Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Vishnuvardhan's death vs YSR death

Last time I wrote about YSR death aftermath which claimed lifes of 125+ people. Though It is unjust ice with Vishnuvardhan to compare him with a person like YSR. Sorry for that but I am doing this just to debunk the myth that Indians like honest and humble persons.

On the death of Vishnuvardhan I saw the news of attack on buses , news channel crew and vehicles on road. Though I don't support suicide at any cost but strange thing is that 125+ common Indian man gave their life for extremely tainted YSR (He was unofficial super power of AP. ) but I heard only one suicide cases from Vishnuvardhan's fan .

Vishanuvardhan who is well known for his politeness for actresses he worked with. A great and genuine human being. But for such a good person only 1 Indian committed suicide and for YSR 125+ common Indian . This underlines my previous post on CCI , Corrupt Common Indian (I know many will hate me for this phrase). Yes most of us like corruption in daily life , we actively do corrupt activities and support corrupt politicians . Respect of CCI for corrupt politicians is far far more than the respect and vote for honest politicians or (less corrupt politicians).

And one request to all these mad fans , why didn't you break your TV when you first see the news on your TV. You could have expressed your love for Vishanuvardh on your car. A person who is such a kind person and his fans are behaving like this - really disgusting. Why can't we CCI understand that the every bus , train , road ,vehicle are bought by our own hard earned money?? Most of us pay this money to government in the form of 12% service tax or 5% -10 % sales tax on the goods we purchase from general store , in form of your mobile phone bill.

If you are paying 330 Rs on recharge , this 30 Rs is the service tax to government. Difference between your TV at home and public transport bus on Road is that you pay cash for TV where as for bus you pay indirectly in very small unnoticable EMIs. Wake up...

The best way to show your love for some one is to be like him (not like YSR) . Be like Vishnuvardhan .!! Be like Vishnuvardhan , Be kind , Be humble . That would be true tribute.

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