Saturday, 2 June 2012

PSK:The Greatest Myth of Efficient services

3rd April 2012
Place : PSK Jaipur Orbit Mall
Appointement 11 AM Reporting time 10.30 AM

I reached Orbit Mall at Hasan pura  at sharp 10 AM  to find that there is no parking space for cars , open parking space to just find your car like a oven.

Escalators never working , no lift .  I don't know how elder persons climb up in scorching heat of 45 degree Celsius.

At PSK gate I found that there is no waiting area for accompanying person , they have to stay out at stare cases or in the corridors. Only the person who had applied can go inside.

I could see from the transparent glasses that no one was waiting inside for document verification or for any other thing , almost all appointee had arrived but guard didn't allow any body to go in.
He said 10.30 am is reporting time appointment will start at 11 AM.

All PSK employees were having morning tea inside without work . After bearing it for a minute I shouted on them to start sending the persons waiting in queue for document verification .

When I reached on document verification counter a lady go through the document and old Passport (Which was already marked as cancelled from PSK Delhi) but she didn't noticed the cancelled status .
She didn't ask for closure letter . She gave me token number N78 and ask me to go inside .

I reached inside and saw there are 24 counters from A1-A24 , but there were only 7-10 TCS  Executives attending the applicants on first 10 counters . (I came to know that one have to wait for 20 days to get appointment at PSK Jaipur ). I went on A8 counter the lady sitting on the desk finished scanning and generating my passport file number ,Amazingly even she didn't noticed that I need to submit closer letter for cancelled passport.

Anyway I asked to proceed to next level at B counters . Out of 8 counters only 2 were functional and one person on B2 counter was watching TV on his mobile . After waiting for 15 minutes my number came and I went to B2 counter . Executive sitting on the counter was most probably the government officer who was responsible to check the documents and suppose to reject / approve or cancel the passport . So when he came to know that my passport is already cancelled then he asked me to go at A 14 counter to get the closer letter scanned and  uploaded.

I went to A14 and  found a lady chatting on phone . I gave her my closer letter and its photocopy .
She was clueless about what to do with that . She called her senior .

Her senior came and started reading the closer letter  , Even that person has no why I have that closer letter with me and now what he should do.

I explained him that I applied from Delhi but got transferred to Jaipur so now I am applying passport from Jaipur and I need to cancelled application of Delhi passport office .

Lady sitting on counter scanned the unattested photocopy of closer letter and started to upload , I interrupted her saying that document must be self attested . I took photocopy and signed that and handed over to lady for rescanning and uploading .

After this I was asked to wait for final verification an C level (some senior RPO officer ). To my shock out of 8 counters on 2 were functional .I waited for 15 minutes and my number came.

Officer sitting on C2 counter was clue less  about a passport already cancelled and with closer letter.
Meanwhile TCS executive came to ask her whether RSA signed Annexture F is acceptable . She was not sure so she went to her boss to confirm . She also asked about my cancelled passport and then approved my application ,she asked her colleague for what to write in my application and then he told something something which she put in my application .

Finally my  application was approved.

Following are the things I came to know after my visit to PSK.
1.  3 out of 15 Document for tatkal is misleading rule . All over India all PSKs demand for Annexture F and Annexture I. the Document adviser on SPK web site is crap . PSK executive accept only verification certificate .

2. If you thing only 1 address proof and ID proof is sufficient then it is wrong , they may reject them for any reason and ask you to tender another address proof or ID proof . Carry all possible address and ID proofs you have.

3. Apply for passport at your permanent address . even if you are doing job somewhere else and residing there permanent address is the safest bet to get passport in time specially when you don't have sufficient proof at present address.

4. Though 45 days are norm for normal passport but it will take 5-6 months to get passport from any PSK in Inida and worst case 1 Years in cities like Delhi or Bangalore . 45 Days deliver are mere illusion created by PSK and MoE. So plan accordingly.

5. Accumulate landline/post paid mobile  phone bills of all months gas cylinder bills , they will help in dealing with government offices .

6 . Have proper Ration card .

7. Get your address updated in passbooks .

8. Get Driving license at your new address.

9. Get proper marriage certificate(English language) and get your spouse name added on passport (mandatory for Visas for wife).

10. Don't rely on document advisory of PSK web site .

11. Don't forget to cancel you your passport application and and get closer letter if you relocating to another city .

Best of Luck .

If any body stuck in passport related problem drop me a mail with scan copy of all documents , might be I can advise you properly.