Monday, 28 December 2009

Invitation to Rape!!

One question aroused after reading recent Delhi discotheque rape case for boys specially who are from India .

You are in a discotheque at night 12 PM , you go to a girl offering her lift to her place . she doesn't know anything about you not even your wrong phone number , your work place , you car number or even a common friend etc but she accepts your proposal . Nobody her acquainted knows that she is going with you.

Now tell me how will you interpret this acceptance for lift from unknown girl? Be candid and tell me won't you try to reap benefit from this moment. Won't you interpret it as clear indication of being intimate?

Remember you are a youth who has grown up watching HBO / star movies and new generation of Bollywood movies. In these movies such kind of post discotheque lifts ends either in boys bedroom or girls bedroom and rarely ends with "thanks for lift" kind of stuffs.

Late night Delhi is known as unsafe for girls . Rape and murder are common. Criminals doesn't hesitate to abduct girls from road and raping her in late nights and early mornings. Many such cases has been reported earlier.

If a girl living in Delhi for 5 years do such things despite all her knowledge of Delhi , then won't you call it clear invitation for rape or one night stand.

courtesy : MSN India

Crime: After discotheque meet, woman raped in Delhi

In another case of rape in Delhi, a woman was promised a drop after a discotheque session and was molested by a young man. The police have clues of the man in his mid-twenties and a hunt is on. The file also has the tragic case of a conductor in Delhi who died when his head got trapped between the automatic doors of a bus. Read on.

Woman raped in car after discotheque encounter

A 25-year-old woman was allegedly raped inside a car in Delhi, police said on Saturday.
"The victim met the accused at a discotheque in Chanakyapuri Wednesday night after which they both had liquor. The accused introduced himself as Raj to the victim. He offered to drop the victim at her home in Safdarjung Enclave area," a police officer said.
"The woman alleged that after travelling some distance, he tried to force himself on her. He then drove the car to Dwarka, where he raped her. He then abandoned her near a Metro station at Dwarka early Thursday," the officer added.
The victim, native of Siliguri in West Bengal, has been staying alone in the city for the last five years, police said.
"Her medical examination has confirmed rape," the official said. The accused has not yet been arrested.
A senior police officer said: "We have clues about the identity of the accused. He is in his mid-20s. He is absconding but a search for him is on. We also have the footage of the discotheque."
The officer, however, refused to divulge name of the discotheque.

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