Sunday, 5 August 2012

Why YOU should support Party Anna & Team !!!!

Ram  killed Bali hiding behind the tree .

Krishana killed many enemies in Mahabharat with ethically doubtful tricks .

When you are in war , You have to win the game , which All politicians did against Annaji and Ramdev ji.
By hook or by crook they created doubt arround Annaji and his team Arvind , Kiran , Agnivesh , Ramdev baba and his followers .
Every body saw the dirty tricks used by UPA government.

They used  old trick of Britishers "divide and rule" quite successfully .

A corrupt government and their corrupt leaders , who are eating our hard earned  money at combined rate of  crores of rupees per hour , questing arvind's computer loan , Kiran travel bills ,  company accounts of Baba Ramdev.

A government who is not taking any action against 3 Crores Bangladeshi migrants(Many of them are in crime) just because of they are their vote bank . A government running by a foreigner on the supports of  foreigner Voters , questioning Acharya Balkrishan Nepali origin . I think there are lakhs of Nepalis are part of India maintaining peace and prosperity of India.

Politics is not dirty , its the persons who are doing politics are dirty . We desperately need Annaji and other better persons .

If you are not supporting Anna party then indirectly or directly 
you are supporter of Diggvijay Singh , Sonia , Manmohan , Sharad Pawar , Suresh Kalmadi , Kapil Sibbal and all corrupts of India from south , north east Bihar ,UP .


This is the Only option is left with Annaji and his party to defeat enemy (UPA ) on their own war front ,  The Sansad "The parliament!!" . Behind which all goons and murderer of democracy are hiding.

Annaji gave us an option , Government and Media (afraid of Government) would cook all stories against Annaji and his team mates. Time to remain unite and alert friends.

Nothing wrong in joining politics to clean politics . You can't clean sewer without entering into it. A 75 old person is doing this and we must encourage him , vote for him instead of questioning his and his team's intention.

Voting is not Glamorous and exiting .

Agree !! Shouting slogan on Jantar Mantar at weekends is quite exiting . I do agree.
But supporting  75 old and 15 days hungry Annaji on Weekdays is not comfortable .
We have only Saturday and Sunday for Jan lokpal bill.

 To read Arvind kejriwal's detailed letter click here.  

Government has tied the hands of Media (Read TV , Radio , Print & electronic ) on the name of censorship & license. Whatever dirty trick a UPA (Sonia , Rahul , Manmohan , chiddu , Diggi , Kapil ,Sharad Pawar etc) could have employed , they already used and used quite successfully against  Anna and team.

What options this government and part time supporter cum by standers (Entertainment seeker) has left with team Anna???

All Indian Politicians (UPA + Non UPA) are challenging support to JAN LOKPAL BILL !!! IF people of India so desperate to get this BILL they must support Anna ji Party .

The Time has come to show our support to Anna ji , No where to go , No need of Rally , Hunger Strike . Just ENSURE your name in Voter list .

Even if you have never voted , Vote once in your life time , TO SUPPORT JAN LOKPAL BILL , TO PAY TRIBUTE TO EFFORT OF ANNAJI for YOU and OUR NATION .    

Annaji gave us full 18 months to prepare and plan for voting , this one time voting may change destiny of our nation. 

Strong Welcome to Anna ji in Politics.He is the most Sought person in politics. 

We cried for decades for not having a good enough representatives (So call leaders ) in politics , Annaji is giving us a chance to support some better persons  if not best. Atleast not corrupt and willing to sign JAN LOKPAL bill.

547 Candidates who will fight election to pass Jan lokpal bill . To make Janlok pal bill , we need only 280 .
100 + number of Janlokpal Bill Party Candidates in Sansad are enough to become leading party in election 2014.
 Mind IT .

Even strong support to Annaji Party disturb the sleep of UPA and they might pass some kind of UPA lokpal bill.

Once Janlokpal Party will be in parliament then , we will not have to beg Sonia ji , Digvijay , Manmohan Singh , Chidambaram or Kapil sibal to give us JAN LOKPAL BILL .

"श्री पी. चिदंबरम हमारे देश के गृहमंत्री हैं। जब पी. चिदंबरम वित्तमंत्री थे तो उनके अधीनस्थ प्रवर्तन निदेशालय और आयकर विभाग ने इस देश के सबसे बड़े हवाला व्यापारी हसन अली के मुख्य साथी काशीनाथ  तापुरिया के खिलाफ जांच की और 20 हजार करोड़ रूपये की टैक्स चोरी का मामला बनाया। एक तरपफ हमारे वित्त मंत्री श्री पी. चिदंबरम इनकी टैक्स चोरी पकड़ रहे थे और दूसरी तरपफ उनकी धर्मपत्नी नलिनी चिदंबरम, तापुरिया के वकील के तौर पर उसे कलकत्ता हाईकोर्ट में बचाने की कोशिश  कर रही थीं।"

Remember the present breed of politicians are not Britishers who gave us freedom just because of Mahatma Gandhi ji fasted for freedom.

Just try to visualize  Mahatma Gandhi has been fasting on Jantar Mantar . And result ..
Government is digging his family business balance sheets . All kind of allegation against him , his family.
Eventual death of Mahatma Gandhi would not budge these corrupt leaders to pass JAN LOKPAL Bill.

Support Annaji in Politics.
Spread the message .
Place the link to this page in your FB , Linked in , Email footer.
Unite the nation for 2014 Election.
Satyamev Jayte.