folks stop reading if you are ready to do anything for making money like Ambanis or Tendulkar.

Next step for those guys who can't do anything for money, but they are doing something and ready to develop passion for what they are doing.

Many IITians candidly accepted the fact that they hated Physics , Chemistery and Math but they made into IITs just because they had passion to get enter into the best institute of India. so they developed passions for physics , chemistery or math.

IITians ability to develop passion for anything to achieve another objective make them IITian. You are one of the student or may be knowing many students who are very intelligent in Physics , Maths and Chemistry but they couldn't crack JEE. Why?? because lack of passion for IIT.

Every science student wants to crack JEE and join IITs , But this want is not passion.

When someone has passion for something he gives up everything, which appears as hindrance in achieving his task (NOT Success).

Step 2. Determination to develop passion:

Now now don't call it crap , I know you are fed up with your job , your boss , salary like peanuts :). But tell me what else you can do with better efficiency than your current job . If you are a student of 11th you can waste 1 year to switch in to bio or commerce or math. Right ? But if you are an executive having 4-7 years of experience in something then would you have any option ? I think no. --> Next Step 3 a)

If you know something which you can bo with better effieciency than your current job, then prepare and switch to that you can do best efficiency and you full passion. i.e. you don't do anything else even in you free time you think about that. --> Step 3b)

Step 3a. Start loving your current career :

Good no other option start loving your career , your friends and your husband or wife and your parents and siblings, no escape. Do every thing your newly found passion demands.

True passion means not distracting by anything which is not worth spending money and time.

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