Sunday, 4 October 2009

No Indian Textbook teach these things to students!! Strange

Thanks to Ashish Gupta for sharing this link with us.  This video shows the richness of Indian science and contribution to world . But no history book or science book teach these things to Indian students.  Why these things are not taught to Indian students in text book ? This is the matter to investigate. Same question I raised in my previous post citing Mr. Pandit's interview.
Indian history text books teaches us the British and Mugals invaded us and taught many good things , before that we Indians where just barbarians. Akbar was great king did many good things .
Is it the self pity of Indian Mindset or Politics of showing seculerism in text books??

India was leader of innovation and number 1 economics of world for more than thousand years .
In modern times most innovative Indian  minds are going to other counteries to get best research facilities, Why ??
When India can spend thousands of crores on infrastructure project for Common wealth games , Asiad games , why can't government spend money to erect best research institute in the world . Why Indian government is not pushing on patents and IP creation for country ??

America richest and strongest country of the world owns most of the intellectual property rights , copy rights , help its scientist and enter pruners to get innovation patented as soon as possible ?

When will Indian government understand that each patent obtained by any Indian will prosper India . Subsidy for fertilisers and subsidised loans for farmers are one aspect of growth but for long term growth India needs innovations and IPs.