Monday, 30 June 2014

Rahul gandhi is GOD for all congress workers : Digvijay Singh

Historical Elections of 2014  are over and Modi ji our PM now.
 I am Happy that a sensible government has formed where decisions can be opposed .
Where Sangh , Hindu Saints or a single person's wish or whim can not become part of our constitution over night.
Another thing to be happy that government is trying to fight over inflation , trying to revive economical growth.
Issues which were never thought of in last 10 years are given a thought.

For the bad things I can assume that UPA -3 has come in the power under the great vision of Rahul Gandhi.

But I am sure that Modi ji will perfom and he will surely pull up the India at the position where India should be after the growth of 10 Years ,which never happened under the leadership of Manmohan Singh.

India's soaring sensex is illustrating the confidence of  Foreiners and Local Business men in the delivery capability of Modi Ji.

Modi ji grant success  drawan energy from  utter failure of Congress MPs & MLAs incapability to give a progressive and positive leadership to congress members.  All Congress leaders and workers merely looking for nod of Gandhi family .

And this has not changed even after the thunderous defeat of congress.
Congress is still looking at gandhi family for revival ,ignoring the  good leadership capability of  Digvijay Singh , Manu Singhavi , Chidambaram and many more.
Basic characteristics of Congress worker and common Muslims are same,  both are afraid of speaking against of evil and bad things.
They fear that they will be expelled from party community  if they speak a single word against extremist forces and Gandhis.

And  this truth is revealed by Digvijay Singh in an interview with Aajtak .. on 1st July 2014. 
"Rahul gandhi doesn't want to become PM , If he would have become PM if he wished to. Who can stop him" :

राहुल जी  यदि PM बनना चाहते तो वो कभी भी PM बन सकते थे कौन रुक सकता है ? राहुल जी PM नहीं बनना चाहते है !

Above lines are said to praise the humbleness of Rahul Gandhi ji .. But those who know congress way of functioning
Gandhis are bottom line. Words coming out from the mouth of a Gandhi decide the fate of each and every party worker.
It is so chilling that I can't imagine India is ruling again by any gandhi directly or indirectly.
It give me the same degree of chills as if Akhilesh Yadav or Mulayam Singh Yadav has become PM of India.

Congress was same and it will remain same .  Intially it was Nehru , then Indira then Rajiv , Then Soniya and now Rahul ..
Rahul gandhi is Constitution , Rahul gandhi is democracy , Rahul Gandhi is source of eternal inteligence , Rahul Gandhi is law.
Rahul gandhi is GOD for all congress workers and supporters.