Friday, 28 December 2012

Inside the mind of a Rapist

Disclaimer : Content might stir your emotions like hell , may be you never able to digest the facts which I am going to cover here. If you can't think rationally better you should not read the article .  Article tries to analyse every aspect of becoming a rapist.

We are rapidly moving on the path of becoming America in terms of contents available in Media .
Specially it is Print media  and  TV .  Cheap smart phones and Cheap GPRS gives access to every person to  porn irrespective of his maturity level .
[Update : ] Levelof Media sensivity towards such things can be understood by one live story at the time of righting of the post.

29/12/2012 : 9.40 AM :  NDTV India discussing on the death of Delhi Rape victim (Just few hours back). They are showing unnecessary heavy security on India Gate with Asault  Rifles . One Video footage they are broadcasting repeatedly . One Pretty Woman Police officer is moving towards camera with colleages , Camera focuses on the face of woman police officer. 
I can't understand the relation of the woman police officer's face coverage with the  victim death and heavy security on India Police.

NDTV considered as one of the responsible channel among India TV , AAJ TAK and ABP news. But the ground reality is same for NDTV also . Even NDTV can't resist showing pretty faces repeatedly . All news channels are discussing about more self responsibility but what their steps ?

Anyway back to our discussion .
Generally we take care of not keeping Fire and petrol together . 
But when it comes to visual erotica available in media (all type) and girls in NCR .we forget this precautions .

There is no dearth of  man (highly educated and wealthy) who says I don't mind dying at 35 , I just want to have good life (Alcohol , tabbacco , girls ).

A Bus driver or cleaner has no comfortable life and just dragging himself to meet his end of life . Every night he drinks alcohol to forget his misery(what a driver can do in his life with 5000 a month where a middle class family spend easily 5000 on a dinner . Think about the poor person's emotion) 
Gradually harsh life of NCR and show off of riches of India makes such poor ruthless. A person who is starving in Bengal , Jarkhand , Bihar , Aasam , Orissa comes NCR and see free flow of black money, listen about night life gossips . 

Think about  a man's mental state  who is filled up of frustration , beating of police , victim of his employers exploit.  

Criminals and rapist are product of our social culture and constant thrashing of riches and middle class .
first a person  becomes ignorant of his own discomfort , then he starts ignoring his family problems and ignores family member . Next he starts ignoring social members . This state set him free to do anything now he starts thinking like a criminal and rapist.

He decides to live rest of the life for himself  and his near and dear one . If he becomes a successful criminal he will have ample of money and might start consuming call girls , prostitutes if requires.

Others who doesn't have believe in   prostitutes starts thinking like a rapist because he now have all inputs to excite him  but no way to full fill his desires .

We Indian reject the fact that sex is a basic necessity for healthy human beings but it is fact. 
If you are eating well   (Tamsic food)  with alcohol , you are bound to get excited. 

Garlic , Ginger and Onion are best known food for curing erectile dysfunction , adding butter and non veg give lots of vitamins and minerals which keeps your organs healthy and young . Lots of physical works ensure less colestrol in body .

This all sums up a good excitement , no sense of responsibility for himself or care for family , no fear of police or society.  On top if news of life term in most cases make a person feel that Prison would be a better place stay peace full and having stomach full of food without any harsh work (Just in case one get caught and convicted too)

NCR is full of poors and super rich . Things to excite your mind are scattered every where  . Girls demand rights to wear anything and do anything. Not Wrong !! They have their rights !! Agree.

When you are in Jungle , full of  Lions and Tigers,  would you insist to stay in a tent  to feel the cool breeze and moon light ? or would you prefer to stay in closed car or proper house ? 

You can prevent your self  in jungle by doing one of the following 
Not to enter in Jungle at all.
Well armed with training to use them against animals .
In worst case if you have to go through the jungle avoid crossing the path of Animals. 

In NCR you can not identify that who is lion and who is human , this is the problem .!!!

Girls who like to use their freedom in Jungle must have arms and must be able to use them Animals.
Girls who like to be safe and have no genuine reason to enter in Jungle and face animals can stay home .

Girls who have family responsibility and unavoidable reasons to enter in Jungle need to learn places 
in Jungle where animals can be found , learn to avoid those places. 
choose the safest path , be well armed .
If at all you sense a wild beast and encounter him,  learn not to come on his radar , don't make noise , don't smell like blood .

Even if he attacks then treat him like a animal and fight for your life .

Last thing government and police has enormous power , they can stop a human in turning beast with brutal punishment by  proper book keeping of peoples  in NCR .

Good government is not a CM and PM who watch SRK movies and cries with alliances .
To keep 1.20 billion people safe , you must be a strong person with Iron hand.

Harsh decisions has to be taken !!! Question is who will take ??????
Harsh decisions and rules can hurt your voters and financiers . So no action !!!

So girls story is keep your self save!! Avoid Jungle avoid beasts and avoid catching the  attention of a beast.
Practically , Neither Government nor society can stop turning humans in Beasts . Both will keep contributing to make a human in beast.