Sunday, 3 October 2010

Is India planning to attack Pakistan ????

Report from " The Week ".. WOW India .


In the wake of recent threat of LeT attack on India , PM Manmohan Singh had tough talk with US president Obama according to a highly placed officer in Pentagon , "The Week " reported .

According to this unconfiremed report India is taking Pakistan as a country fully controlled and financed by USA . For India Pakistan Millitary , ISI and LeT are joint conspirators of Mumbai terror attack on India .

Whatever Pakistan says to USA or India but Indian Army and assumes that ISI , Pakistan Army has full control on LeT. Without support of Millarty and ISI LeT can not initiate any attack any where in the world.

Manmohan singh also indicated to Obama that next terrorist attack on India will be considered as direct Pakistan attack on India , and India will retort with full force to Pakistan. Which could lead to Pakistan disappearance from this planet. India reminded USA president that Pakistan is the only threat to world peace and USA is supporting Pakistan like a adopted child and ignoring its all deed and sins.

India assumes that it is the joint responsibility of China and USA to ensure that Pakistan will not use Nuclear weapon against India in case of full blown war. Manmohan reaffrimed that India is committed to not use the Nuclear weapon for attack. Manmohan singh reminded.

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