Sunday, 4 January 2015

Movie PK : Hindu right wing attacks!!

Truth is bitter and very bitter!!
It is really undigestable !!

PK depicts how religious places are erected from a thin air.
Put a stone , red Sindur , and silver foil.
You are ready to go!!

I have personally seen encroachment by this method in Jaipur Rajasthan .
There are hundreds of Mandir on Road side , or just between the roads.
Initially they were 1x1 feet miniature temple without investment .
Today they have turned up to 10x10 to 100x100 feet of temples on National highways.

And No body can touch these temples / majars because of possible religious tension.

The picture given below is of Veer Tejaji Temple on VT road in Jaipur.

Few years back it was hardly 2x3 Miniture temple ,where few people sitting .
That this road was just two lane. Today this temple encroached 10x15 feet land in between the highway road.

Congress and BJP both government came but none could dare to touch the temple.