Monday, 28 December 2009

No Law for Sibu soren, only for common man.

Advertisement of Job Planning commission ( Governemnt of India)

"Vigilance Clearance, in the enclosed format, indicating that no disciplinary
proceedings or criminal proceedings are either pending or contemplated against the
Officer concerned; "

Law Clerk Allahabad High Court

A candidate involved in any kind of criminal case whether convicted or
charge-sheeted shall be barred from applying for the above post."

Sibu soren got job from UPA (Congress) in 2006 and got support from BJP in Dec 2009 (BJP knows very well that he has not acquitted till now ).

In other word BJP is supporting a criminal as CM of state who may have murdered a person. so conclusion is there is no law in India for politician. Sibu soren can serve as CM despite the fact that a murder case is pending against him .

Madusudan Koda got his share of money (certainly he will be acquitted within 2-3 years and he will be serving Jharkhand as CM after Sibu soren :) ) , Now its sibu soren is waiting for his share.

But you and me can not even apply for government job if any police case is pending against us .

Great India....

Who is the biggest fool Jharkhand public who gave him vote , BJP , CBI or Indian constitute.

Guys do forward this post to your friends and relative ... at least every body should come to know that there is no difference between BJP , congress , etc ... Biggest government job in a state is going to a person who is not even qualified to serve as peon in government school ( because he has criminal case pending against him in court ).

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