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Pre-marriage physical relationships among Indian Boys

I was watching first episode of UTV Bindaas 's Emotional Atyachar reality show , showing story of Roja and Sonia's brother Vishal. It started a tsunami of thoughts in my mind. Is middle class Indian man and boys more believes in infidelity or Indian Girls?? Who is the bigger cheater?? Before discussing this , First answer one question guys.

Your favourite Actresses , super model or hottest girl of your office / college offering you one night stand in return of nothing. Chances of getting caught by your girl friend , finance or wife is 0.0001 %. What will you do??? Answer honestly because you need not to post the answer anywhere with your photo ID , or mail id. :) .

You will answer something like this .. "This is why I had created account in Adult friend finder , orkut , . On the Guarantee of such a great secrecy only an idiot will say no to this opportunity, even I say let my wife know all about this. no problems for such a great opportunities."

Actually speaking Emotional Atyachar is doing something similar to test the guys. A semi nude model taking initiative with a boy , Gives him full green signal to cross any limits. Inviting him to her flat at night 1 am , again in best provoking dress. What do you guys do in that condition??

I believe 90% of boys keep searching for such an opportunity if they can accept candidly. Leave alone boys, you can pick married men from middle class ,higher class or any class , having children . even they won't say no to such opportunity.

Men 's Ogling is subject of many researches and well known things, Only stupid and idiot girl will ask the question what will men want to do with those two balls . 70% of internet traffic and email are generated because of Men/Boys lust , right ? Porn sights , dating sites , social networking sites , mails chats etc all are generated in the hope of finding a girl who can satisfy their lust in one way or another. This lust is well known to whole world except a few Indian girls.

In western countries now a days it is widely accepted that girls have similar desire of sex and they equally desperate to have physical relationship with hunks. South Asia sub continent's girls/ ladies are not so bold or taught by society not to show that desire to society. But you can guess the desperation of Indian ladies /girls by socially acceptable flirting relationship of Bhabhi-Devar and Jija-Saali (Brother-in-law and sister-in-law). Girl's lust is suppressed inside the house, among the family members.

Now lets convert this "question of commitment" to " question of morality". For me commitment is another form of honest. Checking someone's commitment is sort of checking honesty.

Now guys you have to answer one question girls you too can try.

How many times you have returned 500 Rs note to shop keeper , who has given you that 500 note as 100 Rs note? Bait is very small here , difference of just 400 rupees. Nobody knows that you are having 400 rupees in your pocket which doesn't belong to you. Many of you will say - "Its the problem of shopkeeper he has to be more careful ". But ground fact is 400 rupees is not your and you are having it.

Now increase that bait to many folds . Lets say 50 Lakhs.

You find a suitcase full of 1000 Rs notes , somewhere in the city , inside that suitcase you find an address , address of owner of the suitcase . Nobody will ever know if you don't return that suitcase. Think !! You got this bag and enjoying that money. Girls / Ladies... your take.. what will you do? Will you return it or will give logic that "owner must have many bags like this it doesn't matter if he loose one" , or "lets not return it, next time he will be more careful with his hard earned money" or "God wants me to use this money so he gave me otherwise it could have been with someone else" or "If someone else get this bag he will also not return so why should not I enjoy the free money".

So the question is again commitment , loyalty and honesty. If I remember right Morality and Honesty both are integrated things. It is morality which comes out in humans as various virtue like honesty , commitment etc.

A sexy super model and a suitcase full of 5 crores both don't belong to you. Some will fall for first some of you will fall for second.

These are big and hypothetical questions, lets be more practical . In recession you pray every day to spare your job where you need not to work. You are happy with 10% reduced payslip , you don't take leave , because of fear of loosing job. You think that it is your privilege of retaining the job when employer doesn't have work to give you. Right. We all expect like this . Me Too!!!!

How Many of you have never deducted money from your maid's salary when she fall ill , go to her native , busy with her relatives . Or you give salary to your maid when you are out for 1 month of vacation. Your maid has no medical insurance from employer , no EPF , no CL , no PL , "Planned sick leave" is your birth right but you expect that your sick feverish maid should come to clean your utensils and you feel very kind heart after giving her Crocin tablet with tea. You don't forget to advise her to take proper rest and come tomorrow for cleaning utensils.

This is the very clear example of Duality of morality , You as a employee expects some morality and kindness with your employer and when you are employer you shows a different level of morality with your employee.

Anyway it is too much deviation from original topic of discussion.

Indian boys are born ready to mingle . Who will say no to free lunch??. They don't need very big bait to slip , they just need an opportunity. Most of them (70%) didn't get the opportunity. Those who get such opportunity(25%) , rarely miss that and after some time they would get marry with that horny girl if she also wants to marry. Rest of the cases(5%) you read in news papers as suicide of girl/boy ,murder or as relationships with no strings attached , one night stand etc.

Rishi Vishwamitr was ancient example of power of fair sex. In those time sting operation was done by super model of that time Urvashi /Menka / Rambha etc , I don't remember exact name, Vishwamitr ji got distracted by those supermodels. Apart from this even Lord Shiva got hypnotized by beauty of Mohini (Lord Vishnu ji's Avatar ) and lost control on his senses for a while. So what a big deal!!Boys are just boys.

Finding a committed boy (in any case) is easy thing in India but keeping him committed for whole life is a tricky skill for girls. Every girl doesn't have this skill. Many married girls turned their husbands in a non committed creature , seekers of good sex.

Apart from that there is a category of boys who are born non-committed, nothing can make them committed-males, not even Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox , Denise Milani , Bipasha Basu can full fill their lust. They pretend as committed man just to get marry and to bring a free maid in house. If your man is one of them then sorry girl. Either have a nice break up with him or ready to have AIDs virus any night.

But good thing is most of the Indian man are not desirous of girls at the stake of losing wife and family. If they think that their infidelity may lead to disturb their family life and breakup with wife, these men stop immediately.

For me Emotional Atyachar is kind of setup reality show for gaining TRP. But yes it raises some very good question on the Great Indian Moral values :).

You can also read Pre-marriage physical relationships among Indian Girls here. It is must read for all "Nice" and innocent girls who believes in male friendship sans sex. You will find 10/1000 boys who has such a low lust level that your giggle , your touch won't excite them. So nice girls beware !! only nice girls became victim of Not-SO-Nice boys. "Not-So-Nice" girls are expert in judging the intention of Not-so-nice boys and they know well how to handle not-so-nice boys. To read more about Moral Values in India click Here

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