Friday, 28 December 2012

Solution to prevent Rape cases in Delhi

What kind of PM , CM we have .. They cry , they express sorrow they say promise not to celebrate new years , light candle .  BUT WHY CAN"T THEY PROPOSE a STRICTER LAWs ??? Who are stopping them ?? I don't think any body in parliament will say that I won't vote in favour of BILL proposing  death sentence for Rapist. Why is it taking so long ????? I suspect some Gandhi surname person is rapist.

If only PM , CM and Sonia Gandhi are serious to prevent more cases like this.
Following things HAVE to do , It will not only help prevent rape but make overall internal security system better and responsible.

1. Police should be responsible for  security of citizens , Like army Police system must be centralized.
2. Like army chief police should have national police chief  who should be appointed by Supreme court .
3. Only one punishment in case of  Rape / Murder : Throw the criminal inside the room with thousands of hungry Rats .