Saturday, 29 December 2012

Reply to Home Ministery and Usha Mehra Ji on Woman Safety

In response of  press release from home ministery seeking suggestions on women safety    

Indians and supporter of Nirbhaya / Damini / Amanat  please send the following mail / adding your suggestions to  

This is our last chance to push government . If we don't give suggestions , tomorrow government will say you didn't suggest the solution only crib to make law and order worse. We should not give any excuse to any politician . Can we send 1.20 billion mails to 

Dear Usha Madam ,

Following are my observations and suggestions . We Indian have great faith in you for ensuring women safety in India.

You are not a government and one of among us.  Please strongly recommend your suggestions without compromise and
make them available on Websites / Media so that we can follow up with GOI .
Suggestions are as follows :-

Suggestion to ensure follow up with government
a). Whatever people suggest should be published in all news papers , ensure execution of them within 30 days .
b)  Daily progress on these measures  should be publish on websites and in print media on front page

Suggestion to prevent such incident in future.

1. Anyone working with a public transportation system must have Aadhar ID.
It should be applicable to both government and private bus operators/drivers/cleaners/helpers.

2. We observed that most of the elements working with Public transport (Bus Operators , Driver cleaners , Auto Driver ) has grey background and
they have criminal records. Specially in Gurgaon and Noida/ Ghaziabad Area.
Government must ensure that Auto /Bus system have persons from clean background .

3. To ensure   above two , RTO and Police must be corruption free and doesn't have political pressure.
Otherwise such elements will remain in public transport system.
A bus operator/owner with clean background  will follow the norms and report the violation of driver /cleaners.

Criminal elements in public transport system violates all norms and do such brutal incident some day.
Similar incident has been took place in last 10 years .
A willing and alert government  (Want to add corruption free also) would have
 already learnt from the previous incident and this incident could have been prevented.

Alas , Governemnt go back to their sleeping mode (for Example Mumbai Terror attack , nothing has changed till date to fight with terror ,despite lots of talks and promise .  Actually nothing changed on ground . Another Kasab can again easily walking and attack on TAJ)

4. To make police corruption free one of the major step I can suggest , make Police system like Army . Which is centralised and report to President / Government
Police should be given good budget to add more police man and equip with latest technolpogy .
Weak police system controlled by politicians is one of the most important reason of corruption and increasing crime.

5. Eve teasing cases should be added in  Aadhar card ID of that person , Driving license and passpost , Ration card Data base .

6. Rape attempt should have punishment of rigorous punishment of 7 years , (Only girl and their family can forgive the criminal ) and  disable him to rape any one else. .

7. Rapist who accept the crime should immediately give death penalties

8. Rape and murder should only have one punishment (Leaving the person in Cell with thousands of hungry rats)